porculus on Tue, 25 Apr 2006 16:48:01 +0200 (CEST)

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Re: <nettime> Network, Swarm, Microstructure

> In hierarchies, power operates through coercion. In networks, it
> works through exclusion.

gotcha, you mean to pardon blessed human hierarchie for bringing black slaves in
new orleans god scourges & plagues with katrina enuf for kicking them up alabama &
riogrande. Hach internet schedule of being in typing 'to be or not' just on an low
bandwiz, I mean it's justice since internet tries to pardon oneself of being as
somezing dried bar i.e. wiz no cognac nor the de la menthe, I supoz one tries to
fatten each ozer with words as bordel de pompe cul as would ubu chez matrix said,
in zuch dried bar pornographix would lay just as a no flesh & bones oxymoron so in
zis puritan noosphee we would be just all kinda Lautrec in pigalle eating handful
of shrinkment pill aginst our will

> we can and should say what networks are. otherwise networks sink into
> the landscape as inscrutable, natural forms. such is the trick of power.

for sure ein 'sein oder nichtsein' but wizout cellphone deep in the schwarzforest
ziegfried would have a stinking zmell of dasein for ze death already, but what
sticking up in this deterraformed nettime: this guy baudrillard wanting to screw
my mother & jeer at my rapeseed oil vw, make so much noise as he wanted to upgrade
himself as the third riders of the apocalypse..he is not sexy at all enuf for

hey hauffeur step on the gas & run over the frog

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