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Table of Contents:

   PAVILION  - CALL FOR PARTICIPANTS                                               
     "Nathan Hactivist" <>                                       

   Gaza blog                                                                       
     "geert lovink" <>                                                

   announcement: web-based festival of radical communication                       
     tliacas <>                                             

   LEA Call for Papers: Artists and Scientists in Times of War                     
     "Fatima Lasay" <>                                     

   April on -empyre-:  Datascape with Teri Rueb, Brett Stalbaum and John Tonkin    
     Michael Arnold Mages <>                                          

   New!! - Hurray Violence !! page                                                 
     "ViolenceOnlineFestival" <>                             

   cfp: Digital Arts Histories meeting at SIGGRAPH                                 
     Paul Brown <>                                                

   McLuhan: Live and in Real Time                                                  
     Jeff Gates <>                                            

   New York Body 'n' Soul Map at PsyGeoConflux New York 2003                       
     "Karen O'Rourke" <>                                          


Date: Thu, 3 Apr 2003 15:31:21 -0500
From: "Nathan Hactivist" <>

Skillshare, Forum, Picnic
Prospect Park - Sat May 3, 2003

Opening Party Friday Night May 2nd at 9:00pm at 51 3rd Street
Main event all day saturday from 10:00 am - 8:00pm - FREE TO ALL

The goal of this event is to establish a forum and foster dialogue in a
geographically specific area with little to no cost or planning time. You
are invited to participate in one or more of the five core activities:


The Pavilion itself at the park will be the base of operations for the
entire event. At the pavilion food will be sold at inexpensive prices by
local cooks, caterers, and organizations. We encourage people to bring along
their own picnic lunches but ask that alcohol not be brought to the event.

WORKSHOPS are designed to foster direct interactions between presenter and
audience, creating a shared experience. Any group or individual that would
like to present a small workshop may do so. This involves introducing a
special or unique skill that you possess or an understanding that your
organization might have to a small group of interested people. Workshops
should try to stay within a one hour time limit.

DISCUSSIONS will consist of short presentations between 15 and 45 minutes
each and will move quickly into small group dialogue. If you or your
organization has a specific topic or idea you would like to present and
discuss with interested people, you should organize it as a discussion.
Discussions should also try to stay within a one hour time limit but can of
course go on as long as needed and will not be stopped by the organizers.

TABLES will be set up as areas open during the course of the event where
visitors can ask a representative of an organization or an individual about
her practice or activity. Local businesses or alternative service providers
that do not have access to advertising revenue can use the tables area as a
way to present their particular service as well. Organizations that have
many flyers or leaflets can set up tables to encourage a dialogue about
specific topics. Table participants are encouraged to also participate in
workshops and discussions as an alternative way to open up topical dialogue.

The VIDEO TENT will be made available for participants that want to screen
works as part of the event. We ask that screenings be limited to 20 minutes
and that if a longer screening time is desired, prearrangement are made with
the event organizers to schedule a time. Scheduling time is not needed for
short works and can be done by simply bringing VHS tapes along to the event
(contact us if you have other media/formats).

OPEN MIC areas will be designated where both acoustic and electric poets,
musicians, and performance artists can come to perform as part of the event.
We ask that performers provide and maintain responsibility for their own
equipment. Only a small PA system will be provided. We also ask that
performances remain under 30 minutes to allow for many acts to use a
restricted amount of equipment. All forms of sound and performance are
encouraged to attend. We will maintain a low noise level so as not to
distract from the workshops and discussions.

Groups wishing to be on the schedule and not simply show up must contact us
with the following information: Group Name(or individual name), Smal
Biography, Title of Workshop or Discussion, Intended topic of Discussion or
Workshop(if necessary), desired time on Saturday

Be sure to specify if you would like to plan to participate in TABLES,
DISCUSSIONS, WORKSHOPS, VIDEO TENT, or OPEN MIC - and of course this is only
for those groups that wish to be listed on the printed schedule at the
event. Others may simply show up and add their name to an available time

We ask that we hear back from all groups by April 11th, 2003



Date: Sat, 5 Apr 2003 10:08:48 +1000
From: "geert lovink" <>
Subject: Gaza blog

From: "Ana Valdés" <>
Sent: Saturday, April 05, 2003 6:28 AM
Subject: Gaza

Dear friends! Let us share with you the images and texts from our
travels to Palestina, the last one was to Gaza and Nablus, in the month
of March. We launch now a blog with quick updates. More pictures and
texts are coming.


Ana Valdés


Date: Sat, 05 Apr 2003 11:42:06 -0500
From: tliacas <>
Subject: announcement: web-based festival of radical communication

Memefest 2003: International Festival of Radical Communication

As a concept, Memefest crawled out of Slovenia¹s academic and artistic mix
in response to the recent conditions of the country¹s cultural environment.
While continually exposed to radical doses of branding and commercial
information and an educational system which has geared talented youth more
and more towards market professions such as the advertising industry, we,
the founders of Memefest, have decided to create a space to help Slovenian
and global youth to rise up against the powers that be while celebrating the
strengths and talents these young communicators bring to their subversion.

This web-based ³festival of radical communication² sets out to explore
different tactics for using information to shift culture and create lasting
social change. Every year, we invite submissions from international students
and activists which critically approach cultural issues through text and
visuals. If you're a student of any stripe (undergrad/ grad/ part-time) you
can enter your work in the official competition under one of three divisions
(communications studies, sociology, visual arts) and qualify for an award of
300 EUR.

For those who are interested, we have set up an extensive website with all
the guidelines and an easy to use online submission form.


No matter what you do with Memefest- submit, browse, critiqueŠwe appreciate
your input and will use it to keep evolving. After all, the world is a
pretty #$%- ed  up place and we¹ve just begun!


The organizers of Memefest 2003.


Date: Sun, 6 Apr 2003 05:54:47 +0800
From: "Fatima Lasay" <>
Subject: LEA Call for Papers: Artists and Scientists in Times of War

LEA Call for Papers: Artists and Scientists in Times of War
Guest Editor: Shirley Shor

The Leonardo Electronic Almanac (ISSN No: 1071-4391) is developing a
special issue dealing with the phenomenon of war, and will explore
the relationships between artists, scientists, and war in
contemporary society.

The issue will investigate war from an interdisciplinary perspective,
as a cultural practice of conflict that affects each and every one of
us on a daily basis; a practice that is broader and deeper than armed
conflict between nation states; that occurs on many levels when
national, social, economical and cultural interests collide and which
involves issues such as real-time media representation of facts,
language and architecture, freedom of information and truth and power.
We are in a midst of a global digital media war where copyright
holders fight consumers over digital music, books and movies sharing
and duplication. A software war where open and free systems battle
closed and proprietary ones for running the world's computer systems.
A Man vs. Machine war in-which the world's greatest chess players
fight for the human creative edge and self dignity against the
superior speed and memory of computers.

We live in a time of total screening of war as a spectacle on
television and computer screens - from live war images on news cable
stations, war simulation video games, reality police action shows and
US Army commercials with heavy metal music soundtracks on MTV.  We
are moving further from asking hard questions regarding the essence
of conflict and meditated reality and from being able to establish
our own world-view based on cross-checked information and facts.

The issue will not present a specific unified position towards
conflict but rather it aims to reveal tendencies, to surface hidden
agendas and issues, to reflect on multiple points of view and to open
a wide-ranging dialog. What is the role of artists and scientists in
this new era? Should art be completely independent of the politics of
violence? Should science?
Guest Editor Shirley Shor and Leonardo Electronic Almanac seek papers
discussing these and other topics that address the role and work of
artists and scientists in times of war.

LEA encourages international artists / academics / researchers /
students to submit their proposals for consideration. We particularly
encourage authors outside north america and europe to send proposals
for articles/gallery/artists statements:

Proposals should include:-

- - a 150 - 300 word abstract / synopsis
- - a brief bio (and prior works for reference, if necessary)
- - names of collaborators (if work is produced by a team)
- - any related URLs
- - contact details

Deadline: 16 May 2003

Please send proposals or queries to:
Shirley Shor

Nisar Keshvani
LEA Editor-in-Chief


What is LEA?
- -------------

Established in 1993, the Leonardo Electronic Almanac (ISSN No:
1071-4391) is the electronic arm of the world's most prestigious art
journal, Leonardo - Journal of Art, Science & Technology.

LEA is jointly produced by Leonardo, the International Society for
the Arts, Sciences and Technology (ISAST) and published under the
auspices of MIT Press. Leonardo Electronic Almanac (LEA), is
Leonardo/ISAST and MIT Press' electronic journal dedicated to
providing a forum for those who are interested in the realm of where
art, science & technology converge.

- -------

This peer reviewed e-journal includes Profiles of Media Arts
facilities and Projects, Profiles of artists using new media, Feature
Articles comprised of theoretical and technical perspectives; the LEA
Gallery exhibiting new media artwork by international artists;
detailed information about new publications in various media; reviews
of publications. events and exhibitions. Material is contributed by
artists, scientists, educators and developers of new technological
resources in the media arts.

- -------

Since 2002, LEA formed a strategic alliance with fineArt forum - the
Internet's longest running arts magazine. Through this partnership,
LEA concentrates on adding new scholarship and
critical commentary to the art, science and technology field, with
LEA subscribers benefiting from the latest news, announcements,
events, and job/educational opportunities through
fAf's online news service.

LEA's mission is to maintain and consolidate its position as a
leading online news and trusted information filter whilst critically
examining arts/science & technological works catering
to the international CAST (Community of Artists, Scientist &Technologists)


Date: Sun, 06 Apr 2003 22:41:58 -0600
From: Michael Arnold Mages <>
Subject: April on -empyre-:  Datascape with Teri Rueb, Brett Stalbaum and John Tonkin

April on -empyre-:  Datascape with Teri Rueb, Brett Stalbaum and John Tonkin

 -empyre-  takes pleasure in welcoming three  artists whose work engages GPS
and data-base systems as an exploration of new content in landscape
aesthetics, data mapping and  psycho-geographies.

Today our new media landscape moves from an aesthetic of representation and
mimesis to a data driven generative model for exploration.  Data is the
actual expression of our ability to model both humanity and the planet as a
system. Because it is actual, data plays an intermediary and "actualizing"
role in the human relationship to the landscape. The role of the virtual in
the unfolding of the actual is quickened, more dynamic, more widespread, and
more embedded in our culture at this moment in time than at any other.  What
are the implications for digital culture, artistic practice and tactical

Specifically, in the current context of war, we are seeing satellite imaging
and GPS technology used to guide missiles, construct high definition maps,
direct movement of troops and aircraft, and image space as territory.
Questions regarding the representation of space and corollary constructions
of identity are raised with every broadcast, press briefing, illustration
and photograph. Real-time unpacking of the rhetoric behind these
cartographic texts is urgently needed and we look forward to this month's
forum unfolding as a space for such discussion and debate.

Please join Teri, Brett and John starting April 1 on -empyre-

 --Teri Rueb (Baltimore, MD) has used global positioning satellite (GPS)
technology in her work since 1996 to explore issues of space, mapping,
landscape, memory, the body and cultural identity. Her current research
explores sonic and acoustic constructions of space, spatialized narrative,
human movement and psychosocial geography.

- --Brett Stalbaum (San Jose, California) is a C5 research theorist
specializing in theory, database, and software development. The C5 Landscape
projects, initiated in 2001, involve mapping, navigation and search of the
landscape using internally produced Geographic Information Systems. He has
recently been involved in code development and research/theory work on
database, the artist's role in the problems of large data, and landscape

- --John Tonkin  (Sydney, Australia) is a artist, programmer and curator who
has worked for nearly two decades with animation, software development and
databases.  His recent works are formed through the accumulated interactions
of users and investigate assumptions relating to subjectivity, scientific
belief systems and the body. John recently curated "All Star Data Mappers"
for d.lux Media Arts, a survey of artists and designers who are building
information visualisation software to navigate the complex terrain of the
electronic datasphere.

- -empyre- is an arena for the discussion of media arts practice, and
regularly invites practicioners, curators and theorists in the media arts
field to discuss specific projects, publications, and issues. Subscribe to
- -empyre- at:


Date: Mon, 7 Apr 2003 08:27:29 +0200
From: "ViolenceOnlineFestival" <>
Subject: New!! - Hurray Violence !! page

Some have a "Splash" page to feature artists' works,
new on Violence Online Festival is its "Hurray Violence!!" page.

"Hurray Violence!!" page will feature periodically a variety of selected
art works from those 400 included in Violence Online Festival.

The first "Hurray Violence!!" page
is featuring
"9.11.01 scapes" by
Jo-Anne Green & Helen Thorington
Find the work also embedded in the Violence Online Festival environment:
in Violence Magazine.

This is Jo-Anne Green's statement:

"I began Scapes the day the World Trade Center was attacked
and continued to add new pages in the aftermath. My drive to create is
heightened by death and destruction: making art affirms life. I used the
only ‘medium’ available to me: Photoshop. My palette consisted of NASA
images of earth, and photographs of diatoms and Ground Zero. Each Scape
consists of multiple layers: Helen used the layers’ titles, and the
texts that accompanied the NASA images to weave her multilayered
narrative for the Notes; and much as I used found ‘pigments’, Helen used
found sounds to create the rich soundscore for the series.

I have always worked in series’—often in book form—to reflect the
continuum of human experience. In attempting to convey complexity and
recognize the opacity of truth, I choose metaphor. 9.11 Scapes mimics
the book format: each click of the mouse turns a page. It also points to
the limits of a traditional painter working on the Web: she can
manipulate space, but not time. Finally, the “cells” [diatoms] were used
because : they are both ominous and beautiful; they represent life and
death; and their micro structures are echoed on a macro scale in the
World Trade Center towers."

Jo-Anne Green is an artist, and arts administrator,
Helen Thorington is a writer, sound composer, and radio
producer. Both are New York based.

"Hurray Violence!!" page can always be found on

Enjoy and be violent!!

Violence Online Festival


Date: Mon, 7 Apr 2003 20:32:20 +1000
From: Paul Brown <>
Subject: cfp: Digital Arts Histories meeting at SIGGRAPH

Oxymoron: please circulate - apologies for cross postings

Call for Participation and Announcement

Digital Arts Histories
A Birds-of-a-Feather meeting
at SIGGRAPH 2003 - 27-31 July 2003, San Diego, USA
Convened by Paul Brown on behalf of the SIGGRAPH Art Show
Tuesday July 29 2003 - 12:00 noon
Digital Animation Room

Check the B-o-F Board at SIGGRAPH for confirmation of time
and location.

This open-call B-o-F meeting is intended to bring together
members of the international community who are interested in
or involved with projects intended to archive, document and
create historical and critical analyses of the use of and
impact of computing & digital electronics in the arts.

An early announcement has generated a significant interest
in this meeting and it is hoped that several major projects
will be able to report briefly on their work.

One intended outcome of this meeting is the formation of a
committee to help plan an international workshop (in 2004)
and conference (in 2005) addressing these and related issues.
Another outcome is a special issue of LEA (Leonardo
Electronic Almanac) devoted to Digital Arts Histories
later in 2003.

The convener - Paul Brown - is Visiting Fellow at Birkbeck,
University of London where he is working on CACHe - Computer
Arts, Contexts, Histories, etc... an AHRB-funded project
investigating the UK history from it's origins to 1980.

For further information:

For more about SIGGRAPH 2003:
- -- 
Paul Brown          PO Box 413, Cotton Tree QLD 4558, Australia  
mob 0419 72 74 85                           fax +1 309 216 9900
Visiting Fellow - Birkbeck


Date: Mon, 7 Apr 2003 05:57:12 -0500 (CDT)
From: Jeff Gates <>
Subject: McLuhan: Live and in Real Time

Watching the war on television I am simultaneously "there" and "here." In
the 1960s Marshall McLuhan said the media tools we create are extensions
of our bodies. After revisiting his work this week I can see why so many
are confused by the images and reports from the Iraqi front. 

Take a look at the latest Life Outtacontext, "McLuhan: Live and In Real


Jeff Gates

Life Outtacontext: Good Writing at a Fraction of the Cost!


Date: Fri, 4 Apr 2003 11:28:49 +0200
From: "Karen O'Rourke" <>
Subject: New York Body 'n' Soul Map at PsyGeoConflux New York 2003 

New York Body 'n' Soul Map at PsyGeoConflux New York 2003

Call for participation
- --------------------------

New Yorkers!

Send us your tiresome commutes, your everyday errands, your wrong turns,
bike rides and bus routes, your shopping sprees and secret shortcuts. Write
your paths through the city and we'll map them for you!

An online marketplace for the exchange of itineraries? A method of charting
urban travels online? A Web application capable of transforming subjective
experiences into images and sounds? A "Carte du Tendre" drawn by
surveillance technology? "A Map Larger Than the Territory" is all of these.

Don't believe it? Try it!


Then join us while we make maps, write stories and film documentation of the
routes we've gathered. Check the schedule for time and location.

View the New York Body 'n' Soul Map

A Map Larger than the Territory

Karen O'Rourke and Clara Teyssèdre


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