Elnor Buhard on Mon, 10 Feb 2003 20:09:46 +0100 (CET)

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<nettime> cultural strata (?)

so i've been wondering for some time now, when are political models going
to shift to reflect the ongoing movement from cutural centers to cultural

in history, culture and geography and government have all coincided in one
place -- british tea and british punch magazine with british monarchy in
britain -- but lately its more like LA house kids dancing to cologne
techno while berliners rock dated che guevara gear -- and with these
cultural connections, which live like _strata_, in layers, across the
globe -- punks and airline crews and golfers and jazz musicians, truckers
and physicians, artists scientists anarchists what have you.  all of these
groups know more about each other - through similarities in dress press
and point of view - than they do about their nextdoor neighbors.  the way
i see it, localized cultures just cannot take hold anymore -- they pop up,
and either become sucessful (distribute across the planet) or fail.  and
thus cultures, much like the trade facets of globalization, are spreading
across the globe in layers, , , and as layers there are multiple ones
occurring at each point of land. and the question i'm wondering is why are
governments still tied to land of all things?  i can travel for some while
and, in every legal+etc sense, be a citizen of another nation.  so is this
going to become so common that nations lose geographical form?  do people
on this list think about this kind of stuff?  maybe this is just the way
things seem in los angeles, where so many cultures physically coexist with
such little meaningful interface.  .......  elnor


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