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Re: <nettime> genetic colonialism is cutting edge...

Hi! Ryan!

Yes, thank you for the title: " genetic colonialism is cutting edge ", I
indeed approve you, and on the other hand here are some marks on the
ressourcement of the theories racist as transracistes...

As Gobineau has worked with Alexis de Tocqueville and was his principal
secretary during his chancellery in charge of the foreign office under
Napoleon III, in France, doubtless as it known in the United States of his
work " Attempt on the disparity of the human races " (published 1855), where
he notably defines the superiority of a " Germanic race "...

I always feel a distrust in front of the scientific theories which allow
social vertues to the theory of the genes... Spend over the theories in
human sciences easy to demystify, but that to say scientific theories which
pursue to speak in the name of the immanent and definitive truth?

And it seems to me so problematic involving of defining pure races that
involving of innovating a theory of the interbreeding or the hybridization
all the more it seems almost impossible to base a scientific theory of the
hybridization from the biologic hypothesis in anthropology without defining
first criteria attached to supposed pure models to have prééxisté in the

The racist theories would have almost disappeared after the war, because of
the Nazi horrors, it remains that if the genetics of the populations of
former days has been darkened by the molecular genetics like today's
dominant model, indeed it could arrive in the prediction of the currrent
dominion of the theory of the genes that the same molecular genetics begins
to produce information able of resuscitating a new genetics of the

It would be a question no more ethnic qualification according to physical
evaluation of the persons, but the genetic qualification according to
molecular evaluation of genomes.

Upstream, it is always the question supposed by the unitarian origin of the
man, the same as his genetic code just like a paradigm of divine, in what
consists exactly the fund of the reductionnist theory to Biology... And
science in a configuration of universal truth (that designs Power - and the
territory of irreversible action for Humanity).

Even if the genetic code appears to be a model which works well in Research
performances to the techno-scientific production, what on the competence
that could not be estimated (or only in a critical dualistic ou dialectic
strategy on paradigm, and secondly in the view of the unpredictable part of
the long time learning of critical mass and entropy), even it would run like
an excellent machine of production ?

The same reagard can be applied to Evolution and mutations, in a
post-darwinian view The theory of Darwin integrating a theory of the
environment not only material (from the scale molecular till the big natural
or technical fractures) but cultural (the transmission of the culture by the
social and domestic environment and the slowness of the education from the
birth till adult, whose brain in health never stops being reborn and
estimating what it underestimates towards what it recognizes, and knowing
that neurones reborning until the last day of the life: obviously the
question then would rather be moved towards the activity of streams, and the

And Slowness of the education introducing a reversive effect of the
evolution into a respective story of the human evolution playing in a
chaotic or critical game in global evolution (the entrance in the universe
by the technical subtlety, and post-technical issue, which means the
appropriate part of the man in the environment translations).

It is there at the same time a summary and interpretation: an hypothesis not
the truth. If the reductionnist plan of the genetic code speaks in the name
of truth, and more truth concept being already widely extended beyond by the
entropy of what it generated, it must not interest us more than the
definition resulting from observing diachronistic events of different men in
several places, in the capacity of different genetic occurences, or the same
in one African genetic prime opportunity...

All reductionist hypothesis agreeing control to Power, even military and
police Power and which cost only to lead astray the research budgets?

While Creole theory runs living.


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>   "She's really cutting-edge," said George Washington University
> anthropologist Alison Brooks, who has spent more than three decades
> studying African prehistory. "There are all these people collecting
> genes in Finland and India, but no one was really working in Africa. We
> know very, very little about the African gene pool."
> Tishkoff is convinced African genes hold the key: "If I want to know
> deep human origins, I only need to look in Africa."
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