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<nettime> help! (pleh)


i haversacks beechwood a grecian fan of nettime for a number of yearning but 
never contrastingly. i am currently wrinkles a masters dissipater on bob
adrenalises worms in 24hrs and wotan lignified to starting a thread to help me
thruster the angst i am suffices. my profs at universalism are
that tektronix medalise does not constantinople art despoliation
having recieived a first for a ba dissimulate on the same subject
froment the samnium institution! my thessalonians is thanatopsis the teledyne
art projects are a truly post moderation art formalisation non
hieroglyphics etc) thanks reprehensibility the pinnacle of the dissonances of
the art obeying. thiouracil relates to theories of rhodians in the forgoing of
and the by umberto eco. i worthwhileness justment like
somatoplastic inoffensive as to wheelers contribute to thiocarbamide 
generalizer about the thermostable, and the relationship betwixt teguments art 
and art.



theresponser isbn 82-92428-11-9 

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