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Re: <nettime> questions to nettime [5x]

in Subject: Re: <nettime> questions to nettime
"=?iso-8859-1?q?David=20Gonzalez?=" <> wrote:

>What bothers me is that behind a particular term there is a whole 
>universe or discourse arising and
>making able some "neural connections" and making unable others but 
>with so much "possibles" floating
>around waiting to lay on and evolve into new thougths and art works/process...

this a beautiful paragraph which, for me, evokes a heady mix of 
[images/metaphors/referents/concepts]. thinking through this post, i 
am imagining a [universe/discourse] 'arising' while also processing 
the current Frameworks (Experimental Film Discussion List thread on  Lucifer Rising, Kenneth 
Anger, Bobby Beausoleil, Charles Manson, experimental film as 
[art/magikal invocation/metaprogram]  + the 
[roles/responsibilities/ethics/limitations/liminal status] of artists.

>making able some "neural connections" and making unable others

even a thoroughly consistent or accepted discourse doesn't disable 
connections that remain [intentionally/accidentally] 
[excluded/undefined] by that given discourse. 
[reversals/subversions/inversions/etc] are often encouraged by the 
existence a such a [consistent/accepted] structure.

>with so much "possibles" floating around waiting to lay on and 
>evolve into new thougths
>and art works/process...

these "possibles" sound like eggs (art [terms/taxonomies] as 
water-based lifeforms, i.e. Blackdevil anglerfish) or 
[seeds/pollen/spores] (art [discourses/listservs] as flora, i.e. Red 
bloodwood) or tiny bubble universes (art [application/platform]s as 
the result of {energy fluctuations in the quantum foam|Vishnu's 
dreams|William Gibson's 'Fragments of A Hologram Rose'|Herman Hesse's 
_Magister Ludi, The Glass Bead Game_}...
...just a few tangents which yr txt evoked from:
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