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<nettime> re: nuclear diplomatic track

it is important to make clear a particular point about
current events, as they are now (predictably) 'cascading'
into what can be set-up as a major nuclear conflict-resolution.

upon describing the possibilities for withdrawing .US troops
from .IQ under a ceasefire agreement, and the benefits of the
.US opening up for clear discussion with .IR via its ambassador,
within about 12 hours the .US Neoconservative Establishment
reversed course on the issues mentioned and in fact 'ended'
this diplomatic track (a few weeks ago) -- so that, it is not true
when Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld, President Bush,
nor VP Cheney, nor Secretary of State Rice say that this is on
a diplomatic track-- they have successfully taken it off the tracks
(again) by disengaging from direct talks which would mediate this
situation in ways other than war and confrontation and threats.

instead, what has taken the news by (propaganda) storm, is that
the .US is prepared to use bunker busting bombs to attack Iran,
and these would be required to be *nuclear bombs* to attack a
theoretically hidden yet certain-to-exist nuclear weapons program.

that is: the .US broke off talks before they got started, yet is now
saying it is on the diplomatic track, while threatening yet another
preventative war, yet this time using offensive nuclear weapons
to defend against a nuclear enrichment program under the NPT.
(* that is, the United Nations Nuclear non-Proliferation Treaty, to
which the country that is signatory is threatened to get nuked on
behalf of a non-signatory country, outside of international laws).

so, to say this is a diplomatic track is a falsification and a lie that
is being perpetrated by the .US media which echoes this view,
uncritically, as to the actual .US position in terms of its strategy.

that said, the foolishness of this strategy is that it_cannot_even_
accomplish what are its ideological goals: to stop an .IR nuclear
program, for the protection of .IL and .US interests, and instead
it would be to provide (nuclear) fuel to the problems of terrorism,
it would deter any stabilization in the mid-east (a neocon goal, to
keep it destabilized), and basically makes a Palestinian statehood
a non-issue (as per .EU and .US moves to break off connections
with the new government). none of this is news, yet if taken in a
single context: it is all part of the same lie-- that this is anything
but the same-old same-old Neoconservative strategy, rehashed.

the major conundrum is that there is a legitimate issue that is
needing to be resolved-- yet the forced ideological bias of the
.US position is prejudging every decision so that it leads to war:
that is, by breaking off .US-.IR contacts via .IQ, it both ends the
ability to deal with the nuclear conflict in more creative ways,
while also making an Iraqi Civil war into a goal for .US troops
to exit, for then it is the failure of .IQ and not of the .US Neocons.
(that is, Iraqis are barbarians and the next puppet dictator would
do just as well to keep things good for Neoconservative planners).

now, how can this situation change? .US decision-making would
need to get out ahead of this ideological predisposition which
continually funnels all options into the Neoconservative modeling
which then corrupts the questioning by biasing it (say, 5-10 years
to a nuclear weapon to now, 16 days and counting...). no doubt,
it is not helping to ratchet this situation up to the extremes, by any-
one, and it only adds legitimacy to the threats of a nuclear surprise.
and the one thing that has kept the world intact over the last half-
century is that there have been very few 'nuclear' surprises-- and,
those that might have been became turning points, which were
de-escalated before something incredibly stupid and dangerous
happened-- primarily to prevent something from getting of control.

now, there is a report by Sy Hersh saying that the Joints Chiefs
of Staff of the .US military are nearly in open revolt, about to go
public and resign over the fact that nuclear weapons are even
'on the table' in the planning for striking at Iran's nuclear sites.

and so who knows what is going on, and going to happen, only
that this is a machine-like automatic action within government,
which is propelling the state (and world) into such war-scenarios,
as if on autopilot from more sane, and reasonable approaches.
such as, say, talks by which to get to agreements and address
issues-- instead, it is to do it with aerial nuclear bombardments.
this is Nazi-level war-criminality by way of .US Neoconservatives.

if such actions are not stopped, those who allow them to happen
will ultimately be held to account - including for not stopping them.

.US troops will not be serving the .US interests, nor will they be
serving to protect and defend the .US, its government, or citizens
of the .US by bombing on behalf of interests of the insurrectionists.

the .US military should stand down from any escalation as it is
to perpetuate the 'long-war' to cement the failed paradigm of the
'endless war of terrorism', by which the .US is the main actor, to
oppress other countries to pursue unilateral imperialist designs.
all of which have failed-- and tens of thousands, including .US
citizens in the WTC, have perished over such grand ambitions.

there are two wars going on here. one is the 'war of terrorism',
which is fueled by the .US Neoconservatives who are right-wing
extremists and many are traitorous, and against .US interests
and constitutional government, by human not corporate citizens.
this war is a failure and it is not worth fighting, it is a war of  
illusion, built on lies and deceit and deceptions about what is a false reality.

there is another war now underway, a cosmic war of good and evil.

this is a war of automated dehumanized machines and those who
serve then, versus human citizens and states who seek to survive
in this darwinian competition, in which 'democracy' is now tyranny.

it is within this latter battlefield that the real war is now being  

that is, for the issues that are referenced as legitimizing the virtual
.US 'war of terror', it is only through 'mideast peace' that these can
be actively addressed, by way of reason, facts, and respected truth.
anything short of this clarity becomes a way to pursue this other war
which is actually against the principles of wider regional/world peace.

that is, there is binary ideological opposition built-into state- 
machinery now under the control of Neoconservatives, who have programmed
the bureaucracy to sing the Neocon tune via 1-way media broadcasts.
that is, the Neoconservative panopticon is now ramping up once again.

what this means is that .US democracy has been short-circuited by
the mass media, and performs as a 'pseudo' checks-and-balances,
only that, it is private corporations affiliated with this ideology that
perpetuate this worldview, no matter how mindless and insane, to
the masses as a representation of shared '.US/Neocon Reality, Inc.'

this _private function bypasses the _public function of democracy,
for checks and balances, and instead places .US democracy in the
hands of corporations and in particular those in the .US mass media.

what can anyone do about this?

well, the end of the ongoing essay is to call for a constitutional
convention which would reconstitute the federal .US government,
(that is, first abolish it and rebuilt the state to guarantee the rights
in the original, without the loopholes which have inverted its spirit).

yet, in 'a state of emergency' it would be imperative to have public
.US control over the state, so things do not get out of hand. so, it is
like having a circuit-breaker, and what will be called for is that the
.US military prepare to take temporary control of all critical .US
functionality, outside of political control of the reigning parties,  
until the state can be reconstituted. that is, to prevent a private group
from launching another war, with .US soldiers held hostage to a
rogue ideology- which is now dangerous, incompetent, and insane.

this is the option that the .US constitution affords, should the .US
government 'fall' into tyranny or dictatorship-- it is a right of those
in the .US to take back their government and the .US military's role
is to protect this institution-- before it is totally annihilated,  
not after.

for this reason, if the .US is forced to go against its own public will
and launch into a war which will be against .US interests, against
interests of .US citizens, against interests of .US soldiers, against
human rights and international laws (again), against international
organizations of peace, and against actual diplomatic relationships,
in addition to being driven by an out-of-place racist and xenophobia
fundamentally against .US individual and civic rights (cf. Fascism),
then it is well within the rights of the .US military to take command
of this situation, to stand down on any civilian orders given by the
.US administration and to call a halt to this devastating madness.

that is, the .US president, Vice President, and all officials should
be removed from office and this office abolished and placed under
.US military command and control, to serve the .US public as soon
as this public can become involved in their government once again.

this is the only option that could save this situation, should it go
down this false 'diplomatic' track which will lead to escalation and
to war-- anything short of the Neoconservative goals will not be
enough to stop the push to war... nothing short of war will stop it.

if the .US Secretary of Defense were to resign immediately it may
be possible to open up a new diplomatic agenda which would be
able to approach this through talks and diplomacy and treaties--
yet without such actions it is only a ruse to continue this Neocon
madness and its automated pursuit by way of death-machinery.

(it's time for the .US to stand up until the Neocons stand-down)

-- brian thomas carroll

architecture, education, electromagnetism

*I'm cc'ing this to the leader of Hamas, as by way of the Patriot Act
this should be worthy of placing a .US citizen in jail for such a crime,
as contacting Mr. Haniyeh of the .PS government is considered terror.
should mideast peace and a 2 state solution be established, there is
a commitment to bringing large resources related to electromagnetism
and infrastructural development into the region, to based a conference
in Jerusalem with Israelis and Palestians and others in the region to
collaborate in this realm, including .biz, .edus, orgs, .govs etc.  
yet if
this peace is not found, such a world conference could not occur.

* that is, the right to believe in mid-east peace is to become a  
terrorist *

GUANTANAMO BAY PRISON // public service announcement
OPEN for international human rights & Red Cross inspections
CLOSE for violating human rights in the name of democracy

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