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<nettime> Be kind to the richly deserving David Silver

From: david silver <>
Date: Sat Jul 5, 2003  10:04:51 PM US/Central
Subject: coming to a city near you


my partner iole alessandrini and i will be away from seattle for two
months and hopefully in a town, city, or region near YOU.  we will be
living primarily in amsterdam and traveling throughout italy from july 
to september 15.  we/i would love to meet anyone interested in digital
culture, arts, activism, and resistance, not to mention general

iole is an artist working with digital media, light, and lasers, and is
the most interesting and inspired soul i know.  a slice of her work can 
found here:

i'll be continuing my work on, mostly through the
amsterdam school of communications research at the university of
amsterdam.  we (along with adrienne massanari, an exceptionally smart
graduate student in communication here at the university of washington)
will be in prague in august for the visions of humanity in cyberculture,
cyberpunk and science fiction conference
( and, with luck, back
in amsterdam in september for the next five minutes conference
(  i hope to meet you there.

we'd love to see, hear, and witness what folks, collectives, centers, 
institutions are doing in europe.  i hope we can meet soon.  please feel
free to contact me via email.




there's always a siren singing you to shipwreck
stay away from these rocks
we'd be a walking disaster
		-- radiohead

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