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<nettime> *Mute - issue27*

M | U | T | E | __ N | E | W | S |

________________________________________ February 03 _



The latest issue of Mute magazine is out now. Here are a few samples of
the writing in this issue and links to selected stories featured on, our online home. We hope you'll want to read more.

All the best,

Benedict Seymour
Assistant Editor


The Packet Gang by JJ King
"Soft control within organisations emphatically declared open is
becoming a common and tacitly acknowledged problem across the social
Openness - as an organising principle and political ideology - has
become an article of faith for everyone from activists to free
software developers yet the spectre of hierarchy wont seem to go
away. JJ King takes a sceptical look at the underside of the flat


Bombs and Bytes by Anustup Basu
Fascism without a Fuhrer? During the build up of support for the war
on Iraq, no functionary of the US government publically stated that
Saddam Hussein had an active role in the devastation of September 11,
2001. Nevertheless, an alarming number of Americans believed that the
Iraqi despot was involved in the conspiracy and its execution.
Anustup Basu looks beyond the big lie, to show how information itself
short-circuits knowledge.


Abstract Sex by Luciana Parisi
An unorthodox version of evolutionary theory provides the key to an
anti-teleological, non-neoliberal micropolitics.
   "In abstract sex, potential mutations accompany the most diverse
stages of organisations on a nature-culture continuum, refuting the
use of biology as a model for laissez-faire liberal economics."


Now That We Are Persons, an artist's project by Emma Hedditch
'Maternity is a sentiment that you don't have to be pregnant to feel.
The moment of birth is strongly associated with pedagogical
functions, where a person introduces the other, the not-yet-thing,
into the socialŠ'


Also in this issue:

Physics Unbound - Sebastian Olma on the unexpected reemergence of
Bergson in the scientific establishment via physicist Peter Lynds'
theory of time

Relational History - Pauline van Mourik Broekman on Artpool, a
Hungarian art research centre with a difference

Just Sugaring the Pill? - Miria Swain on recent sci-art and its vicissitudes

Abort, Retry, Fail - Simon Ford on the advent of computer art
archiving projects such as CACHE and the historical legacy of the
genre's early years

TeleStreets - Agnese Trocchi looks at the history of pirate
television in Italy and sees the rise of a new organisation in the
TeleStreet network

Hippoheimer the King - a section from the long poem VOG, by Ron Silliman

The Politics of Verticality - The Israeli-Palestine conflict is an
architectural construct in three dimensions. An artist's project by
Eyal Weizman

Freemasons Of The Future - University of Openess members unravel the
potentials of the Semantic Web

Use Faults; Disturb Conventions; Exploit Idiosyncrasies - Andrew
Goffey reviews Behind the Blip by Matthew Fuller

For a full list of this issue's stories


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