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Re: <nettime> Naomi klein: Bomb before you buy

>                      BOMB BEFORE YOU BUY

what Baudrillard? hach ztop about zis cheap french fluo design, yes exige
french trad you worth of it ! I hear our leather wrapped guenuine foucaldian
batman surrounded of whiped sound as a jupiter, black as the night itself
but suddenly white as the thunder, his aérodynanique head bursting the air
under his plurimegatonic icbm helmet which nozing is out of his reach is
back ! ave foucald & give us maximus brainy zpectacle...i said it by the
power of this other medicamented dickhead of phillip k, appear ! & if you
don't want to appear, i ask to lacan..ha you are there at last, listen

wiz lewinski america gave us tacky catherine 2's lupanar zpectacle..wiz
enron some exhausted corrupted senator barnum trick & now merging wiz
england az conzultant they try to do a real mix as old europe ! yez our
zpecialyty of odious melange of money sex opium war religion cocktail az in
the old time ! yez it's pretty possible they achieve to do some liberal
horror show..but, you know what foucaldian zimulacre ? they spill the wine
in the sewer..what  you say ? barbarian ? even goering don't do this
way?..hey you have hear all ? even goering !

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