Karim Brohi on Sat, 14 Feb 2004 06:38:09 +0100 (CET)

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<nettime> Are we all just net.art?

Are we all some extreme form of existential net.art?  or merely characters
in some wickedly complex Toy Story movie?

The latest darling theory of quantum physicists and cosmologists is 'Loop
Quantum Gravity', which attempts/claims to be THE ANSWER - the unification
of quantum physics and general relativity (ie, space, time & gravity).  Loop
quantum gravity basically states that space is not continuous but is made up
of discrete units.  These units (loops) are about 10^(-35) metres on each
side.  (There are more loops in one cubic centimetre of space than there are
cubic centimetres in the universe). Similarly, time is not analog but made
of discrete time quanta, each about 10^(-43) seconds long.

Now to me, little units of space sound like 'pixels', and little units of
time sound like 'frames' in an animation.  Are we all digital art??  If so,
what happens at the end of the movie?  Do the hyperdimensional beings
watching it throw their popcorn on the floor and go and eat a
hyperdimensional pizza (a slice for everyone!)



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