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<nettime> Feeling Counter Reconnaissanced

>From a recent press release...
"feeling of insecurity among the security forces" ?


Civil Counter Reconnaissance Unit deployed at Vienna's Karlsplatz

On Thursday, 13 May 2004, the Vienna-based Net culture platform Public
Netbase presented the System-77 Civil Counter Reconnaissance (S-77CCR)  
installation, accompanied Projekt Atol Pact's Signal Server! opening
performance. Project Atol Pact, headed by Marko Peljhan, is known for its
conversion of military information technology for civilian purposes and
has received several awards.

S-77CCR represents a globally active consortium whose goal is to promote
the use of surveillance technology by civil society, in contrast to the
intransparent and anti-democratic employment of such technologies by
public and private security agencies. The mobile surveillance unit uses
unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) for reconnaissance, giving the public a
clear idea of how state-of-the-art control technologies are used.
According to Marko Peljhan, “unmanned systems are a key technology on the
path towards civilian space surveillance”. Inside the counter surveillance
unit, electronic remote reconnaissance equipment and data analysis tools
compound the UAV, with explanatory displays and on-screen descriptions
offering information to the visitor.

According to Konrad Becker, director of Public Netbase, “the project is an
attempt to foster an understanding of art as socio political intervention
in the public realm”. The Karlsplatz square, a point of convergence of
urban conflict, offers an ideal environment for the installation, allowing
it to address real points of reference. “The installation is under
permanent police observation. According to a TV report, it has generated a
feeling of insecurity among the security forces.” Ever since the projects
beginnings, the S-77CCR principle “Eyes in the skies, democracy in the
streets” has proved to be highly effective. “Vienna will be the focus of
attention until 28 May. Instead of further curtailing fundamental rights,
technologies will be used to strengthen democracy in the streets”, Becker

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