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<nettime> Surveillance of Citizen-Terrorists

[it's funny how writing the concluding section of the essay
"human techn? and the cybernetic state" opens memory
banks to what might be considered relevant information.
say, for example, personal experiences with surveillance,
with respect to the last chapter which could offer a little
background into how a citizen could be so certain that
what is now taking place is actually along these lines...
so, i am going to share a few stories (of many more) in
an effort to give some context to what is now going on...]

-- exhibit Alameda --

while I was living in Northern California, in late 2000 and early  
2001 an opportunity arose to begin work on an essay on energy and its  
connection with architecture, from 2G magazine in Spain  
( ) which was an essay called  
'Seeing Cyberspace: the Electrical Infrastructure is  
Architecture' (online @ ). in  
that research, the connection between energy policy and the .US  
administration was considered, though not developed itself into an  
argument beyond a basic factual presentation of the unstable  
situation in proximity to the Presidential election season there  
(Bush/Gore).  infographics provided a few examples which referenced  
the basic situation (1). these graphics became a basis for engaging  
the energy policy planning going on, with VP Cheney in private  
meetings, and a short-lived proposal for a public policy was launched  
online to tens of thousands of people. (2)

right about this time (mid-2001) things started getting increasingly  
hostile in these terms, and my computer was compromised at this time,  
and while I was working part-time my social security checks would  
mysteriously never arrive, and once I got a check for 1 dollar i  
think, even, instead of the amount to pay rent, etc. this was non- 
stop, and with my computer being made basically inoperable, it  
effected my ability to continue trying to stay in the workforce, etc.  
in any case, my website ( was hacked at this  
point, and a message was also announced via the defense services of  
another country that to be involved in 'electricity' was considered  

during this time I was under what to me was hostile surveillance,  
beginning with the obvious daily sidewalk cafe observers who are of  
Neocon relation, including uniformed military canvassing the area  
after writing e-mails online about what was going down, etc. in any  
case, for the first and only time in my life during this time I had  
what I thought was a stroke, in which I collapsed in the middle-of  
the night as I was getting up, and collapsed on the floor and had no  
memory of what happened next, except that I remember the collapse. my  
mouth and my language was changed, slowed down or in some way delayed  
that was noticed at that time, and when I had the chance in better  
climes, I was able to get an MRI and it was ruled out that it was a  

regarding that stroke-like mystery event, I was taking a heavy toll  
on my physical health and a strange pain in my side began, under my  
heart in my gut, what felt like a ball mass about 2/3rds the size of  
a golfball which was insanely painful in that it was an internal pain  
that would cause me to double-over in pain, and cause me to lie down  
in bed, and it was difficult to even function and it would get worse  
with stress, etc. I had to hold my side, automatically, and bend my  
side to lessen the pain, etc. in any case, this was going on at the  
same time as this energy research, etc, with both passive and active  
surveillance, in that the latter made it explicit that I was being  
surveilled, prior to 9/11. so, I thought that the work I was doing  
was going to be lost by a hack attack, etc.

 in any case, at this same time, summer 2001 (pre-9/11) I was just  
making it through this situation was was increasingly getting more  
and more pressure-filled, with a well-known troublemaker who had  
targeted people for assassination (abortionists) suddenly obsessed  
with my godless work, and this brought a new person outside my window  
who would sit outside and simply stair up into the apartment from the  
sidewalk across the street. and I had to deal with this person and  
their network online at the same time, etc. hang-up calls, in league  
with the anti-christ, etc.

goofy things happened, like I was set-up a few times. once with a  
large sum (for me) of money (
(~$1000+) 'mistakingly' going into my very meagre bank account, which  
I had canceled (which could have coincided with the withholding of  
Social Security funds, etc). another was that I was asking online for  
support to do the research, and a scanner was out of my ability to  
pay for, and I had/have a lot of print resources and slides that I  
wanted to scan for pictures to use in this work, and I ended up  
ordering out of a particular outfit which played games for weeks,  
tying up my money, who were also of Neocon relation. at the time I  
thought nothing of it, and moved on, yet they sent it two months  
after purchase and then demanded I pay them, etc. etc.

the major events around this time regard taking a trip to Montr?al,  
autumn/august 2001, in which this was becoming increasingly hostile.  
to give some indication, it was a full-court press in which seemingly  
the apartments across the street had been rented and across kitty- 
corner, which is consistent with certain practices. to me it was  
partly understandable as I realize there are issues with energy  
policies and so I could accept to a certain extent that the state  
probably has a right, to some degree, to keep an eye on things, given  
the volatile nature/mix of things and how it all is held together/ 
apart, without detonating in a microsecond (vis-?-vis 1960s in  
Berkeley, SF, for instance).
so my view at this time was 'it comes with the territory' -- and so  
to some extent I accepted it as the price of doing the public  
research and for the most part I remained unscathed.

it effected what I could do, though, as a company had donated an EMF  
meter and I was going to pursue this, and yet this definitely became  
a no-go zone and I backed off for my own well being, in terms of  
common sense limitations (after 9/11), because of all the security  
issues related to critical infrastructure and 'terrorists who surveil  
these kinds of things', etc.

so, I made a trip to Montr?al, a few weeks before 9/11 and I thought  
it was getting pretty close to having my work shut-down/erased/lost.  
to give some indication of what it was like at that time, I took a  
flight via Oakland to MTL, via a transfer at the Dallas airport. on  
the plane I was lucky enough to be seated to a Dick Cheney look-alike  
(doppleganger) whose personality I can appreciated in that it was  
interesting conversation in the scheme-of-things. things got funky in  
the airport, such as getting trapped/locked in the automatic  
vestibule, with a police officer, other such things/tests. so, par  
for the course, though in arriving in MTL things only increased in  

some of it was/is understandable and I can appreciate the problems of  
the day, even today I can see a need to 'keep a lid on things', yet  
there is a difference if this is to serve a constitutional democratic  
government versus a corporate dictatorship beyond the rule of law,  
which is why I am writing this and why I had to write earlier  
accounts, as something else was obviously going on...

in any case, arriving in MTL, there was an odd attack in the subway  
system with a nerve agent or some chemical/biological agent in which  
SWAT with automatic weapons were deployed, etc. while I was there,  
strange things were happening, including having my internet cafe  
computer connection get hacked (real-time) in trying to send out  
dispatches during this time, one of which was to ask that the  
Automadness versus Humanity website/url/e-mails were put up by run by architect John Young. I did this for my own  
safety, as in one cafe I was in, within minutes of returning from  
the .US embassy to tell them I am getting harassed for my research in  
the states and would like to request they back off, while also having  
a strange sense of foreboding that something 'big' was going to  
happen, 'like airplanes' (multiple), -- I was videotaped on the  
street, followed, watched, etc. i went into a cafe to try to check e- 
mail approximately in this context and the power in the building was  
shut off within a few minutes (that is, computers went down, and all  
lights, etc). so this is the level of intensity. walking and being  
trailed, and the whole 'circus circus' aspect to things, globally  

so, during this time I was also buckling over in pain, and trying to  
self medicate with hard liquor to kill/numb the pain it was so bad in  
addition to tranquilizers (by necessity of being placed in today's  
health infrastructure and fed pills as coping/control mechanism). in  
any case, this pain was literally so hard that I did not think I  
would make it through. i.e. it was crippling. then I had to return to  
the .US and had lost my computing integrity (manipulated remotely at  
will, real-time, emulators such as back-orifice, DIRT, etc) and my  
health was plummeting, and I was smoking cigars to deal with the  
stress, in having been totally socially isolated at this point. in  
any case, I return after making some noise, escorted out of Canada,  
back into even greater weirdness, which included returning to hear my  
apartment was broken into (sounds of a cat in my apartment, people,  
when I was gone). after this, I remember certain new remote breakage  
such as my PDA could be altered without syncing and my zip-drive was  
somehow made to malfunction/break (not click-of-death).

then 9/11 happened in the weeks after returning, and that began  
another level of the same, in which the pressure and pain added onto  
this even further. so, I moved back to Minnesota and took refuge in  
my folks house, and that is where I started to get the pain severely  
again (many doctors visits/ER in California turned up nothing, and ER  
visit/s in MN could not find any 'phantom' pain). i.e. it was all in  
my head, etc. so, upon arriving (and getting a front-page greeting/ 
warning in the local newspaper from the Grand Inquisitor himself), I  
was aware of this level of intensity to things going on, pre 9/11 and  
post 9/11 and it was undifferentiated, it was the same thing going on...

so, you're in a panoptic situation, everything you say, do. that's  
surveillance. again, still, to some extent to me it was  
understandable, up to a point... (being 'an architect', one has to be  
pragmatic in a way that maybe most would not appreciate, to get  
realize complex designs as buildings, etc.)

so this went on, my Senator's airplane was dropped from the sky with  
his wife and daughter, and this event I documented online including  
pictures from their grave/burial site at the local cemetery. the  
background I deal with is that extremists take these things and use  
them as threats, online, so I was getting death threats related to  
this, via groups associated with the fascist elements involved.  such  
as that my grave would be soon, etc. this intimidation. (this goes on  
daily/weekly sometimes).

in any case, my folks house was my bunker and all I have is a  
bicycle, and would borrow their cars to drive. both of which began  
being vandalized with multiple punctured tires at remote and home  
locations (repeatedly), broken mirrors, scratched paint, etc, even a  
bit of dash-work it would seem.

so, this was going on, while I was trying to get out the .US to do my  
research work, in MTL, yet this never went anywhere, I could not  
leave, even if 'winning' an architectural competition and being  
ignored by the monkeys of that establishment. all options got less  
and less until I had to submit to being here, yet during this time  
this mysterious pain would continue and I had to get a stomach biopsy  
(i.e. they put a gag-device to hold open your throat, put a metal  
snake device down your throat into your stomach while you're gagging  
and then pinch off a piece of the inside of your stomach to see if  
what is going on with you). nothing happening with that mystery pain,  
even with CT scan, etc.

so, having arrived in MN and under constant review, I place my bets  
with pursuing my work under the panoptic eye big-brother and try to  
move my work ahead (this list,, etc). in the  
situation for surveillance, there were/are interesting moments that  
are revelatory as to what is going on, from my perspective, and I  
imagine some others may think so, also... for instance, in arriving  
in MPLS under the watchful gaze of the political administration, I  
was able to participate in an artshow and share some work. in  
proximity to these events, (Sen. Wellstone death, artshow) the Vice  
President would come to town, etc. I would normally photograph these  
events and try to add some commentary to distribute what was happening.

so in one of these visits, I was under this kind of pressure in day- 
to-day living (including feeling a risk of assassination on a  
sometimes daily level, out of practicality for the atmosphere in  
preceding .US history and in that specific context of energy policy,  
Enron, 9/11, etc.). I was in so much pain that I would pray to die,  
for days at a time. I was in so much pain I could not sleep, etc. and  
during this time that VP Cheney was in town and I was photographing  
his visit or had attempted to (if remembering the context for the  
following information...) that I borrowed my folks car to go out to a  
Cost Plus and picked up a chocolate bar and some coffee or something  
like that. and then, there, on the local television (maybe national)  
that or the next evening, there is a grinning Vice President of  
the .US jokingly bantering with the State Governor about how the VP  
does not think people on public assistance/Social Security should be  
able to buy coffee and chocolate with such funds, along with a  
mention about how chocolate is a sexual aphrodisiac. also, such  
commentary also was heard simultaneously on the aligned-radio-station  
by their talk-show host and also during the art exhibit regarding its  
relation to Wellstone (artshow was held at Carleton university where  
Wellstone taught prior to becoming a Senator).

in any case, so you have within hours of me going to the local store,  
to get some foodstuffs to try to get beyond this miserable situation,  
a little bit of heaven (chocolate and coffee) to get outside of what  
is an impossible situation, and in a total surveillance context (more  
than is written about here) is the Vice President of the United  
States, along with the Governor, talking about what was on my receipt  
- consistent with the same type of pressure/manipulating of  
situations as experienced in California with Social Security payments  
being withheld, etc, which limited my next options, etc.

and they're laughing, mockingly, on the television broadcast about  
such things. and it might be funny if you're not the person with the  
boot on your neck when this is happening- otherwise, it gives a  
distinct impression that not everything is as it seems. I live in  
silence in this situation today, though it has begun to transform in  
the last months after some very dark times indeed. then the light  
finally started to break through...

and what this is to say is that when you're hearing about  
'terrorists' and such, that this is another context for considering  
everything that is being put out onto this fictitious terrorist- 
canard, which the Neoconservatives have placed onto ordinary citizens  
trying to contribute to their people through their legal rights and  
under constitutional protection of their government, etc. well, there  
is another side to the story of what is going on, and this is it.

there were/are multiple instances of this surveillance, at the  
federal level, of my telephone conversations, which have been heard  
on the lips of the President of the .US, the VP, and others, that  
have nothing to do with national security and a lot to do with the  
chattering class of aristocrats who are running things (DNC and GOP)  
who are involved in the private affairs of citizens who are  
petitioning their government, to a creepy and voyeuristic degree that  
would be surprising to many. all the things people fear about  
government snooping into private lives has happened with mine. and  
thus when "total information awareness" or TIPS (neighbhorhood/ 
business snitches) and the rest are going on, this is going on in  
relation to citizens who are suspect, who become terrorists in the  
practical application of these abstractions as they are implemented  
'on the ground.' and it is real, and it is very oppressive to live  
within such a condition, and it has became a prison in which I am  
entrapped and cannot leave, without the willing of others to allow me  
to do much of anything.

in the meantime, I have proven that my condition was not  
schizophrenic during this situation and went off all psychiatric  
medications and started battling back (after getting help for my real  
situation which was simply that I am unique in having Asperger's  
syndrome and do not fit in the environment, and never have, and so  
continue to struggle until i can find support for my work) and what I  
have to show for it has been placed online, on e-mail lists including  
this one, and thus my word is related to what I have written about  
and what I am writing about now-- they are of the same truth.

thus, while Senator's are mysteriously backing away from  
investigating the Terrorist Surveillance program, they are directly  
dealing with my day-to-day situation also. you might say I have some  
personal stake in the outcome of these things. and, I must note that  
this is not all bad, it works both ways, in that I can recognize/ 
accept a certain degree of this in uncertain times/unstable  
situations, due to the nature of research (electromagnetism, which  
carries significant risks in going out into explorations off the  
existing map/territories) -- that is, I've gained a lot of insight  
into how things work by 'reversing the panopticon', including some  
creative techniques learned from the Surveillance Camera Players,  
which provide a sense of what is going on, not all of it unjustified  
if it is in the realm I am dealing with, to some reasonable extent--  
yet then there is this political dimension, and that is what this is  
all about-- about things that are with regard to protecting the needs  
of the state, getting mixed up with the needs of protecting a  
political party itself, and using these policies to leverage control  
over the state and over citizens, while taking total control of the  
state and turning it into a dictatorship. and that is why I am going  
to say this next thing whereas I would not say this otherwise if I  
was not certain that .US citizen's rights are being abused by a  
political agenda which has subverted the .US government for its own  
private power/gain/profit.

the reason no one is divulging a thing about the Terrorist  
Surveillance program is because, as Michael Chertoff disclosed/ 
declassified-- what we're dealing with is technology that people  
would not believe is going on and must remain super-secret and maybe  
in 200 years people will learn about it, while he is boasting and  
blabbing about it in a NYC lecture (via Cryptome reporting). so too,  
Jack Ambramof who decided to repent and seek to redeem himself  
offered a very interesting clue in leaving the courthouse during his  
trial proceedings. he was distinctively wearing an EMF-shielding  
baseball cap (faraday cage in a hat which blocks electromagnetic  
signals to the brain). hmmm.

and the funny thing about technology, as they say, is that it become  
indistinguishable from magic. and let's say some real science-fiction/ 
fantasy stuff is going on in this Terrorist Surveillance program,  
that somehow, works by surveilling humans via electromagnetic  
signals. this is going after 'terrorists' as President Bush always  
says. we threaten to let 'the terrorists' learn about this  
technology, which is a betrayal of the country-- should someone talk  
about this secret program.

let's see: NASA and even Sony both can read a human's thoughts  
remotely, as was in the news for a while in the last few years. and  
now there is this big secrete program to go after terrorists. and in  
the mean-time, surveillance of other technical forms (e-mail, phones,  
mail) has been going on en masse-- that is, indiscriminately  
vacuuming up citizen's information (whether via google or other  
methods, such as tapping the phone branch networks/intercontinental  
traffic, Echelon, etc.).

and, while this is known, that this massive data mining of .US  
citizens is going on, looking for 'the terrorists' (*who may, in a  
likely-case, be demographically against Neoconservative interests in  
a demographic chess game) -- this Terrorist Surveillance Program is  
so secret and so classified and so important, the keys to the terror  
war, even, that to divulge any such information, in Porter Goss'  
words, equates with: Loose Lips Sink Spies.

so, obviously there's something pretty heavy going on around this  
program. yet, what are the possible if not probable potentials for  
abuse, should it not be serving government and instead, a political  
machine that is beyond the rule of law and against .US constitutional  
democracy itself?

and what if it has something to do with electromagnetism, and so it  
is like magic, and unless you know a bit about it, and then, have a  
sense of what this means- that it would probably be pretty hard to  
explain a different state-of-the-art physics being used in such a  
surveillance program, so this magical dimension is also the tin-foil  
beanie conundrum, people may not believe you if you try to describe  
what you're hearing/experiencing, especially if it were not to be  
explained too clearly.

given this situation and weighing the reality of events from the  
perspective of a .US citizen under the intense gaze of this  
electromagnetic panopticon-- and considering the impacts of sharing  
what I know about this general situation because of having some basic  
literacy and an audience for doing so, that most lack, and in seeing  
the dark side of this .US administration as clearly as it has  
revealed of itself over 5+ years of constant pressure, that in this  
condition it is better to reveal what this secret is, based on  
personal insight, as a constitutional and civil right of my being a  
citizen of the United States of America -- that for the greater good  
and protection of other citizens it is better to reveal this  
situation for what it is doing to this country and its people, than  
to give any benefit of the doubt to people who have no regard for  
constitutional democracy and are abusing this in dictatorial ways, to  
pursue political opponents, including with threats of real violence,  
(including death threats of murder, etc). that is, this Terrorist  
Surveillance Program is seeking 'terrorists' who are against the  
Neoconservative -- that is, .US citizens who are against the Neocon  
takover of the government. so, for instance, if you're in SF.US and  
you've got Bill O'Reilly threatening that Al Qaeda may take down Coit  
Tower (what do they have against firefighters?) -- in the  
insurrectionist scenario, this could exist as a call-order which  
could be implemented as part of domestic planning to instill fear and  
terror into the population, and those who stand against it also stand  
out, come out of the background, and thus can be 'surveilled' under  
greater and greater intensity, until they not only have all your  
artificial media, and now are tapping crudely into information in  
your brain.
this is the fascist part-- that this is how it works in the  
'homeland' (whose homeland, and since when has the .US transformed  
into the mideast?) -- in any case...

what is going on is that this Terrorist Surveillance program is based  
on bioelectromagnetics and human  electromagnetic properties in which  
the brain receives/emits radiation/signals in some way that can be  
accessed. and this antenna-like quality of human consciousness and  
thought can be accessed in a dictionary-like querying to match up  
data-sets in which to get a shared connection. thus you've got the  
wave/particle and collapsing of this connection going on, in some  
extend in terms of experience. and at the point that it is to do with  
other people, it would be to model the human-human interaction as  
having some electromagnetic dimension, between antennas, and their  
tuning systems. so, a carrier wave (analog, I'm just sketching/ 
guessing) could be a book which is a medium for getting from A <->B  
with information between two people. the book carries the signal/ 
message. yet, between people, if they're just dealing with EM  
thoughts/information it would be to send information into a  
insulator, the air, so that signals could not just float from one  
person to the next. yet, it would appear that somehow if the  
frequencies at which brain-waves are functioning could be laid down  
as a bubble/cloud via cellular towers or other devices, that there  
could be a way of sustaining a medium/carrier wave in which to  
transit signals between human-human connections, or, what is going  
on-- between human-infrastructure connections which is this human- 
machine interface of DARPA, where mind/brain-computer are now  
operationally acting in relation to eachother (absolutely amazing).

it would appear 'everybody's got this' in terms of countries, and  
that the secret really has to do with letting the 'terrorists' know  
about such a surveillance device, in which thinking-behavior is  
turning people into turing machines, with or without their conscious  
knowledge. (ever see those lists of words in spam? its related to the  
crypto/carrier wave function, in establishing such connections).

and what if there are not millions of 'terrorists'. yet such a  
technology could literally surveil 'everyone' in the .US via the  
electromagnetic infrastructure (say, if using em broadcasting towers  
to set down a blanket wave, which is then 'pinged' like submarines do  
in the ocean, yet in this situation it is with human brains as the  
submarines who get pings in this aetheric ocean people are submerged  
in and which has been harnessed to send/receive data, in some crude  
way, as of now. and let's say that the politics of this -- that these  
terrorists are not Al Qaeda, and instead they are .US citizens who  
are against Neoconservatives-- they are political enemies-- and to  
find out who they are-- that this program can be scaled up via  
supercomputers and critical infrastructures so that millions if not  
tens of millions could be surveilled by automated computer systems  
and data mining, to search out these people and put them under  
greater control in a tyrannical system?

this is what is going on, to some degree-- the degree of which is not  
known, and yet it is beyond the rule of law, and beyond the court  
systems and multiple attempts to gain insight into this program for  
it could possible threaten civil liberties (hah! they're gone, don't  
kid yourself any longer, it is a dictatorship this is an illegal  
government which is acting against its citizens!).

and if you take this situation and you add in the legitimate aspect  
of this, that in a normal state that yes, such a thing probably has  
need for secrecy, yet in this current state this silence only works  
to the further advantage of this as a controlling device -- which  
creates a wall of perceptible experience beyond which there are no  
words to describe this thing, this phenomenal event, in which  
thoughts become wireless connected into the global electromagnetic  
infrastructure-- and that the abuse in the political dimension (a  
seemingly harmless voyeuristic foray into the receipts of chocolate  
and coffee by those in political establishment- including the Vice  
President reviewing my purchases in real-time and commenting on  
broadcast television, albeit a very inside joke)-- that if you add in  
this Terrorist Surveillance program and this same intrusion into  
civil rights and liberties, that this is imprisonment and enslavement  
by people using this technology to infringe and oppress citizens, on  
behalf of the Insurrectionists and their enemies (conveniently, 'the  

there's more where this came from, yet this is enough to get the  
point across that these are the stakes and this is what has been  
going on and what will be going on, and it just so happens to have a  
lot to do with electromagnetism and the state and how it is governed  
and it cannot be engated/addressed/understood/dealt with, outside of  
this electromagnetic context. which is why the work I've been  
pursuing has tried to stay in the middle-zone, for so long, to get  
through this, and it is only because of the choices now available-  
that it becomes a legal and ethical responsibility, in my view, to  
share this information because it is being taken advantage of because  
all Senators and politicians and business people can be harassed and  
exploited and blackmailed in the same way they say the 'terrorists'  
do (that is, in fact, what the Neocons built their business around  
doing). that is, you disagree with these people and they put the NSA  
on you and this stuff goes on 24/7/365 for the rest of your life,  
you're now part of the Neoconservative cybernetic estate. and so why  
don't people speak up? well, this is what happens if you do. (add to  
that the more traditional approaches, such as all the other forms of  
surveillance going on concurrently).

I guarantee you, if you are on this list, your phone calls are being  
listened to, your e-mails are being read, and your data is being  
analyzed by some computer to find everything about you in relation to  
the issues of interest to these people and then, this, is used for  
political purposes. if they say they're going after pedophiles on  
Google they are instead going after everyone, every .US citizen, as  
it is well known in the digital wold that making copies is effortless  
and data crunching only related to the size of computer and if you've  
got your entire state budget put into this Terror Programming of the  
State of affairs, you've basically created an automated machine that  
is monstrous and even insane, in the pursuit of its goals against the  
constitution and .US citizens and democracy itself. this is why it is  
necessary to write this, and I ask that others speak up who can, as  
this is a thin-line for an individual to be going on alone- and this  
must be opened up to the light of day, and these people put under the  
scrutiny they are putting law-abiding citizens of the United States  
of America. this cannot stand. take a stand.

'walk the line.'

1) click on graphics in left-most column:

2) Public Energy Network


[ I forgot to say that I now believe I was being poisoned, in  
retrospect, given all that has happened over the years and what was  
going on in terms of the politics, if reverse-engineering given  
hindsight. it is the only reasonable explanation as far as I am  
concerned. ]

 oh, one thing about VP Cheney again -- during the time i was
trying to leave the states (escape, ha) - I wrote this Automadness
versus Humanity essay and made a plea for Montreal to support
me, and upon returning to the states and in the weeks after 9/11
and moving to Minnesota from California, VP Cheney was making
fun of/mocking some actor and telling them to Move to Montr?al,
etc. that this was not related to that actor but to what was going
on with my work, very publicly, in the same way as the receipt.
that this was/is ongoing daily surveillance in the em infrastructure,
whether one is in your car, in an office, at home, or just sitting.
(that is, anything that has a signal can become a listening device,
such as a telephone answering machine, etc. or telephone, router
for exporting net connection data, etc. etc. etc. etc. etc. etc. etc.)

so this is the 'ubiquitous' part of 'electromagnetic' surveillance,
especially in the age of satellites, etc. that is, if one is targeted.

GUANTANAMO BAY PRISON // public service announcement
OPEN for international human rights & Red Cross inspections
CLOSE for violating human rights in the name of democracy

 brian thomas carroll: research-design-development
 architecture, education, electromagnetism

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