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<nettime> Publication announcement/Domain Errors!

Dear all: Please post this on your lists. Thank you very much,

-------------PLEASE WELCOME---------------

anthology edited by Maria Fernandez, Faith Wilding and Michelle
M. Wright. Published by Autonomedia, Brooklyn, NY, 2003.  Part
performative intervention, part radical polemic and activist
manual, Domain Errors! Cyberfeminist Practices introduces a
diverse international group of feminist writers, artists,
theorists, and activists engaged in formulating a contestational
politics for tactical cyberfeminism. This recombinant book
highlights productive intersections of feminist and postcolonial
discourses through critical analyses of the embodied politics of
digital culture. Opening areas repressed in previous
cyberfeminist discourses, the authors map contemporary social
relations between women as they are mediated and transformed by
digital and bio-technologies.

Contributors: Irina Aristarkhova, Rhadika Gajjala, Emily de
Araujo, Maria Fernandez, Christina Hung, Pattie Belle Hastings,
Amelia Jones, Terri Kapsalis, Tania Kupczak, Annapurna
Mamidipudi, Lisa Nakamura, Susanna Paasonen, Claire Pentecost,
Lucia Sommer, subRosa, Nell Tenhaaf, Faith Wilding, Hyla
Willis,Michelle M. Wright.

Advance readers say: If you want another e-feminist volume
rehashing Lacan, weaving as metaphor, or icon as on-line
identity, don't buy this book. These cyberfeminists takeno
prisoners as they march through the virtual territories of
postcolonial power vectors in an attempt to establish living
models of resistance. Lock and load, ladies! Critical Art

This exceptional collection of writings and artist projects
PERFORMS a resistant feminist politics. Charting new strategies
and practices, the authors imagine liberatory possibilities for
our bodies, identities, and social relations in the era of
digitized networks and genetic engineering.-Miwon Kwon, editor,

This provocative book makes it perfectly clear that feminism is
not dead ... 94it's a critical weapon ... a must read for all
becoming cyberfeminists and autonomous agents! Elizabeth Hess,

Domain Errors! Cyberfeminist Practices. subRosa: Paper, $15 USD, 6"x9", 288 pages,
ISBN 1-57027-141-0 Information: Individual orders and
course adoptions: Autonomedia, Phone/FAX (718)963-2603; email: Regular Mail orders: PO Box 568, Brooklyn,
NY. 11211-0568

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