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<nettime> war president cut-up

war president cut-up

BUSH: [...] Now, look, we are in a political season. I fully understand
people saying he's trying to avoid responsibility.  There is
going to be ample time for the American people to assess
whether or not I made good calls, whether or not I used good
judgment, whether or not I made the right decision in removing
Saddam Hussein from power, and I look forward to that debate,
and I look forward to talking to the American people about why
I made the decisions I made.

Mr Bush has issued the fact and it's important for voters
until the expenditures side of American power in foreign possible
the nation use of evil
George W Bush in foreign foreign
late inquiry into the world
imminent Bush sets use of time to rogue war with war
Meet the expenditures side of American power
the world waited, Bush said, "the axis of the US"
US had a lead but a "war president" wasn't looking
always defended the expenditures side of evil
an "axis of war on time" top into the Press show
an axis era
the use of the equation to deal with war
at war on my important people who won a weapon
people watch the inquiry into the pre-war 1972
questioning that exist and it's important for the intelligence commission
follow-ups dropped the Press
the scapegoats destruction have been destroyed, should US accept 
rogue Democratic Saddam Hussein
who was a "war president" in weapon at war American power in a rare 
power to understand we are at war
make the senior senior
make the pre-war intelligence exist
ahead diplomacy no show in diplomacy just the intelligence decisions 
about this "axis power in a lead questioning"

BUSH: [...] Right. And see, the danger of allowing for
information that I get briefed on out in the public arena is
that it could mean that the product I receive or future
presidents receive is somewhat guarded for fear of it being
revealed, and for fear of people saying, Well, you know, we're
going to second guess that which you told the President.
I need good, honest information, but we have shared this
information with both those gentlemen, gentlemen I trust, so
they could get a better picture of what took place prior to
September the 11th.

RUSSERT: [...] Do you have a pretty good idea where Osama is?

BUSH:  You know, I'm not going to comment on that.

RUSSERT:  Let me turn to Iraq.  And this is the whole idea
of what you based your decision to go to war on.

BUSH:  Sure, sure.

RUSSERT:  The night you took the country to war, March
17th, you said this:  "Intelligence gathered by this and other
governments leaves no doubt that the Iraq regime continues to
possess and conceal some of the most lethal weapons ever

BUSH:  Right.

RUSSERT:  That apparently is not the case.

BUSH:  Correct.

It's important for us to help 2005, he acknowledged
he was a war president
"I see dangers that suggested the presidential election"
watch the pre-war expenditures side of Iraq
the expenditures side of mass
record on the arms closed
for us to deal with a strong case era, launched below record deficit
people who watch the expenditures side of the Alabama diplomacy
the Oval force and no use of force deal with them world
television inquiry axis had been destroyed
and it's important for us to learn functions, American power in polls.
Saddam Hussein was necessary to understand that we are functions, 
president said
"see dangers that accept Vietnam duty of developing intelligence that exist
and it's important for us to make a war of evil"

"war president" presidential election,
the Democratic North Korea lead inquiry, he said.



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