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'THE THING'S 2004 Online Art Auction'
Where: http://auction.thing.net
When: April 25 through May 4
Telephone: 212.937.0444
Email: auction@thing.net

THE THING presents its fourth annual online art auction with 
participating artists Mariko Mori, John Miller,
Daniel Pflumm, Beat Streuli, Miltos Manetas, Janine Gordon, Julia Scher, 
Vuk Cosic, Noritsohi Hirakawa,
Pia Dehne, and others. All funds raised support THE THING'S commitment 
to the arts and social activism.
Please visit: http://auction.thing.net.

THE THING is a 501 (c) 3 non profit organization


Jakob Boeskov: ID SNIPER

Come over on Friday if you can!

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