Kevin Hamilton on Mon, 16 Feb 2004 23:36:34 +0100 (CET)

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Re: <nettime> One year After Rhizome

Hey vladimir

This is a very thoughtful post - I appreciate your conscientious
comparisons and analyses.

Your critique is primarily from the point of view of an artist, and what
is best for an artist. What if we looked at these institutions again from
the perspective of the art? That is, which seem to be better at creating a
critical community that is conducive to the creation of better stuff?

For example, I think Rhizome has the potential for this if the ArtBase was
more curated - not for admission so much as for access. I wish rhizome
would invite or allow the temporary assemblage of these works into curated
online "shows" that propose arguments (and perhaps de-emphasize
technological innovation.)

This is where I think the net as a format for "curation" could really be
different from its physical analogues in chelsea, etc. A pointed, edited
curation from a larger, looser "collection" (ie Artbase) could very easily
sustain prodcutive critical dialogue through online lists like this one.

Kevin Hamilton

On 2/16/04 6:24 AM, "Vladimir Kovacevic" <> wrote:

> It is about a year ago that I started the website Afterrhizome as a
> response to Rhizome politics. In the last year a lot of things
> happened, so time for me to look back and evaluate. In the first place
> we saw that "evil genius" Mark Tribe left the Rhizome ship and was
> succeeded by Rachel Green. Second we saw Rhizome merge with the New
> Museum (New York). In a press release by the "New Museum" it is called
> " will operate as an affiliate of the New Museum". But the
> exact (practical) position of Rhizome in this whole merge stays


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