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<nettime> lo_y: [_arc.hive_] eee... embedded cloud of uncoding (Aquinas/Merton/Selavy)

At 09:46 28/02/04 +0100, noemata wrote:
>embedded code of unclothing (manifestation/nude descend)

!$ 2fhcd chXB md ImYGqnfkom (lY;Ihdnldlooh/kp`K ld^Adjk)

L+.3M n[ 7g /  = 86 6a ? \H Fib llR iWJ cTR nSG WS^ El`?
  l 17 7g / b J7 7  ? : b bH Hp Epb6 pWJ gWR pWJ W b? 7pb
G \ G6 6a / ^ J7 7g = b ^E En FiR nS  e 8FN iWJ SW` Gl^/
l D `F Fi H ^ bH Hp E b ^E En Fib nl` mn^ ipb lp` pl^  l
8HO le9H cW`7 nc9E gE\H      :*:E Tn^6 mg9F eWb6 mg9F eG
Fc ;_bF Wp`7 nc9E  V\:7 le9H cGbE W^\H El`? ^lb= _l^? [m
?V .pb= _n\? ^ b J7 7g / ` G6 6a ?  E 8F Fi E ^6 EWJ cTR
  c6. WS^  [b8 G ^ J R R? / R 9/ /? ? 9 R? ?G 7g9 GWJ  WR
7 G&9 W?J ?WR G G  DN 6a / N 9/ /? = 9 N= =E 6a9  S98 LE
6 D&9 S?G ?SN V  E 8F Fi H N R? ?G E 9 N= =E  SG: El` T^
F D>R lWG gSN     *8:/    *8*?    *:8/    *:*=     **8?
     *:=    8*:6    8**F    8:*6    8:*6    8**F    8*:6
    1*87    :**E    :8*7    :8* ^    :**E     :*87    **8
O    **:=    *8*?    * 8?9    *:*=    )**/ NLJ ][b/KWW Z
9?53Fg RFb/MTW ]SJ/MFe VE^/=Tg D[b/=We F^^<=W^ FWJ<=Fn
FR73MF^ V>J<M ^[ .>J<=Fn >Fb<=W^ FWJ?=T_ DSJ?=Fm >E^?KF_
  >61?  mR*  >9:?=Fm  DN:?=T_ DSJ/=Tg D[b/=We F^^/KFg RFb
=T_ E Q     *:*?Fe VE^/MTW ]SG/MUS ^WG/MEc  FR8/MUS ^WG/
USG VF <=9 cO 6_`/=Uc F_`?=U[ FWG?=El >F`?ME[ V>G?ME[ V>
<M6,l  FR8?=U[ FWG?=U[ FWG?=El >F`?ME[ V>G?ME[ V>G?=El >
R<E%U[ FWG/=Uc F_`/=Uc  ^R8/MEc VF`/MUS ^WG/MEc VF`/MUS
^WG%MTW ]SJ/MFe VE^/KWW ZWJ/KFg RFb/=We  ]N:/=Tg D[b?=T_
  R61?=Fm >E^?KF_ R>J?KF_ R>J     : *7` >E^?=T_ DSJ<=W^ F
9?B%Fn  FR:<MF^ V>J<MF^ V>J<=Fn >F  MG*H^ FWJ/=We F^^/=T
O J-b/MFe VE^/MTW ]SJ/KFg  FR:/KWW ZW9   9:8? ][R/MNL ^^
/=C6O Z_R/KNO Z_R/MNL ^^N/MLO ][R?=LW D[R?=NT  ]N*?K>W R
9/B6>V  FR*<MNE ^W9?=NT F^N?=LW D[R?M>T VEN?MLG ]S9?K>W
RFO5KNG [ 9/ / 9? /WR GW  O * R/ / 9= /SN ESG ? N? / R=
/S[ El` G    8:* [    8*: S    :8* ^    :*8 W    *8: E
   '18 G N/ / 9? /WR GWJ ? R/ / 9? /WR GWJ ? R? / R? /Wb
Gp_ Gpb/ _g9? WWb/  WJ*? WGb? G_b? G R/ / 9= /SN ESG ? N
8/6%MLO ][b/KWW ZWJ/KFg RFb/MTW ]SJ/MFe VE^/=Tg D[b/=W L
`6[, FWJ<=Fn  FR:<MF^ V>J<MF^ V>J<=F   J )  .H8/W^   8*:
  EN1?=Fm >E^?KF_ R>J?KF_ R>J?=Fm    )*:?=T_  R9:/=Tg D[b
  EN1/KFg RFb/KWW ZWJ/MFe VE^/MTW   8*    8*: cG 6WG/MEc
TR7=S ^WG/M              *: .F`/=Uc F_`/=Uc   Q*8?=  g9
WG7%El >F`?ME[ V>G?ME[ V>G MENH  FR <M9F[     )*8?=U[  V
*? %F`?ME[ V>G?ME[ V>G?=El  FR8  UN:7 FW  K9  SJ: F_`/=U
 >TO6Ec VF`/MUS ^WG/M    *: . R<8?U    * )/J/M eG 5SJ/MFe
WS[& ZWJ/KFg RFb/ FgG   M*:/=Tg D[b?=T_ DSJ?= _e . N H?G
_n[3F_ R>        :: 7_`  DN:?=T_ DSJ<=W^ FWJ< F^^  FR:<M
^l\6F^ V>J<=Fn  FR:<=W^  V9:/=We F^^/=Tg D[b/ WWG VE^/MT
W^X.g   Q*:/KWW ZW9/MLO  ZR*     *::= ^^N/KNO  ^R*/KNO Z
b< -^N/MLO ][R?=LW D[R?=NT  ]N*?K>     : )7R?KNG ZW9?M>T
gVX. ]S9<=NV F_R<=NV F_R<M>V      )**<MNE ^W9< NE^   Q**
  =6 ?=NT F^N?=LW D[R?M>T    )**?MLG   8 */H=>W  FR* <>J<
  ]J ?KNG [ 9/ / 9? /WR GW8/?>     :8: ] R?8=WW ZWJ/KFg R
`/ +SJ/MFe VE^/=Tg D[b/  WJ8 F^^<=W^ FWJ<=Fn  FR:<MF^ V>
/ 5%J<=Fn >Fb<=W^ FWJ?=T_ DSJ?=Fm >   8::=F_ R>J?KF_ R>J
   N :?=T_ DSJ/=Tg D[b/              *:8 F^^/KFg RFb/KWW
g94 VE^/MTW ]SG/MUS ^WG/MEc           )*8/MUS ^WG/MEc WF
/LF%El >F`?ME[ V>G?ME[ V>G MENH  FR <M9F[     )*8?=U[  V

0 1RbF \T-,5107-25-0p?/??//////////////////////////////////////////


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