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<nettime> let's go negative and join snubster

(snubster is a unique social network for all those who acknowledge and
foster the power of negativity. come on you closet adornians, this your
chance. always hated orkut, myspace and friendster? there you go,

New Anti-Social Networking Site

April 5, 2006 11:25 a.m. EST

Mary K. Brunskill - All Headline News Contributor

(AHN) -- Online social networking sites like Friendster and the
extraordinarily popular Myspace typically ask their users to list stuff
they like -- their favorite bands, movies, books, etc. -- so they can
forge a connection with like-minded prospective friends. A new online
social networking site launched last month, Snubster, is turning this
idea on its head. Snubster can more accurately be described as an
anti-social networking site -- its goal is to bring people together
through their hates.

Members of Snubster focus on what irks them. Their lists are composed
of people or things that invoke their anger or distaste. Popular
targets of their disapproval: President Bush, guys who talk at urinals,
and bologna.

Snubster also allows its users to snub via e-mail. The site has a tool
for sending an e-mail to people newly added to the list to tell them
why they're being snubbed.

Software engineer Bryant Choung started Snubster as a satire of online
social discovery services. However, it is bringing people together --
Snubster users surf each others' hate lists and sometimes get in

"It has developed into a sort of community atmosphere," Choung says.
"It seems as though people find entertainment and connections in
finding other people that hate the same things as them."

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