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<nettime> -- A Case against Unconstitutional Government --

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-- A Case against Unconstitutional Government --

  no-copyright/copyright-free July 25th, 2003. bc
  please public far and wide, open-source editing ok.

  There is a fatal flaw presently underway in the press
  and others' appraisals of the gravity of the situation in
  the .US right now, as analyses are bounded by 'Iraq'
  and 'WMD' and '16 Words' when the same pattern pre-
  exists these, even the 2000 Presidential election itself.
  For instance, Shakespearian drama could also have
  been found in last week's revealing that Energy Task Force
  documents released from the Commerce Department indicate
  planning in early 2001 related to Iraqi and Saudi oilfields. This
  story was immediately killed by the mainstream press. No TV,
  no Radio, no Newspaper reports or else it was quite buried in
  that it never surfaced even after this spectacular revelation.

  What does it mean that the 'free press' censored news vital to
  the public interest, reneging on its duty to pursue the public
  interest? It may be the pragmatist's value of hedging bets, in
  that then one would become the focus of equal and opposite
  forces, who do not want such stories to run outside the animal
  farm. When they do, as with the two (2) Administration 'officials'
  blowing the deep-cover of a CIA operative over Niger claims,
  there is something oddly asymmetrical about such an action.
  The retaliation (wantonly disregarding National Security for
  private political aims) would be disproportional to the WMD
  claims if it only were to end there- else it does not make sense
  to put such pressure on such a small detail in a larger war of
  ideas. That is, unless it is connected to much else, and it is
  now beginning to crumble, as the truth wins out in the end.

  CIA headmaster George Tenet, by taking the cue to taking
  the fall, may have also done what was right, by being put
  in a situation to divulge a position outside Ari Fleischer's
  Grand-Unified-Newstheory box. The latter who it must be
  added, conveniently jumped ship at just the right time. So
  too, did Mary Matalin many months prior, right about when
  Paul Wellstone's plane fell from the sky. She was Tricky DIck
  Cheney's right-hand political operative, with the gall to even
  compare Cheney with Wellstone, on the radio, at the time of
  his death, while campaigning in the state, calling him 'a good
  and decent man, like Paul Wellstone.' Got that?

  Well, get this: That Energy Task Force was run by this Dick
  Cheney character. Even more, it has _never released any
  of the documents related to that event. Which, as of last
  week, it has been learned _is_actually_connected to the
  Iraq War, in that a person by the name of James Baker,
  the person who came-in-from-the-cold into the hot zone
  of the Florida Presidential elections, was able to spin a
  mob of fanatics using political calculation to turn the tide
  towards a win for his friend's father's son, G.W. Bush, and
  in turn, with the helpful massage of the Supreme Court,
  hand the Presidency over to the GOP, and since then
  almost everything else, as it is an inside job.

  For instance, This Mr. Baker was acutely familiar with
  Cheney's Energy Task Force, as a report by Mr. Baker
  indicated _actual_war_plans for attacking Iraq based
  on its control of oil in geopolitical tool. This report was
  found in relation to those of the Commerce Secretary,
  an oil man from Texas, like Mr. Baker, and Bush Sr.
  and Bush Jr. and Dick Cheney, a Mr. Don Evans. Not
  that this is a coincidence, of course, but there was a
  big player also from Texas involved in the campaign
  of G.W. Bush for the Presidency, who the latter later
  disingeniously denied having any association with.
  That is, a Mr. Ken Lay, or Kenny Boy or whatever the
  nickname was. He is still walking around, somewhere,
  as are others from his now bankrupt and reconstituted
  energy trading firm, Enron. It was very odd to know of
  this connection during that time, as the lights were
  being turned off in California as a result, the same
  place today where there is a recall election also
  being engineered much like the 2000 elections.

  Enron was to establish national but likely even
  national and international energy markets for the
  trading of energy like a stock market, which was
  eventually a system for gaming the system itself.
  Enron, with this as its business model, basically
  what appears to have been a pyramid scheme,
  crumbled while the Bosses left with filled pockets.
  None have been put in jail, Martha Stewart is
  more important apparently than one of the largest
  companies, now which cannot be found in a news
  story related to anything in the present. That is, it
  has been relegated to the past. What else has?

  Well, besides the fact that Mr. Cheney was in a
  surprise move hand-picked to pick G.W. Bush's
  vice presidential candidate, which turned out to
  be himself, disregarding normal procedures such
  as a 'routine' medical check, there are interesting
  surprises like heart attacks and such as a result,
  keeping Tom Delay few steps away from control
  of what remains of the ruinage of US Government.
  Instead Mr. Cheney decided to bring on some of
  the old crew, from the previous Bush Whitehouse,
  advisors and such, stacking the cabinet in what
  may someday be seen as a well-prepared move.

  That is, it was not to reconstitute G.H.W. Bush's
  cabinet, but the previous Nixon Cabinet too, with
  a coterie of cast members from a time when the
  name Henry Kissinger was associated with the
  war in Vietnam. There was a time when there
  were a lot of 'plumbers' around, they would do
  anything to stop leaks, apparently, anything. It
  may be compared in fervor that, run amok, this
  same ideology might even leak the name of a
  CIA agent if it were to protect their inner circle.

  One odd thing about this and the 9/11 report*
  released today, is that there is barely any kind
  of mention of the absurdity of the investigation,
  the limitations, moreso, the base assumption
  that something more sinister and devious was
  going on, not just 'over there' but also 'here', in
  terms of why some failures are stonewalled
  against, yet out in the open, and why people
  who covered up problems were promoted and
  this bureaucracy has grown into what may be
  considered a 'super bureaucracy', that, an idea
  from the Nixon Whitehouse, i.e., super-power.

  Meaning, what explains the weird cultural
  connections of all these things coming to-
  gether in a giant connect-the-dots, where on
  E-Bay, right after Enron implodes and 9/11,
  a piece of ephemera from someone trying to
  get some cash for cultural artifacts shows a
  Million Dollar Bill with Ken Lays and George
  Bush's affiliations on it, and the Twin Towers
  of the World Trade Center? Or, what explains
  the fact that weeks prior to the planes crashing
  into the WTC, that a television show called the
  "Lone Gunman" related to the X-Files has as
  a season or series finale, a story about some
  CIA operations directors who have gone rogue
  and decided to crash planes into the World
  Trade Center towers, literally, the exact thing
  that happened, which was thwarted at the
  last second by a son of the perpetrator. The
  reasoning for crashing the jumbo jet into the
  WTC? To keep the CIA relevant, to keep the
  people scared so that they need protection.

  Pretty weird stuff that is never mentioned. It
  could be coincidence, of course, but it could
  also be a well planned script of total politics.
  That is, no one is the wiser, as long as all
  believe the same thing, based on a premise
  that a private world view could encompass
  all views, in the yesteryears, a.k.a God, and
  so now we just happen to find ourselves in
  a global holy war, with a Osama bin Laden
  mentioning in his will of being 'betrayed'.
  Who, exactly, was Osama betrayed by? US.
  Over Afghanistan? Unlikely- it was after 9/11,
  and he was surprised the towers actually fell.
  The person investigating Al Qaeda happened
  to just be transferred to duty at those towers,
  and died when they fell onto of him as he was
  trying to do his job as head of WTC security.

  All coincidence. Surely. Just like G.H.W. Bush,
  or Bush Sr. He just happened to be a director
  of the CIA, just happened to be in a 'unique'
  relation to a President Richard Nixon, where
  Mr. Bush spent his time in an office building
  where he had access to Nixon more than any
  other person, possibly in great confidentiality.
  George H.W. Bush was, it must be assumed,
  an astute operator. Remember, that plans for
  wiretapping just do not appear, they require
  knowledge, confidence, a scheme and such.

  Those kinds of documents, unveiling of days
  such as Watergate, well, one of the first things
  that happened upon George W. Bush's entrance
  into office was to seal all such records. So too,
  within days the CIA sent out a revised view of
  the role of oil in the world, from a pessimistic
  'we must change our ways' to a 'stable markets
  as far as the eye can see' approach. Right in
  line with other goals, like the prime goal of the
  administration and its immediate secret confab
  with the Energy Task Force, led by Dick Cheney,
  of which members have been stated to include
  a Mr. Kenneth Lay, mentioned previously, in
  addition to Mr. Cheney's keeping documents
  related to this out of the public sphere, and
  having possibly deputized a few in the private
  sector as 'government employees' and thus is
  able to hide any information beyond a 'threat
  to national security' which it would have been,
  say, if it was realized that Iraqi Oil plans were
  on the table in preparation for a future, private
  war, which may capture such markets, say, to
  benefit not only the Texas Oil sector but also
  potentially grabbing a world oil market for the
  trading of energy, which was Enron's business
  model, the same one that bankrupted California
  and also seems to be working wonders on the
  US economy as the government games itself.

  If one consider's such gambling, the stakes
  involved, it is a wildcatter's dream. Consider
  that Mr. Lay was the #1 contribution to the
  future President Bush's campaign. And also,
  that the press went along with the softball game
  about the credulity of no connection between
  Bush Jr. and Ken Lay and Enron. A key player
  in the Enron scandal was found dead shortly
  before the story could have become intimate.
  Kind of like like Bush Jr. first overtook the US
  Government's controls, and oddly enough, a
  writer who criticized Bush's early years was
  also found dead of suicide. It is part of the
  unique tradecraft of Mr. Bush's father. This is
  not speculation, this is fact. But beyond fact,
  there are unanswered questions that rise to
  prominence. Such as with the also convenient
  death of Senator Paul Wellstone just prior to
  the Senator's reelection campaign. He was
  the #1 opponent of Bush's policies, it must
  be noted, there was no one more outspoken
  but he wielded little actual power other than
  an uncomfortable perception of what is of
  truth and what is of value, representing the
  general public in a big poker game. He lost.

  He died when his plane fell out of the sky.
  Tragedy enough, but even stranger was that
  President G.W. Bush was in town to campaign
  within days and did not visit the grave of the
  US Senator, and it was the public memorial
  of this public servant which become a GOP
  national rallying point, turning the national
  elections for the Republicans due to 'outrage'
  over partisan politics, during the ramp-up to
  war, and issues such as patriotism. Wellstone
  was compared with Lenin and Communists
  by the rank-and-file, distorting any accurate
  appraisal of a more balanced, if ideal, vision.
  Senator Wellstone's death, and that of his
  wife and daughter and two co-workers and
  two pilots remains a mystery. Just like the
  Energy Task Force, where legal battles and
  sympathetic courts have allowed time and
  great distance between events, so too any
  of the mysteries of how a plane just falls out
  of the sky, and is so badly burned in a frozen
  bog as to make evidence impossible to find.

  So, there are some odd patterns that have
  never really been dealt with, just like the
  WMD issue, just like Uranium claims made
  by none other than Dick Cheney, the Vice
  President and handler of information that
  relates to Enron, Energy, and the Iraq War.
  But to even make such an assumption that
  it stops at VP Cheney is to miss a few more
  openly available and obvious connections,
  as the Vietnam parallels are hard to ignore,
  and the Watergate references both in the
  quality of events and characters involved
  that repeat previous patterns, make one
  wonder exactly what may be going on, in
  terms of larger and more complex systems.

  For instance, if one were to question basic
  connections with the Nixon Whitehouse, or
  even, after that, the first Bush Whitehouse,
  it would be obvious that names like Rumsfeld,
  Wolfowitz, Cheney, even John Poindexter of
  Total Information Awareness infamy have
  been recast in a new 'empire', ready to finally
  take on the world with a view that is dated,
  so obviously so that off-the-shelf ideology
  and planning is mainly a plug-and-play
  adventure of decades, not years, of plans.
  That is, while the Gingrich Revolution may
  have signaled a recent upcoming phase of
  like a tidal wave, overtaking the processes,
  it was an earthquake or some other large
  event that must have originated the energy.

  The Vice President is surely the trickiest in
  the current administration, but then again
  this administration is several levels deep.
  How deep? At least four Presidencies. And
  not by some quirk of fate, but by ideological
  cohesion, all that just happened to fall-into-
  place, by chance no less-- so impossible it
  must be improbable-- And, oddly enough it
  seems dated in the Nixon years, in many,
  many ways. Odd, there was 'deep throat'
  then, but today this same idea acts like a
  cover story for ever investigating what is
  behind the shallow 'deep throat' cover, it
  is interesting as the deepest sounding
  voice of that era is still with us, he was
  the immediate person who Bush tapped
  to run the 9/11 commission, which should
  be considered not even a half-measure of
  what is going on. Henry Kissinger, a very
  deep voiced person, could not be Deep
  Throat, for if he were, it would have been
  against his interests. So maybe there is
  another. But for a covert mission, what
  better than to annihilate the possibilities
  of questioning of one's role, such that it
  may have been also possible that the CIA
  directors of those years could have used
  such a destruction of public office as a way
  to continue their work undetected, under
  the rubric of the past, no longer of question.

  That is, like the CIA operatives, two of them,
  who happened to both 'die' mysteriously
  in boating 'accidents', both supposedly to
  drown, one a suicidal sea voyage, another
  a strange canoe trip gone terribly surreal.
  And, these persons, also both connected
  to the same ideologies running the works
  today, in various ways. William Colby died
  in 1995, head of the CIA  from 1973 to 1975
  "during the period of major exposures of CIA
  crimes, including involvement in assassination
  plots and domestic spying." (1) Just about the
  time of the Gingrich revolution in Congress.
  He ran something called the Phoenix Project.
  The other person to have died this way was
  one John Paisley, surfacing 4" shorter when
  found, and not looking like himself. Could it
  be that in the era of assassinations that both
  of these Cold Warriors were involved in, had
  their deaths faked to provide covert cover for
  their future plans, along the same lines as
  then were being developed in government?

  Henry Kissinger once remarked that the USSR
  could not be defeated, there would have to be
  a compromise somehow. Is it possible that such
  a compromise may have been dealt with under
  the bowels of the government and democracy,
  that which is above the surface appears to
  have been 'won' by the World's Only Superpower
  (Nixonian terms, it is assumed) and the war that
  is beneath the surface, and in the minds of the
  people, was in fact lost, due to the weakness of
  such a way of politics, that is, by secrecy? It is
  too much to speculate beyond the role of the
  US players in whatever game may be being
  played, yet someone has played the players,
  or why else would the US pursue policies in
  a covert nature which are actually against the
  future functioning of the state, its well being
  of both itself and its democracy, unless there
  was some other forces at work that, like when
  the former Soviet Union was dismantled, was
  to be imploded by economic ruin, much like
  the policies now being pursued are doing to
  the social fabric of the democratic state, which
  will be beyond recovery except for the failure
  of the state to function in any capacity to meet
  the challenges it faces today, and in the future.

  The reason to ask such a question, leaving the
  question of who is playing the players to the
  professionals, it is logical to infer that mysteries
  in a time of mystery may be included in trying
  to consider the scope of the question, of how
  to imagine the problem or the situation, what
  exactly is being engaged, and what is at the
  core of its nature? Corruption at its most pure,
  could be one response. Henry Kissinger and
  others are like pawns in this chess match, and
  the orchestration of action is similar to those
  'mysterious' automatons of yesteryear, which
  were automatic chess machines that would
  have people hidden beneath them, as they
  would 'win' the game, as a ruse. So too, while
  Dick Cheney was the alibi for Gary Condit's
  murdered intern, Chandra Levy, it may not
  be that he is the main player but only a rook
  or bishop in this game. Where this other type
  of network, outside the law, can interact and
  do its business, things that happened in the
  Watergate years and since, those days when
  JFK was gunned down, Martin Luther King, Jr.,
  RFK, Malcolm X, and others. There are those
  patterns which one can begin to see clearly.

  To consider this conspiracy theory is to ignore
  the facts of correspondences to a degree that
  strains the sanity and disregard of those who
  blatantly dismiss the possibility of such events,
  as it is something too hard to believe, or even
  question, it is too much, it would cost too much
  for anyone, they'd be dead if it were true and
  they made such a case, as they are close to
  this machined intelligence apparatus as it now
  exists, and life would not improve much for them.
  This may be true, and may also give reason why
  the people closest to the beast of an overtaken
  government are least able to cope with it, when
  seen up close, or, how those in office could in
  any way prepare blueprints for a Department
  of Homeland Security in a 180-degree policy
  reversal to create a 'super-bureaucracy' which
  adds, again, another intelligence agency, to
  make sure things are in total control, even to
  come up with schemes such as TIA which, in
  retrospect, are something that the 'Plumbers'
  of the Watergate era would have great interest
  in, as it would help track any leaks and leakers.

  When considering the hands-off approach of
  the press towards any- and everything related
  to the Bush's is to also beg suspicion. For one
  example, George H.W. Bush arrived in town,
  to visit the American Enterprise Institute no less,
  prior to his son's arrival in the state. No media
  coverage was asked, to respect his privacy, as
  he has absolutely _nothing_ to do with his own
  son's presidential ambitions. Is this a credible
  response, when these same people raise money
  and campaign and also have friends and fellow
  ex-officials in overlapping father-son cabinets,
  including Iraq war cabinets #1 and #2. Is G.W.
  Bush aware of the deeper connections of his
  father to his own cabinet, or even further, to
  the years in which he was 'not fully there' in
  which crimes occurred against the state, even
  those Reagan years in which the Iran-Contra
  has seemed to finally found justification again
  with a re-infestation of government offices?

  It is the general story that is hard to grasp,
  especially for those younger and much more
  naive than those who lived through the years
  of fear and uncertainty, which seem to have
  come back for another haunting. What would
  explain the mysticism around Reagan, which
  can be compared only to Stalin or another who
  reaches a mystical control over the population,
  to the engineering of 'Tare Down this Wall' and,
  within a short while, the Soviets did just that? Is
  it some superhuman power that the President
  possessed, or may a game have been played
  in which tit-for-tat, or move-for-move, various
  agreements are played out in search of the
  best end-game, which may be the result that
  is happening today: both the USSR and the
  US won and lost the Cold War. The US' loss
  is happening currently, as a core-meltdown
  is occurring in the fundamental constitutional
  nature of the United States of America. The
  government, it should become clearer by
  the hour, is beyond repair in its functioning.
  That is, because it cannot function, without
  total control, which would cease democratic
  participation which is indeed what's occurred.

  Politicians can spin newsbits any way they
  want, with ideological tenets, but with ideas,
  and questions such as these, the Watergate
  scandal never ended, and this is the result.
  Also, the Manchurian Candidate quality of
  this also arises as a question, at which point
  it need be stated a clear delineation of where
  the state has indeed gone bad and to what
  degree. It is proposed that when the role of
  the Directors of the CIA was intermixed with
  that of the political sphere, that total control
  was and is an option for enacting desirable
  change, however defined. Yet, within any
  bureaucracy there is great friction which is
  also evident, so to smooth and speed things
  up, this would require working outside of the
  normal bounds, in effect, by-passing the rules
  and regulations to operate in a deeper, and
  more uncertain realm. A realm in which the
  checks-and-balances of government would
  be a footnote to aims and ambitions and even
  extortion of a whole different field of players.
  An open market of shorts, potentially. It is at
  this point, where the inner working of the US
  government meet the open market that this
  inquiry necessarily stops short in its analysis.
  It is in the interest of the FBI and CIA and DIA
  and others to protect the US government, and
  the constitution and the people up to this very
  point at which the corruption may be said to
  now exist, in all likelihood, it is reasonable to
  assume as much. Yet, everything to this point
  is and should be of the public's interest and
  of the public's right to know, and also of the
  US governments investigations and inquiries
  into matters at the heart of the state. When an
  engineering so vast may include events on a
  scale never before seen manipulated to such
  a degree, and openly so, it is curious how the
  ideologies associated with such a drive for
  'empire' has reached such a populace, so
  willing to embrace a notion that benefits this
  world-view, by endorsing it as a prime reality.

  There question then rests at the point of the
  depth of the corruption and here it is proposed
  that the historical precedent for the players in
  this epic drama require further consideration,
  and scrutiny. In a sense, Watergate can be
  seen as only cover for a deeper, and much
  longer operation that continues today, even
  as it crumbles the state its rogue government
  now occupies. In essence, in deed, and fact,
  the current US Government is Unconstitutional
  and needs to be abolished and reconstituted
  under another, revised and updated agreement
  between citizens of how best to guide the future
  of the public, and its role as representer of the
  people who work, live, and occupy its dream.

  The US Congress is thoroughly compromised.
  The US Administration is entirely compromised.
  The US Courts are fundamentally compromised.
  And there are no checks and balances on the
  wielding of private power over public truth, no
  accountability between facts and deeds, there
  exists no need to question bureaucratic policies
  and procedures that only benefit a statistical and
  imaginary constituency, and the state is being
  weaned of all resources for private gain, which
  will be irreparable in its damages to the future,
  and present, heath and welfare of the citizens
  of the US and the influence is hold in the world.

  Everything to date, when taken as a whole,
  indicates that there is a rogue element which
  does not have the best interests of the United
  States of America, or the world for that matter,
  in its plans. And there is no way to bring public
  feedback into this process, as its corruption is
  so wide and deep as to threaten any attempt
  to incrementally change it, as it can only then
  collapse, which is and will eventually happen.

  When, as of today, there is a sitting elected-
  by-the-Supreme-Court majority President,
  who in a time of national and international
  tragedy is planning to leave the White House
  for the month of August to live in Crawford,
  Texas, during a crisis situation in North Korea
  with actual nuclear weapons, and also the
  nuclear situation with the Iranians, it is to
  wonder how such a "Hands-Off" approach
  is really serving the people of the United
  States of America, or in fact, the civilized
  world. It would indicate that decisions are
  not being made by the President in this
  White House, for if so, they would surely
  remain in the nerve center instead of flee
  it, as President Bush did on  Sept. 11, 2001.
  It would indicate that the person below-the-
  ground, just like those mysterious bodies
  that drowned, might be flipping the switches
  and turning the dials, yet it need not even be
  at this level, in the other concerted maneuvers
  against the environment, transit, health care,
  taxes, the economy, social programs, education,
  it is all going to war and security-related causes,
  maybe even a Holy War for a certain charismatic
  true believer, who happens to smile about the
  optimism they hold for the ongoing guerilla war
  in Iraq, clearly using a common medication of
  which euphoric optimism is a side-effect, but
  misplaced when it is to smile at a question of
  US soldiers dying and being bogged down,
  and about Uranium claims, about lying about
  the causes for war, and offering so unreal an
  outlook as to question the basic sanity of the
  US President to even fathom what is going on.

  Instead, they will be leaving Washington D.C.
  to go rest in Texas while there is a restless
  nuclear situation. While there is an extremely
  troubled government. While there is no good
  reason to be optimistic with current policies
  for anything from natural gas to closing bike
  trails so highways can get slush funding. Or
  more covers and fronts for sneak-through
  legislation, as if the gaming of the system
  that never was stopped with Watergate or
  with Enron continues to this day, inside the
  Oval Office and well beyond. What happens
  to people who really would speak out? The
  precedent is that they would end up dead,
  in short order. Probably assassination, or
  a murder that is made to look like a suicide.
  That is why it is of concern to write about a
  wide swath of this, and probably is good
  enough reason for journalists and news
  reporters to not consider it, for their own
  health and safety. But it is too late for this.
  It is too late to leave the problems of the
  present to some future generation, it is
  reprehensible to stand silent in the face
  of the greatest horrors of our time, in the
  sense that we can actually do something
  about this situation, to improve it, firstly by
  figuring out what it is, and if it is not what is
  proposed above, what exactly is it? And,
  also, to plan a common and non-partisan
  platform for policies to readjust and also
  resurrect the mission of a democratic state.
  It is not a free ride, yet it is also a choice.
  By choosing to understand the full extent
  of the present situation, in its full context,
  at least to try, and to make every effort to
  go the actual distance needed to make
  the necessary paradigmatic changes will
  require everyone, of every walk of life to
  find some relation in a shared, improved
  future, and a plan for getting us there now.

  The 2004 Elections cannot be about the
  President's false infallibility, which is the
  same as a religious devotion to despots
  of the past, divine kings, which the very
  Declaration of Independence apparently
  could not separate the US psyche from,
  enough so that it had to reenact itself. It
  is not to be about the fallibility of any one
  opponent where the entire resources of
  the state and unlimited private money can
  be used to smear the rival, retaining further
  control in a period of months and years that
  with each day are increasingly more and
  more severe in their total devastation. It is
  instead critical to get to the very core, the
  inner core of this corruption, of which the
  sitting President is a very small piece in a
  much larger game that has become rotten.

  Democracy is about people, not just power.
  It is about the public, instead of only private
  policies. It is about representation, but not
  of a small demographic privileged minority.
  It is about doing the most, not the least. It
  is about dreams, not creating nightmares.
  And it is about groups of individuals, not
  individuals taking over all existing groups.
  It is about freedom, liberty, and justice, and
  not firstly the control of these to coerce them.

  Please, consider what is at stake in the
  questions, and if these are accurate to the
  situation being faced today, and if the very
  assumptions one makes when considering
  what is underway is also limiting the ability
  to see the larger, connect-the-dots to the
  root-causes scenario which is crystal clear
  in its connections between people, places,
  events, and ideological agendas. Please,
  for the sake of a point of view outside of that
  in the controlled mass media, send this other
  view to people who may also question the
  basic assumptions, the basic discourses,
  and the basic beliefs in present appraisals
  of issues as serious as 9/11, Enron, War,
  Nuclear and other WMD, security, loss of
  civil liberties, and creation of a state that
  cannot help but extinguish shared dreams.

  This author seeks protection through this
  transmission, the less it is transmitted, the
  more danger to publish. Therefore it is now
  asked that this be sent to pertinent people,
  organizations, news outlets, reporters, and
  blogs and lists, to get the story out, to get
  the questions out, to ask the most basic
  and simple questions which are now failed
  in being addressed by legal representatives
  of the US citizenry. It is up to individuals, the
  groups of individuals, to try to make change,
  reasonable and non-violent. This is one way
  to contribute. Please, please do as much as
  you can to keep the questioning alive.

  And who is obsessed with historical revisionism?

  There is reason to believe there acts of treason
  are being committed in the highest levels and
  deepest bunkers of the United States of America.
  This is not a conspiracy theory: it is a conspiracy.

  The US Government must thus be dissolved so
  as to reconstitute it anew, to protect the dream.

  -- Signed,

bc, one human being in 6 billion or so on Earth...

[This is a request for government protection, the
corruption described above is not defined in moral
but ethical terms, as such, it is believed this freedom
of thought is well within the rights of a US citizen to
express their ideas and share these in public, and
to have the constitutional, and other protections. If
it is an accurate hypothesis, one may be in danger.]

--- A few links, google for more source material:

*The 9/11 Evidence that May Hang George W. Bush

[1] Former CIA director presumed drowned

	"John Paisley, an ex-CIA officer, and liaison was the "B" team (which  
reassessed US intelligence) had been suspected of being a Soviet mole.  
He was found in the Chesapeake Bay, shot to death and weighed down with  
weightsó an apparent suicide."

The Body Count: Add One More
William Colby's Death Mystery

Unimpeachable Sources
Congress: Low Friends in High Places

Lying -- a Bush Family Value

The Formation of the Clark Panel: More of the Secret Team at Work?


George Bush: The Unauthorized Biography -
by Webster G. Tarpley & Anton Chaitkin
Chapter 13- Chairman George in Watergate

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