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Re: <nettime> Markets, Hierarchies, Networks: 2 questions

Just a quick comment on the differing theories on networks -- it is 
precisely this situation where network theory is advancing in 
bio-genetics, biology, quantum computing, cognitive science,  
sociology, psychology, computer science, and so  on that points to 
the fact that the theory is inadequate when using a single 
discipline's research base.  To summarily discard, say, hardware 
analysis such as (for quick example!):

Papadimitriou, I. and Georgiadis, L., Energy-Aware Broadcast Trees in 
Wireless Networks, Mobile Networks and Applications, 9, pps. 567-581, 

in a discussion on


Law, J., Networks, Relations, Cyborgs: on the Social Study of 
Technology, Centre for Science Studies, Lancaster University, UK,, 

will not come to an overarching and sensible conclusion.

There is yet to develop a coherent fundamental basis for 
understanding the dynamics of these beasts that we are all dancing 
around and on occasion calling networks.  The discussion will always 
tend to diverge without such a basis.  But it's great to hear the 
different views, though this has been hashed out before on nettime 
over the course of the last decade.

A rhetorical third question:  what ideas comprise the actual advances 
in understanding of the dynamics of networks in the last decade?


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