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<nettime> Neighborhood Public Radio

Neighborhood Public radio is a low power analog FM broadcast originating 
from an art gallery in SanFrancisco, California.  This temporary station 
is designed to be a critique of and alternative to the current notion of 
"public" broadcasting in the U.S.

Not all of the MP3's that we have posted sound great, but we will be 
working on making the quality of the conversions a little more consistent 
and pleasing to the ear.  There have been enough requests for the content 
that it seems about time to just put it out there and revise the quality 
as we go.

Head on over to and click on the archive 
link at the top of the page.  The shows are listed by name and date 
(descriptions should be coming soon).

For those of you in Northern California .....  hopefully, once you get a 
sample of the shows through the filter of MP3 compression you will be 
compelled to come on down to 401 Alabama Street in SanFrancisco from 4-8pm 
W-F or 1-5 on Saturday.  Or you can just tune in to 88.9 FM while your in 
the Mission or South Of Market.  Broadcasting continues through October 

This week we will have A Conspiracy of Beards ( a 15-member, all male 
chorus, which sings only the songs of Leonard Cohen ) on Friday evening 
for Friday's with Kitchen Sink and "Won't You Be My Neighbor?" will 
feature an interview with Horea that will be broadcast to be heard at the 
opening of the show "hand picked: the orange collection: part one" at 
Gallery 16.

Other highlights include Joshua G Churchill processing field recordings on 
Thursday and Norman Long improvising with a police scanner on Friday as 
part of the Catch and Release program.

Visit the web site at: for the complete 


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