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<nettime> FW: War Digest 2.2

Headlines from the weekend of April 27.... Many from the Guardian.


 Big Clean-Up in Iraq
They are treating  Iraq as if it were a banana republic. The Empire doles
out rewards to its corporate partners in crime, setting  up military  bases
to secure their spolis.


American to oversee Iraqi oil industry

The US is preparing to install an American chairman on a planned management
team of the Iraqi oil industry, providing further ammunition to critics who
have questioned the Bush administration's agenda in the Middle East..


Fury At Iraq Ag Post

Oxfam last night launched a scathing attack on the man the US has put in
charge of agricultural reconstruction in Iraq.
Dan Amstutz is a former senior executive of Cargill, the biggest grain
exporter in the world, and served in the Reagan administration as a trade
negotiator in the Uruguay round of world trade talks.
Oxfam is concerned that his involvement is an example of the potentially
damaging commercialisation of the reconstruction effort in Iraq, which it
would prefer to see conducted under the auspices of the United Nations.


US Military Bases - The Spoils And Deceptions Of War


Iraq 'may have to quit Opec.. Surprised?


One of the few to tell Bush and his Oil gang to fuck off.
Venezuela's Chavez Says Foreign Powers Should Keep Hands off Iraqi Oil


British Gulf troops face tests for cancer

Soldiers returning from the Gulf will be offered tests to check levels of
depleted uranium in their bodies to assess whether they are in danger of
suffering kidney damage and lung cancer as a result of exposure, the
Ministry of Defence said last night.


The info war:

BBC attacks American media networks for 'gung-ho' coverage of Gulf conflict

Greg Dyke, director general of the BBC, attacked American television and
radio networks for their "shocking" and "gung-ho" coverage of the Iraq
conflict yesterday. He also issued a warning against US companies being
allowed greater ownership of British media.


When you choose not to be an embedded pentagon Journalist  you may get
killed by US troops.
Pwell thinks that is ok. Because he can justify it.

Powell Defends Shelling of Journalists' Hotel

Those WMD..

Ex-CIA Professionals:
Weapons of Mass Distraction: Where? Find? Plant?


Many on this list were outraged at the news that maybe those images of
iraqui statues tumbling down were Staged... More evidence and anlysis..

Of Lies, Trickery & Deception


The War at Home:

Librarians Bristle At Patriot Act

Akamai but not Yours: The Censorship of Al-Jazeera

Local officials defy the Patriot Act


And some good news:

Argentina's Luddite Rulers
Workers in the occupied factories have a different vision: Smash the logic,
not the machines
by Naomi Klein

The latest infowar action.. A contest and festival..
Meme_fest 2003



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