noemata on Sat, 28 Feb 2004 13:56:03 +0100 (CET)

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<nettime> eee... embedded cloud of uncoding (Aquinas/Merton/Selavy)

embedded code of unclothing (manifestation/nude descend)

<?php p? ?p ?  h h? ?h p hp php hp? h?p ph? p?h ?hp ?php
 p p? ?p ? p p? ?  p p p pp pp hpp? p?p pp? p?p ? pp ?pp
? h h? ?h ? p p? ?p h p ph hp ph? p?  h hp? h?p ?ph ?hp?
p h hp ph p p pp pp h p ph hp php pph hpp hpp pph php  p
hp? ph?p pph? pp?h p?hp      p?ph hpp? hp?p hpp? hp?p h?
pp h?pp pph? pp?h  php? ph?p p?ph p?hp ?php ?pph ?hpp ?h
pp ?pph ?php ? p p? ?p ? h h? ?h p  h hp ph h p? h?p ph?
 p?h ?hp  ?ph ? p p ? ?p ? ? ?? ?? p ? ?p p? ?p? ??p  p?
? p?? ??p ?p? ? h  h? ?h ? ? ?? ?? h ? ?h h? ?h?  ??h h?
? h?? ??h ?h? p  h hp ph p ? ?p p? h ? ?h h?  ?hp ?ph h?
p hp? p?h ph?     ?hp?    ?h?p    ?ph?    ?p?h     ??hp
   ??ph    h?p?    h??p    hp??    hp??    h??p    h?p?
   p?h?    p??h    ph??    ph? ?    p??h     p?h?    ??h
p    ??ph    ?h?p    ? hp?    ?p?h    <>?? php <>p?hp? <
>p?h?p <>p?ph? <>p?p?h <>p??hp <>p??ph <>ph?p? <>ph??p 
<>php?? <>php ?? <>ph??p <>ph?p? <>pp?h? <>pp??h <>pph??
 <>pp  h??  <>pp??h  <>pp?h? <>p??hp <>p??ph <>p?h?p <>p
?hp ? <     >p?p?h <>p?ph? <>h?pp? <>h?p?p  <>h?pp? <>h?
p?p <> h?? pp <>h??pp <>hp?p? <>hp??p <>hpp?? <>hpp?? <>
hp??p  <>hp?p? <>hp?p? <>hp??p <>hpp?? <>hpp?? <>hp??p <
>hp?p? <>h??pp <>h??pp  <>h?p?p <>h?pp? <>h?p?p <>h?pp?
<>p?ph? <>p?p?h <>p?hp? <>p?h?p <>p??ph  <>p??hp <>pp?h?
 <>pp??h <>pph?? <>pph?? <>p     p ??h <>pp?h? <>ph?p? <
>ph??p  <>php?? <>php?? <>ph??p <>  ph?p? <>p??ph <>p??h
p <>p?p?h <>p?ph? <>p?h?p  <>p?hp? <>?   ?php <>??pph <>
??hpp <>??hpp <>??pph <>??php <>?p?hp <>?p?ph  <>?ph?p <
>?php? <>?pp?h <>?pph? <>?h?pp <>?h?pp <>?hp?p <>?hpp? <
>?hp?p  <>?hpp? <>?p?ph <>?p?hp <>?pp?h <>?pph? <>?ph?p
<>?php? ? ?? ? ?p ?p? ??  p ? ?? ? ?h ?h? ??h ? ?p ? ?h
?hp ?ph ?    hp? ?    h?p ?    ph? ?    p?h ?    ?hp ? 
  ?ph ? ?? ? ?p ?p? ??p ? ?? ? ?p ?p? ??p ? ?p ? ?p ?pp
?pp ?pp? ?p?p ?pp?  ?p?p ??pp ??pp ? ?? ? ?h ?h? ??h ? ?
<>??php <>p?hp? <>p?h?p <>p?ph? <>p?p?h <>p??hp <>p??p h
h?p? <>ph??p  <>php?? <>php?? <>ph??   p <  >ph?p?   <>p
 <>pp??h <>pph?? <>pph?? <>pp??h    <>pp?h?  <>p??hp <>p
 <>p?h?p <>p?hp? <>p?p?h <>p?ph?   <>    h?p p? <>h?p?p 
h?pp? <>h?p              ?p <>h??pp <>h??pp   <>hp?  p? 
>hp??p <>hpp?? <>hpp?? <>h p??p  <> hp?p?     <>hp?p?  <
?p <>hpp?? <>hpp?? <>hp??p  <>h  p?p? <>  h?  ?pp <>h??p
>h?p?p <>h?pp? <>h?p    ?p < >h?pp    ? <>p?p h? <>p?p?h
?hp? <>p?h?p <>p? ?ph   <>p??hp <>pp?h? <>pp? ?h < > pph
>pph?? <>        pp ??h  <>pp?h? <>ph?p? <>ph ??p  <>php
>php?? <>ph??p  <>ph?p?  <>p??ph <>p??hp <>p? p?h <>p?ph
p?h?p   <>p?hp? <>??php  <>?     ?pph <>??hpp  <>??hpp <
ph <>??php <>?p?hp <>?p?ph  <>?ph?     p <>?php? <>?pp?h
pph? <>?h?pp <>?h?pp <>?hp?p      <>?hpp? <>?h p?p   <>?
 <>?p?ph <>?p?hp <>?pp?h    <>?pph?   < >?ph?p  <>? <?ph
 <>?php? ? ?? ? ?p ?p? ??<>??     php < >p?hp? <>p?h?p <
h? <>p?p?h <>p??hp <>p?  ?ph <>ph?p? <>ph??p  <>php?? <>
? <>ph??p <>ph?p? <>pp?h? <>pp??h <   >pph?? <>pph?? <>p
  <>pp?h? <>p??hp <>p?              ?ph <>p?h?p <>p?hp? 
p?h <>p?ph? <>h?pp? <>h?p?p           <>h?pp? <>h?p?p ?>
>hp??p <>hpp?? <>hpp?? <>h p??p  <> hp?p?     <>hp?p?  <

0x isbn 82-92428-18-6

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