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<nettime> Help Wanted: Internet Spy

Interesting ad seen at http://www.rand.org/jobs:


Posting Title: Research Programmer
Location: (S) Santa Monica
Reference: 001241
Job Description:

Research Programmer

RAND is seeking a Research Programmer to work on various information
technology, security and assurance projects in our Santa Monica office. It
is preferred that the individual have familiarity with various applied
psychological measures that can be used to help with information protection
systems. Under general supervision, the research programmer will be
expected to search, monitor and track information and software tools that
relate and leverage off these measures in the context of information
More generally, the position requires skills in searching for highly
computer-related information and programs within a variety of Internet and
Web sources, and organizing and structuring this material in a database for
a project's use.

Educational Requirements:
Bachelors degree (or equivalent experience) in Mathematics, Economics,
Statistics, Computer Science, Engineering, or other quantitative or computer
discipline. Master preferred. Coursework or experience must cover research
methods, policy analysis, and critical infrastructure protection.

Specific technical skills required:
Thorough technical knowledge of current computer operating systems (e.g.,
Linux, Solaris, Open BSD, Windows), and programming languages (e.g.,
Lisp, Prolog, C, Perl). Must be extremely proficient in such Internet and
Web technologies as anonymizing sites, IRC and "chat rooms," and
downloading and investigating properties of hacker "toolkits" and related
software. Ability to organize and structure information within a database
for project use is mandatory.

Related experience required: 3 - 5 years

Type of experience required/preferred:
Applicant should have excellent interpersonal skills, be able to conduct
independent investigations of online sites, and participate in online
(IRC, chats) by gaining the trust of relevant persons. Experience with the
content and participants of such computer security conferences as the
Black Hat Briefings, DEFCON, and CANSECWest/core03 would be
useful. A security clearance is not required, but is desirable.

Location: Santa Monica

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