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<nettime> [Mute News] OpenMute launches FREE web tools - OM1

FREE as in lunch!


*Free web site and easy-to-use web tools*

OpenMute announces the launch of its Open Source web tools services for
cultural and community groups.

OpenMute is a Mute project. Mute is a not-for-profit organisation.


OpenMute offers a service called OM1 with which you can have a website built
almost immediately, packed with tools for publishing and collaborative


1. Log on to
2. Request an account ''
3. You will then have a website with the following tools available:


OpenMute's services allow you to have a dynamic website where you can update
content from any computer connected to the internet just using a browser. You
can adapt the web tools to your own requirements making your OM1 site into a
gallery, workspace, library, public feedback portal, event publicity site,
archive and more.

You can read more details about OpenMute's OM1 package at the bottom of this



OpenMute is unique in that we have created a system that automates the
replication of certain very powerful open source tools, not only making them
available to those without the requisite technical skills to install and
adapt independently, but also reducing the many associated costs. OpenMute
aims to make such tools available to individuals and communities who were
previously unable to use them. Additionally, we aim to provide enough
supporting information, and channels of communication between users,
technical staff, etc., to create a culture of self-education and
collaboration around their use.

OpenMute harnesses Mute magazine's decade-long experience of paper and
internet publishing to accommodate a wide variety of internet users, from the
one-woman band to the medium-sized organisation. Our development as a small
organisation has demonstrated how important staying on top of day to day
workflow is, and how ever-present issues such as ease of use, adaptability,
speed and low costs are. It is with these criteria in mind that we have
tailored our packages.

We started work in earnest on OpenMute in July 2002 with the financial
 support of the Arts Council of Endland's Publications and Recordings pilot
 programme. During this time we worked on building our technical
 infrastructure and configuring the web software tools. After extensive
 testing we are now able to launch our first free service, OM1, and over the
 next couple of months we will be launching a number of custom services.

The custom services will allow users to add design and functionality to the
OM1 package. At present we have a number of packages in development for film
makers, photographers and software developers. As part of OpenMute's
commitment to being an Open Source project, we have made it possible for you
to participate in the development of these advanced services through our site, where you are invited to take part in these

Even more about us
See About Us menu item on


The OpenMute team: Darron Broad (software development), Pauline van Mourik
Broekman (company director), Raquel Perez de Eulate (graphic design), Quim
Gil (communications design), Damian Jaques (education), Javier Linares
(coder), Ian Morrison (system administrator), Laura Oldenbourg (graphic
design), Alvaro Ortiz (coder), Simon Worthington (project coordinator).

OM1 software is based on the XOOPS system
software code is published under the GNU General Public License (GPL)

For further information on our licences and terms & conditions
See Info menu item on



OM1 - entry package

OM1 is a Rolling Content Portal (RCP) package which allows you to set up and
turn on a site almost immediately. If you need more space or functionality,
you can upgrade to OM2 or OM2+

What you get with OM1

* Standard tools (see below)
* Support: community support forum, documentation wiki, FAQ
* Resources server space = 5MB
* Domain
* Price Free

Standard Tools

* Publish with news, wiki, gallery
* Work, discuss and announce with forum, event calendar
* Network using partners, links, members, headlines (RSS/RDF/XML newsfeeds)
* Organise content and files with downloads, sections and FAQ


OM Manual
The OpenMute team have put together the OM Manual to get you started with
 your site, taking you through its basic setup and onto detailed tool and
administration configurations.

Community Support Forum
All OpenMute services come with support. In the case of OM1 we provide a
Community Support Forum where users and OpenMute workers can help one another
with support issues.

Documentation wiki
In addition, there is extensive documentation on our support site wiki

In OpenMute's FAQ you can view answers to commonly posed questions as well as
post questions to the OpenMute


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