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<nettime> LIBERTY .....~~~~.~THANK YOU

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How are you ?
Pls my name is G___e A__l,i live in Oran,Algeria
,one day i have sent you letter in For philadelphia
 i think summer 2000

I had little problem,because  like  blackmail to me
one women of laboratory(F____t h___t),she had tell me
you have until Saturday you will change,then you 
imagine i had fear djust i little 20 metre of 
laboratory this women she is Bad whith me,because she
 will add in report,one day she had tell me:<i, i work

whith the police>,she had do to me whith the staff 
much hurt,one much tragedy the end hurt she always see

me and tell me for i  worked cleaning but i worked 
 whithout ghent,rubber glove for cleanig glass 
bacteriology in two years i had diplome but -%sorry
 diplome of thechnecien of milk,and F____t h___t she 
add the talk(speack)she is craizy,she don't tell the
 truth, and she is blond,thiswomen she is my enmy one 
,she accusedme i make a justure whith my hand,they One

week(after pan of glass when i come for bought him 
his cream)
she is tell  me is name is   harassment,but who is 
incredible this women she make also a  sexual justure 
but not normaly,if you see him you think is craizy
 women bacterilogy,but she do this djust whith Big
 responsable and other responsable

Whay i arrived she tell me this ?because ,she have
 Looking After me for my work,and i had fear i don't
 succed in my stadies and my work,i showed  him ,my 
love of him ,interested of him,i had  tell him what
 she love and ,for she can LET me Stadies don't tell
 problem to manager because i want pls much much
 succed.Befor she don't looking after me i was 
seriosly,because my mather she have tell me i
this women in his eyes is intelligent and rappidly 
((and eyes of death but all time)) and hurt this is
 a good summary,pls bleive of me

For proof you can pls Ask seattle ask him in 2001 come to the conclusion
his blood
and sperm

pls in the futur ,when take advice of my mather 
and when this f____t H___t looking After me 
because i become seriosly ,and don't interested
show interested of him, i respect him ,but 
she do after me problems you can pls intervene
 for me , i like good,for i can succed in data
processing pls
Remark:  in the past in 1999 perhaps one man
 anonymous he have tell him in the phone 
attention H___t but in the end bad bad bad 
end she had don't
lesten him.the end horrible and horror tragedy 
 of my testicle when
finaly the all proof they have.
and also in the passt when i was in the laborratory
 ,after i had did intenet in 1999,whith site: and (,
i had tell my history ,he have send girl  
she have asked him he have
tell him don't they have man she have accident
 in know what she have tell him 
,"not djust accident of acid.."and this girl she
 had asked him what he can the bacterium inside
but don't tell him the truth this is in 1999,and
 i was in clening
the glass (pirex,bottle)don't autovlave in 140░,
yes whith my hand because i am that animal i don't
 had diplome of biology and for i paid my first 
accident ,whith i am not reponsable (carpet green),
yes for i paid and eliminate me
in the futur you can pls intervene for me for my
 lib... , i like good

        Thank you

                  Sincerly A__l

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