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Re: <nettime> unstable digest vol 53

sorry to inform you the 4 Dimensional Warp Generator is out of stock, but
can we interest you in something newer?:

Feint Apophasis Tain Effacer (FATE)
Abstract:  Veer negativa. Operative noise. Realtime program that can
"differentiate between a feint and a main effort" in an enemy, and
rescramble enemy mimesis using Doppler wawa and transitive dissolution. FATE
disorients one's surround, stirs ontic discombobulation, disappears you with
a stun grenade of equivocation. Faster blur of alternate figural resolutions
confuses your rival in a supra-quantum b.s. of bodying-forth.  Producing a
feint plethora FATE's 'apoFeint' manages martial sovereignty. Sun Tzu's Ch'i
(action) is surveillance by the lights of invisibility, afforded by the
feint. In war, one is only truly reading when one is un- or misread, or when
enemy is made to mis- or unread enemy. Horizon-ramping algorithms for smart
arrhythmia let FATE read enemy feints through the client's own feints. Using
FATE, your very feint phylogenizes your foe, giving you the ontogenic edge.
Related methods are also provided.
Claims:  FATE is our becoming unorientable. Anonymity without hiding but by
distorting one's surround so it can't even recognize itself, and
disappearing into this, the other's disorientation.
Civil Application:  A waviform hiccup in sense precedes you whenever you
want dispositif camo, and you can move through a crowd as the crest on this
smart noise, arriving before you seem to arrive, forcing all in your event
horizon to seive itself of coordinates, to auto disorient.

yours sincerely,  Patent Nonsense Unlimited

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