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<nettime> fun with p2p (or, how to max out your broadband in less than a week)

I've been been taking my mind off the G8 meetings in France by testing
various p2p systems this past week.  
First I set up a directory (/home/media/shared) and dumped in a gig of
quality content --  Chomsky, Guerrilla News Network, Michael Moore,
Adbusters, DemandMedia, etc. Then I made it all accessible via the
gnutella, circle, soulseek and edonkey (?) networks.  
It's all a little unstable with gnutella and soulseek usually crashing
at least once a day. 
Top story for this week is "How to fire your boss, an anarchist guide to
direct action in the workplace.pdf" followed by GNN's "S11 Redux". The
obscurely-named 40mb Redux .mov made such an impressive start (6,000
gnutella u/l in less than a week)  that yesterday I decided to make
copies of it, entitled 'Penthouse Platinum - Traci Lords, etc (xxx)',
"Christina Aguilera - Beautiful (PG13)" and "Jennifer Lopez - Up Close
and Naked (XXX)".  Today these are quickly climbing the gnutella chart
with approx. 1,000 uploads each. 

Start your own tests:


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