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<nettime> Right of answer/

Sorry friends,=20

There is an exception depending  the chance of the humor from certain =
moderators of posting to actually. Who hold the property of = since the dissolution of samizdat collective, which they have =
announced since any months ; they have never told it. While the list is =
dying as media a bit more any day , we are loosing our major =
french-speaking support arising the sectarism or partisan opportunities. =
So we would need a great and generalist french-speaking list without =
exclusive about other languages, but agreeing such as syndicate or =
spectre from the most  little  to the highest or essays in art and in =
any fields as local and global culture.

But same time it would appear at last a strange shrinkage or indifferent =
evolution of nettime-l. I regret that it would be rather impossible to =
get a right of answer on nettime-l after anyway. While before  this list =
was among all the non-specialized lists on the digital development, the =
communication, the arts and the philosophy, or even the sciences =
compared to the culture, was the most opened to the critical political =
vision. For example on "Empyre" they prescribe to post politics on =
But soon it will not have an object anymore except a single politics =
(maybe) or the game in rappports of force towards a single tendency =
which will be ready to merge all the thoughts not being their own one in =
the treatment that it will reserve for them. We have already seen it in =
the history which precedes us since the 30s till the end of the XX=E8 =
century among which some people of us can still testify.

If front of medias of the "Empire" re-centralizing everywher as power =
since two years, we loose our alternative virtual but real medias or not =
use them for the most, even defying control (we still are all =
controled): what we could do or turning back to 1917 year ? Or you have =
to invent a new strategy of desappearence of any posts from  the server =
lists to the global search engines. In which it could be a renewing =
opportunity to get free front of the control of the control of the =
control of thecontrol... and you see what I mean.=20

I tell for example on such a retort  the one which I face below  - but =
that I can make on the other lists only, as I was censored after  the =
original post.=20

In a sense it is the second time at me, twice about Battisti (another =
correspondent in Manchester had answered offensively and with a =
particularly sensitive male chauvinist violence at the level of the =
tone). Now I do not see in which name of fault from the Left bank  - or =
a selection between politically correct visions on politics thinking =
that one insubmissed ansd especially  insubmissed in matter of doctrin =
would be abandon as equal front of extreme right on Right and Law. The =
same historitical question repeating as a trauma on an anart and Lenin =
and Trotsky division after the prime moment of the soviets.

Front of  enigmatics or unusual concepts or metaphore list nettime-l =
privilege answers clearly reactionnary and one-sided thinking oriented, =
that gives the last word on the posts which ask on the contrary for a =

The difficulty of the language itself could not be one of the moderator =
options rather for a totalitarian formulation if it is clearly =
expressed; that appears to me an ethical specious and corporatist =
argument of selection from the ethnical point of view of fomination that =
designs exactly one appearence of the multiform of racisme...

Hope that I would do a mistake cause misunderstanding, really. Let us go =
and see.

Sorry on my English -I am just a little "bad" frenchie but in a defy to
answer... Nevertheless as I try being understood.

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