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<nettime> Ron Suskind posts government public domain documents online

February 5, 2004

hi all

i was perusing the creative commons website, where i
came across this 


Ron Suskind posts government public domain documents

Government documents supplied by Former Treasury
Secretary Paul O'Neill to Pulitzer Prize-winning
journalist and author Ron Suskind for his book, The
Price of Loyalty, are now available online. The site
makes use of the Creative Commons public domain mark.

These documents, drawn from a collection of 19,000
files, are called "The Bush Files" and Suskind is
encouraging other administration officials to
contribute to the database, "to encourage more
productive, fact-based public dialogues," as stated on
the website. 


really worth reading...particularly this link below

from january 31, 2001 "executive summary: political
military plan for post saddam iraq crisis". 

just about says it all!


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