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<nettime> Nettime XI Update

hi there!

This is an update concerning the proposed Nettime XI gathering in Montreal.

Overall, things are moving along & we can say that YES! something will
happen. See below:

1. [ MUTEK ] . We've partnered with the Mutek festival --
    [ ]. The Gathering will run in parallel with the
festival's conference and professional stream. The Gathering will be in the
"umbrella" of Mutek activities. Details TBA.

2. [ DATES ] . We are now looking at dates in the May 30th - June 3rd range.

We realized that most of us will be exhausted come Monday June 5th, and that
most of YOU will want to be there for the beginning, and not the end, of the
festival. Mutek this year is organising its panels and experimental
showcases at the beginning, with the weekend for the big parties. It makes
more sense for the gathering to happen at the beginning of the festival.

3. [ CAN YOU MAKE IT ? ] . Indeed: _can you make it_?

What will make this gathering happen is YOU : please let us know if you are
able to make it. The Gathering will coincide with Mutek, which is a renowned
experimental electronic music, new media and live cinema festival, and well
worth the effort itself.


-- a mailing list to facilitate discussion among interested participants is
in the works -- hang tight.

-- IDEAS: we are awaiting to hear more on our space and time situation at
Mutek which will determine what we can do.

Most of you have responded saying that you'd like to see panels and
roundtables, with discussions ranging from 'the futures and pasts of
Nettime' to workshops on potential new Nettime projects (publications, other
formats for Nettime). Further panels can address what it is that various
Nettimers are doing and give a chance for people to discuss their work. And
surely we will have a cocktail and a mixer. Also what will be interesting
will be presenting Nettime *to* the public.

a) NettimeR panels: discussions on the futures and pasts of Nettime, its
critique, and its place today; *workshops* on developing various facets
(technical, critique, creative) from these roundtables.

b) Public Nettime roundtables: what Nettime is about, how it started, where
it is going, and what its members are up to and who they are.

c) Nettime Cinq-?-Sept: music and drinks, VJs and projected works.
Participation welcome!

d) Possible ART happenings -- Nettime members are welcome to perform art
interventions, indoors or outdoors .. participation welcome!

d) It's possible to think of ways to set-up panels/roundtables with
live-blogging, audience participation in-the-round, and other techniques of
decentralization or creative presentation.. it will depend on our technical
capabilities at Mutek.

Looking forwards to hearing from you!



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