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Re: <nettime> Network, Swarm, Microstructure

regarding hierarchies and networks, with regard to protocols, etc:

is it possible that network interactions can be 'weighted' with  
regard to different variables, as to how they function (in terms of  
vertical/horizontal management of flow or routing of interactions  
through some kind of decision-tree or charting of the way the  
interaction exists in the network itself, between nodes?

this is an attempt to say, could 'the router' or 'hub' in some way be  
a physical modeling of this same questioning of hierarchy and how  
decision-making exists with regard to certain dynamics? and thus a  
star network may interact differently than a linear bus network  
topology, etc.

Network Topologies

(i am not exactly sure what i am trying to get at here, only that it  
would seem that there are many 'dimensions' involved, and in this, it  
would seem possible that there is a different weighting of a given  
situation, in terms of its dynamic relationship within/without a  
given network and its mediation, which would seem to be dynamically  
addressed -- i.e. as it is related to how the network itself  
constitutes/models/governs itself and its interactions --  it also  
makes me wonder if it is somewhat akin to 'layers' as Pit Schultz  
once wrote about on nettime, etc. that is, some things happen on one  
layer and there may be multiple higher/lower level things going on  
(dimensions) simultaneously, though I am not sure if this is how IP  
actually works or not...) brian

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