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<nettime> "Barbarous" Critique of Hardt & Negri

     "Barbarians: The Disordered Insurgence" 
     A Critique of Hardt and Negri's Empire 
     By Crisso and Odoteo 

     [Translator's Preface] 

     "Barbarians" by Crisso and Odoteo is a text of some importance
     for anarchists and anyone else who sincerely desires the
     destruction of this social world of exploitation and domination.
     It presents a devastating critique of a book that has become one
     of the most significant theoretical influences on a major part of
     the so-called anti-globalization movement, Empire by Michael
     Hardt and Antonio Negri. When one reads these two texts together,
     two opposing ways of using language are exposed. Hardt and Negri
     use a language that is obviously meant to conceal at least as
     much as it reveals, and that should immediately tip one off to
     the recuperative nature of their text. Crisso and Odoteo, on the
     contrary, use direct language as sharp as a barbarian's sword to
     cut through the murky web of Hardt's and Negri's postmodern
     doublespeak to reveal the essentially anti-revolutionary core of
     their perspective.

Continues at <http://slash.autonomedia.org/article.pl?sid=03/07/05/2019245>


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