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Re: <nettime> Re[2]: Organised Networks: Transdisciplinarity and New Institutional Forms

The concept of swarm as complementary to multitude or masses is a new 
layer where theory meets practising and activism.

The big movements of our time, sufraggettes fighting for women votes, 
black demanding civil rights, workers walking miles and occupying 
factories, the Spanish Republic, the Russian Revolution, the resistance 
against Vietnam war, were soon instrumentalized and made part of a 
parlamentary rotatatory schedule.

But its strenght was precisely the capacity of self organizing and the 
absence of a clear hierarchy where the roles were given to a few. 
Everyone could become a loudspeaker, a "porte parole".

Today it's only the Zapatistas and the Movemento Sem Terra in Brazil who 
succeed in making changes on the ground, and any try from the etablished 
parties or social movements to take over and make them yet another brick 
in the political game have failed.

Zapatistas and Movemento Sem Terra show what Hakim Bey described as "No 
Zones", places where activism and self organized community work replace 
the central government in places or zones where the state and the 
central power left the scene.

I am curious about how the situation is going to evolve in Gaza, I have 
been there a couple of times and Hamas did the work which was supposed 
to be done by the elected Palestine authority, at tham time dominated by 
Fatah. J

enin and Gaza were truly "no zones" according to Beys definitions.
Ana Valdés


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