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Re: <nettime> Michael Moore

Art McGee wrote:
> Connecting the Dots: Michael Moore
> White Nationalism & the Multiracial Left
> By Kenyon Farrow and Kil Ja Kim

'Moore’s lack of engagement with such analysis is apparent when he
interviews the white militia families to understand their fixation with
guns in his Academy Award winning film Bowling for Columbine.  Although
he’s clearly weirded out, Moore doesn’t question the anti-black undertones
the interviewees use when talking about the need to arm themselves against
“criminals” or “intruders.”'

The authors must have written this without actually having seen _Bowling
for Columbine_, which contains a long cartoon sequence arguing that the
culture of paranoia in the US is mainly the result of white people's fear
of blacks, dating back to the end of slavery.

Moreover, in the sequence on the popular TV show Cops, which follows
police around as they make dramatic arrests of one young black man after
another, Moore challenges the show's producer, asking him why he doesn't
make a show on the corporate crime committed by America's mostly white
company directors.


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