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<nettime> spectacles of terror (4.20.06)

[fugue for armageddon in D by Secretary Rumsfeld]

if it is true that corporate democracy may have overtaken human  
democracy in the governance of the United States, and that this has  
in turn become a corporate dictatorship driven by machine-values  
(dehumanized) in which morality has no place, then it is possible  
that in representing this situation in the mass media, something  
equivalent to a mirage may be seen, and believed, by the masses even  
while what is being portrayed brings the distinct possibility that  
'things are not as they seem.'

thankfully, all the media theory of the last 30+ years will help  
decipher another interpretation of the current events as privately  
presented in this 'reality, inc' aligned with the Neoconserative  
ideology,  and consider what is going on from another perspective,  
that of our shared public humanity.

if one takes into consideration the spectacular terror of 9/11, the  
United 93 airplane that crashes and become a movie ('coming soon to  
you'), and the anthrax attacks against media outlets, it brings into  
relation this dimension of mass media and how it influences mass  
perceptions about what is going on. and, because the mass media  
'represent' what is going on, legitimizing what is considered 'real'  
for the masses, it becomes a choke-point in terms of the power of  
representation in the structure of the corporate democracy.

this is an attempt to say that there is a possibility that the mass  
media would be able to take various views of events, such as 9/11 or  
the anthrax letters, or United 93, in a public democracy of human  
citizens who question these views in ways that may be beyond the self- 
limitations of the corporate citizens who now decide what is and is  
not going to be represented, and how.

in other words, mass media creates and establishes its own empirical  
viewpoint, shared among the private mass media, as to what is going  
on, through some kind of consensus in which 'the party line' of the  
events related to 9/11 and 'terror' are now defaulted to a corporate  
viewpoint of these events, and in particular, oftentimes one that is  
beneficial to 'Neoconservative Reality Inc.'

thus, there is an issue involved of who the mass media is serving,  
should what is being represented not match up with the reality of  
events as they actually exist, and greater truths. i.e. the freedom  
to represent what is going on, from a human perspective, with the  
human rights to speak truth from within this governing structure of  
private power, media, and corporations.

this is to say that the possibility exists that 'truth' could be  
separated from 'reality' at this choke-point of mass media, by which  
what is represented becomes a misrepresentation of current events,  
which by default serve the private corporate dictatorship that has  
been established.

for example, while the 'official' storyline for 9/11 may have been an  
impossible scenario of Al Qaeda terrorists defeating every redundant  
security setup within the continental United States, and achieving  
pin-point accuracy beyond human thresholds and limitations to achieve  
'their' objectives, that even though there are much better  
explanations based on common sense, peer review of facts,  
correspondences and prime motives given history since the Nixon  
Whitehouse and its players now having reinvested the works, en total,  
-- that the other versions are locked out of democratic governance  
and its critical functioning as public checks and balances by this  
same privatized media, whose corporate allegiances may sway towards  
Neoconservative ideology.

thus, it is possible that what is being represented in the mass media  
regarding 9/11 is a complete and total lie, a fiction, which is  
propagated through privately owned distribution of views which are  
supposedly a 'public representation' of what is going on, which could  
instead be a total fabrication. a shadow play. and yet, having the  
mass media under the control of private corporations in a corporate  
dictatorship would enable any human dissent or better explanations to  
be short-circuited and kept outside of the governing structure-- and  
thus it sets up the distinct probability that if this official  
storyline was actually fictitious, that so too, 'the terrorists'  
would likely be suspect as to who is actually the terrorists, both as  
to who conducted these operations on 9/11 and those that this .US  
administration seeks to root out in the .US homeland.  for, as stated  
previously, there is every indication that 'the terrorists' are human  
citizens who stand against this Neocon takeover of the government,  
and thus all the terrorist surveillance and break-ins and black-bag  
jobs are going to happen to citizens, including eventually one-way  
tickets to Guantanamo prison, where there is torture, etc. it is only  
a matter of TIME, if such a thing were to evolve in a certain way.  
this would be an indication of the level of fascism involved, the  
threat and the reality that is now unspoken.

the place where this becomes dated is in the overriding ideology and  
assumptions upon which this worldview is based. for this  
electromagnetic shadow-play has been expert in its manipulation of  
the infrastructures to get them to do its bidding, and the pavlovian  
behavior engineering based on fear and desire effectively allows the  
electorate to be shaped into malleable formations, via this illusion.

yet, pictures lie.  so too, the larger 'world picture' of the  
Neoconservatism and its philosophy, now ideology where the truth of  
events is separated out from the reality of events, such as with Iraq  
and Mr. Bush calling this a victory of any kind, in contravention to  
sanity itself. the lies start to reveal themselves and become  
transparent, as soon as a more accurate scaffolding can be  
constructed around the facade and deconstruct it part by part, to  
locate the underlying structural systems involved. in this case, what  
is good for the .US is being represented by this .US president Bush  
as equating with that that is good for Neoconservatives, when nothing  
could be further from this - if taken in terms of constitutional  
democracy, the rule of law, human rights, freedom, etc.

(*this is to say that the lies become transparent, at a certain  
point, and signals begin to be sent 'in the clear' because the human  
panopticon knows and sees beyond the lies said to represent the  
events. that is, if the human modeling is more accurate than the  
false representation. then, it becomes a matter of common sense, and  
linking up various details into a larger whole, regardless of the  
private take over of mass media, to which this mass media can then  
also add to details to confirm/deny certain dynamics, in a  
telegraphic keying of correspondences to lay down a shared yet  
distributed reality, outside of the existing hierarchical control, if  
within states of emergency.)

in this sense, instead of the 'world picture' and  
_making_things_appear a certain way, like magic tricks of  
illusionists, where terror events are 'made for television' and  
influence this cybernetic feedback mechanism so to shape public  
opinion and thus policy mandates, by social-behavioral engineering of  
the somatized electorate,-- it is that this 'world picture' could be  
a total lie which is misrepresenting the basic reality and truth of  
events, and this is where things exist today, now. and people,  
citizens, souls, minds, lives, are captured en masse within this  
machinic-beast of a situation, a labyrinth of sorts, and thus it  
becomes a question of:  what does one do now?

the first thing to remember is that everything that is 'officially'  
said to _represent what is going on, is directly related to the  
establishing this as the situation as it exists. thus, to speak  
'against terror' is actually to speak for the terror of the existing  
state of affairs, within its own reference system. that is, if it is  
a false-construct, and that the Neoconservatives are actually the  
source of terror, they 'own' terror, so to speak, and can manipulate  
it in any-which-way to navigate the situation.

thus, if getting 'buy-in' by Democrats on the terror-war, the battle  
is already lost over the basic dynamic which drives all policy in  
this state of terrorism. this terrorist state, and its governance,  
then, is given a free-hand with this terrorism, to unilaterally  
pursue policies against those who it deems 'terrorists' -- who just  
so happen to be the enemies of Neoconservatives, GOP, Likud, etc. to  
the point where law-abiding .US citizens have become enemies of this  
fascist state of affairs.

and here is the first differentiation in representations-- that this  
difference between the private Neoconservative representations of  
events and those of public citizens in a constitutional democracy are  
between those of a dehumanized machinic-value system which is  
fascist, and now governs the .US and other allied states, while this  
is contrasted with a human value system and human rights which this  
is the mortal enemy of, in what truly amounts to a holy war between  
the forces of good against evil, in which evil is now represented as  
if it is an enlightened democracy, while instead this is instead a  
deep dark and long nighttime we are making our way through, until we  
are able to defeat this false-reality with the light we share as  
human beings, to liberate us from our most base, least moral, and  
this deadening condition, to take on this enemy within ourselves.  
that is, some in the human community have chosen to betray their  
humanity, and govern us as if we are apes or machines, to which they  
are gods. gods without morals, art, love, life, or beauty.
'gods' without intelligence beyond their own limitations. their own  
glorification, worship, deification.

this 'god' is an automated machine, ultimately, that is against  
humanity itself. human governance, freedom, human rights,  
constitutional governance, human sentience, spiritual nature,  
everything except itself and its own relativistic and limited  
modeling of events. it is to downgrade 'humanity' and place it  
eternally into the box of 'mankind' and those who control this  
terrifying worldview.

luckily, this 'world picture' is full of distortions, which can be  
perceived in the human panopticon. and the 'visual art' of terrorism  
can inform what is going on, from other perspectives, vantages,  
views, to gain increased awareness, intelligence, as to how to  
proceed. and what makes this a point of hope is that it is much more  
likely that a 'world circuit' exists, as a worldview, by which to  
weave together these various threads and wires and connections in  
which to realize a more accurate and realistic and truth-filled  
version of current events, than any 'world picture' could, if this  
were the immediate basis for redefining all events in one fell-swoop.  
instead, a new reality may evolve, as per events, which may bit by  
bit recontextualize the past, present, and future within another  
structural framework, a new building of this state of affairs, in  
local and global scales.

so, the network becomes a critical infrastructure, whether wired or  
wireless, or whether it is natural or artificial or virtual, that the  
harmonies may build upon one another as a shared music is found.

that, versus the dissonant noise, the vast tragedy of sense, the  
utter ugliness of the false, the evil portrayed as if good in some  
twisted logic in which the human heart has been made mechanical, in  
the misguided attempt only ancient myth could explain, at this point,  
the scale being so absolute.

there are many people who are educated in breaking these codes, these  
illusions of the imaginary which is based on imagery and the mastery  
of their manipulation. and what can be said of current events can  
best be understood -within the context of the world picture and its  
imagery as used by the Neoconservatives- by those familiar with  
semiotics, symbolism, and Situationist detournement. for in these  
dimensions the difference between truth and falsity can be better  
realized, and views that break-through the false-reality can be  
expertly presented. what follows are several examples of how this  
Neoconservative 'reality inc' could be seen if it were actually a  
subversion of the real, and where truth has been replaced by false  
representations, and to what effect this now exists:

* United 93 movie...

imagine, for instance, that 9/11 was actually perpetrated by the  
Neoconservatives, with help from the 40+ year old bureaucracy  
centered around G.H.W. Bush Sr. (codename: Lucifer) from the Nixon  
era, as many attest. and that every murder and assassination during  
these years led to the rise of this shadow play as it is now made  
manifest. that is, Martin Luther King, Malcolm X, the Kennedy  
brothers, even Reagan's assassination assisting in the rise of such  
an agenda as was hatched in those years (Neoconservative takover of  
mideast and imperial presidency) and realized in our own. and that,  
with enough time, money, and energy, that an event like 9/11 could  
have been scripted in a larger shadow play, on par with the world  
designs by Nazi's in World War II. and so any given event is yet just  
a detail of this larger plan, yet one that is based on  
misrepresentation and on secrecy of private groups versus that of  
transparent government in constitutional democracy. and that most of  
this power comes from this secrecy, this hiding of information, this  
falsification and building of things based upon a foundation of lies,  
deceit, trickery, and illusion.

and thus, the misrepresentation of events in the mass media would be  
central to any such 'keeping of the secrets' via privatization of  
information and perspectives and points of view, because it would  
threaten all the lies which are invested in such a false construction  
of this fascist 'reality, inc.'

therefore, a competing version of events on 9/11 which is based on  
facts, truth, and reasoning has it that people from United flight 93  
on that fate-filled morning were transfered into an airline hanger at  
an airport, and never seen from again. and that while this plane is  
said to have crashed in a field littered with smoking debris, and  
supposed 'phonecalls' from the passengers are to have testified to  
their demise as the 'official' storyline goes-- that this portrayal  
of events is brought into question if the plane (93) has actually  
been seen flying after 9/11 and was not in-fact downed or destroyed.

so too, while passengers may have made phonecalls, they could have  
done so in a 'mock exercise' as if some corporate training program on  
behalf of air safety, to provide seemingly authentic and scripted  
soundscape ('foley' terror flight), and somehow met their demise in  
an as of yet unknown way, or maybe even did have their throats slit  
open, only in a hanger in the back of an airport by the fascists,  
neoconservatives and their allies in government and industry, by the  
pre-planned willing and knowing hand of the .US government as it is  
now illegally operating.

thus, to have Universal pictures making a movie out of this event  
would not be to make a portrayal of a real event, as if it were non- 
fiction and some true accounting of what went on-- and instead, it  
would allow such a terrorist action by those who have subverted  
government to misrepresent this and use this terror for their own  
benefit, to extend its and their influence over the state and its  
citizens. this is to say, the Hollywood movie would be to take  
something fictional and attempt to equate it as if factual (the plane  
went down in a field and not in the back of an airline hanger, where  
throats were slit by the fascists). and, when the film's trailer  
threateningly says: "coming soon to you" -- it is this terror within  
the primal heart, with which this is aimed- against the truth of the  
situation, and using this to oppress, threaten, and given indication  
of what _is coming next...

in any case, so, there are terrorists filmmakers, and 'either you are  
with the terrorists or you are against them'-- and humans are against  
them. and these terrorists are fascists, and they are  
neoconservatives and others whose allegiance is not to humanity, -  
and instead to this madness, this inhuman machination of the state as  
a cybernetic organism out to dominate the planet itself.

and so, it is instructive to consider this Flight 93 in relation to  
the Neoconservative network, as it offers up clues as to how it  
functions. one such clue is that upon writing the Network Experiment  
#1 about Donald Rumsfeld and distributing this online, the first  
thing he did was go to that field where the plane supposedly crashed,  
and told of the honor of those people who he says he is serving, and  
then started handing out his _personal medals to people to mark 9/11  
heroism/bravery. so, one could say this event has even been branded,  
to some extent, and becomes a place to regenerate a certain world  
picture and acts as a reference/marker.

the thing about 9/11 and thus United 93, is that it was a precursor  
for launching the war in Iraq. it became the justification,  
ultimately, by which to proceed on a primal, emotional level, against  
the more reasonable processes of governance, which were bypassed by  
the mass media short-circuit to go to war based on secret information  
in an emergency, as an act of ideological retaliation.

therefore, when President Bush just yesterday once again says he is  
not taking nuclear weapons 'off the table' with the ongoing conflict  
with Iran, which plucks the stings of the Neoconservatives like no  
other issue, he may be sending a larger message when he calls for a  
"UNITED EFFORT" against Iran and its nuclear development. United 93  
perhaps? who might he be signaling - could it be that there are those  
in a shadow network that are outside of the .US government which  
could have perpetrated the United 93 butchery which brought about  
retaliation against Iraq, to do so again, with another false-event  
such as a strike at a nuclear powerplant or nuclear detonation of a  
suitcase bomb which would be pinned on Iran, and then justify  
immediate emergency retaliation? it certainly gets one thinking-  
especially if there are indeed fascist machinations at work- as this  
is the dehumanized value system and its cold black-and-white logic of  
Neoconservative ideology which would justify such an action, as if a  
cold-blooded machine acting against humanity itself.

further yet, Mr. Rumsfeld's queuing of priorities in being forced to  
engage general dissent and a challenge to this fictitious worldview  
built by traitors of which he is primary, akin to Nazi Himmler or  
others, is that he says TIME is on his side. give it some TIME, he  
says. why? because, something may happen to turn the tide by a new  
wave of terrorism, that's why. and it works to his advantage as then  
he is solution, as is the existing ideology. this is to say that  
there is a folding of the reality of events, such that they have been  
inverted and the official storyline, while a lie, works to the  
advantage of what is the mass media representations that have been  
empirically built-up, which is a consensus view that is a giant lie,  
the world-picture is false and thus it becomes a 'shadow play' with  
terrorism as a plot device, and various actors which can fulfill the  
grand story as concocted.

so, if the story _must absolutely go to Iran to destroy their nuclear  
capacity, that this then becomes an absolute probability of the  
direction these events will soon be taking; in TIME. the plot just  
needs to be developed so it can be credible enough to make the  
necessary decisions by which to act in such a way, that is effective  
enough to allow judgement to be suspended and to go along with this  
terrifying script, to accomplish the ideological mandate which is now  
set on autopilot.

"detournement" is akin to taking something that is supposed to work  
in one way and making it do something other than intended...

	"somebody has to make a decision.  And when a decision is made by  
the secretary of defense, unless it's illegal or immoral, we go on  
about doing what we've been told." (PACE).

in this case, one could detourne the .US government and have all  
the .US military on board, serving the .US government while acting  
against the .US constitution, and by their sheer faith in the  
goodness of the system, be exploited for things beyond their own  
perceptions of events: that is, if they are betrayed and are being  
lied to, or have bought-into lies as if they are greater truth. note  
to the Joint Chief: no, we don't trust you. and you should not trust  
yourself any longer either.

and here's more: "It unfortunately appears that two of the retired  
generals (Messrs. Zinni and Newbold) do not understand the true  
nature of this radical ideology, Islamic extremism, and why we fight  
in Iraq. We suggest they listen to the tapes of United 93," the piece  
continued, referring to the hijacked plane that went down in  
Pennysylvania on 9/11.

now, imagine in this scenario if United flight 93 and the butchering  
of .US citizens was done at the hands of a rogue .US government and  
facist Neoconservatives. and that those 'arabic' voices could have  
been anyone, on those tapes, in an airplane hanger. etc. and that  
this becomes the justification for a war against Islam, and even  
further 'extremist and radical ideology' -- while this may have been  
constructed in such a way to justify the .US government acting in  
this way itself. that is, via a radical Neoconservative ideology and  
extremist agenda which is itself TERRORISM.

in such a situation as this, those in the .US government would be the  
terrorists who are terrorizing citizens in the .US and abroad, for an  
imperial agenda on behalf of the fascist Neoconservatives.

that is, when Mr. Bush says he is going to hunt down the terrorists  
and bring them to justice, in the way this would play out -- it would  
be political enemies who are opposed to this insanely wicked and  
"evil agenda". that is, ultimately, .US citizens who are against a  
corporate dictatorship run by a global Neoconservative alliance in  
the military-industrial complex.

though, the detournement works both ways: if it is true that Mr. Bush  
has banked his career on this 'war of terror' -- so too can .US  
citizens go after these same terrorists, and start to defeat them, at  
home and abroad. it is our legal right, even, to defend ourselves,  
even if pre-emptively, so to stop further such terrorism (by the  
hands of a rogue government). and, these terrorists are known to have  
nuclear weapons and WMD, bird flu, among other such devices, to  
attack the .US citizenry.

so the stakes could not be higher, one could say, and the high-noon  
is happening everywhere at once, locally and globally, and the  
outcome depends on the decision-making that will next evolve.

it comes down to a very black and white decision each person will make:

	either you are with HUMANITY or you are with the TERRORISTS.

Mr. Bush is with the Neoconservative terrorists, and he has been all  
along. the .US military has been subverted to pursue a neocon agenda,  
while US soldiers have been "sacrificed" for this automated machinery  
that operates outside of constitutional democracy and rule of law,  
and has no relation to human interests or interests of .US citizens:  
it only charts a course into armageddon.

see: Bush: 'I'm the decider' on Rumsfeld

add to such a specter of 'terrorism' that this becomes a business  
model by which 'terror' enables an economy of sorts, which relies on  
this terror for its profits. for instance, the entire Homeland  
security industry and construction of a surveillance state has been  
beneficial to the very peoples pursuing this agenda, through record  
business and record profits while public governance on behalf of  
citizens has ground to a halt, as it contradicts the worldview and  
its 'reality, inc' and modeling of this situation as if all issues  
are 'accounted for' in corporate spreadsheets.

that is, terrorism is a business model for conquest of the machinery  
of state, over its own human population via enslavement to corporate  
government, and against other states in a 'survival of the fittest'  
global competition for world dominance, based upon this finite  
western Neocon worldview.

in such a case, it is again instructive to look at the stakes Donald  
Rumsfeld has in such terrorism, as there may be a conflict-of- 
interests between the self-styled heroic defense secretary who is  
beyond it all, and the crafty and calculating technocrat whose very  
soul is that of this machine...

take, for instance, the 'threat' of BIRD FLU, which threatens to wipe  
out millions of people, and that, for instance, after G H.W. Bush  
traveled to China, within 1-2 days this flu broke out in the country,  
as in other states where this biological warfare begins having  
geostrategic dimensions. like the simulcrum of 9/11, it is this  
terrifying prospect of bird flu which threatens even more and more  
civil liberties of citizens and could render the population helpless  
to what is to come next. and in this false representation of the  
Neoconservative worldview, the .US government would be protecting  
people from the bird flu, and people would have to trust that they  
are doing so: when in fact this is social engineering on a whole new  
level of WMD, and it is in this way that this ideology is fascist at  
its very core: the .US government (formal and informal) are the  
beneficiaries of such a bird flue, in political terms, so too with  
mumps which have been dropped into the midwest here. who knows what  
is really in the vaccinations, only that the mumps virus makes people  

the point of this is to say that this is a business plan: production  
and consumption. supply and demand. if Bird Flu hits in a country and  
spreads, there is a product which can vaccinate people against this  
threat (this TERROR). that is, there is a pharmaceutical product,  
Tamiflu, which is capable of dealing with a particular strain of  
avian influenza. and yet there is a strange conflict-of-interest  
because Donald Rumsfeld, the .US Secretary of "DEFENSE" is a  
shareholder of the company that makes this vaccine:

Rumsfeld's growing stake in Tamiflu
Defense Secretary, ex-chairman of flu treatment rights holder, sees  
portfolio value growing.
October 31, 2005: 10:55 AM EST
By Nelson D. Schwartz, Fortune senior writer

"NEW YORK (Fortune) - The prospect of a bird flu outbreak may be  
panicking people around the globe, but it's proving to be very good  
news for Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld and other politically  
connected investors in Gilead Sciences, the California biotech  
company that owns the rights to Tamiflu, the influenza remedy that's  
now the most-sought after drug in the world."

thus, the threat of this is equate to the threat of terrorism or of  
more terrorist attacks, or of United 93 "soon coming to you". it  
becomes a profitable business model if all of the sudden millions of  
people need what you have and you have a monopoly and have cornered  
the market, etc. that there is great human suffering involved is no  
matter, if one is a corporate machine it is beyond this level of  
details and is an amoral or rather immoral equation by which to  
proceed from A->B. in which this point B is Neocon utopia which to  
most people would be considered hell on earth.

So Mr. Rumsfeld is directly connected into such schemes in which the  
misrepresentations of the status quo 'reality, inc' gives a  
historical 'benefit of the doubt' to such actions as being on behalf  
of the human citizenry and the governance of the state itself, it's  
"DEFENSE" so to say, and not unequivocally opposed to constitutional  
democracy, human rights, etc. this is to say, that this is in the  
binary logic of neoconservative ideology: rationalized as somehow  
"good" in the scheme of things. that is, having rationalized evil,  
and the slippery slope of this, where one loses their own humanity as  
a result. and if you've not lost it yet, there is still hope:  
renounce your ideology or perish. though some have already chosen,  
and their fate is sealed, and will soon be arriving.

if one then takes into consideration the torture camps of Mr.  
Rumsfeld and secret prison networks and it may be 'seen' in a  
considerably different light, if this is a question of  
misrepresentation of the basic storyline itself-- and any corruption  
within its plot would corrupt the overall story itself. that is, if  
something is built on lies, it cannot withstand the introduction of  
truth into its structuring, else it would collapse. consistency is  
all critical. else, the structure would give way, as in an earthquake  
or other event, where the forces and momentums could not be held  
within the building as engineered. thus, while Guantanamo could be  
closed by Neoconservatives, it would have to be done so as to fit  
into the plot, into the storyline, it could not become another  
version of events. it has to be self-consistent. in terms of pure  
ideology, and enable the ideology to grow, evolve. that this  
Neoconservative worldview is the devolution of human civilization is  
now entirely self-evident.

another dimension of this false shadow play is the invasion of Iraq  
as if it were occurring to liberate Iraq from a 'tyrant' in Saddam  
Hussein, a dictator who the .US government and Rumsfeld himself  
created and gave weapons of mass destruction to use 'against his own  
people'. including being a 'mass murder' etc. sound familiar? Bird  
Flu'ing your own people? Executing those on flight 93 and the  
thousands in the WTC on 9/11 and tens of thousands in .IQ and  
elsewhere at the hand of Mr. Rumsfeld-- this is somehow omitted from  
the official storyline and how it is being represented by corporate  
mass media. by President Bush's and Rumsfeld's own definitions: they  
themselves are dictators and terrorists. murdering your own people,  
assassinations, biological weapons, etc. in other words: by their own  
criteria they are themselves both armed and dangerous and are not  
going to be giving up the ghost, until held to account for their  
actions against the human state. that is, that there is no ambiguity  
to rely on, no words that can protect the fascists, no laws that will  
defend such actions, and that this is indeed a war against civilians  
by a corporate dicatorship.

and so, while Saddam Hussein may be placed on trial for 'crimes  
against humanity' as a dictator, he is being tried by the .US  
government, which is a corporate dictatorship itself: and the  
absolute failure of the 'legal' courts to convict Mr. Hussein, as a  
human being, brings up what is a critically important aspect of the  
nature of reality: a greater evil must exist than Saddam Hussein, in  
which his prosecution pales in comparison to the evil which seeks to  
make an example of him, against the very nature of events as they  
exist, beyond lies, beyond deception, beyond illusion. that is, that  
the facts themselves and the reasoned truth have instead inverted  
this attempt to rationalize justice as the punishment of lesser evil  
as the greater truth, which has completely failed to allow such a  
fiction to claim itself as fact. and in defiance to this, Saddam  
Hussein's trial stands in stark contrast to the 'official' storyline  
and calls into question - 'how, on earth, could one not convict  
Saddam Hussein in a court of law, during an occupation, when  
controlling the entire apparatus?'... the only answer here is that  
the truth is the greatest defense, and the greatest offense, and  
there are greater and lesser evils, and if making Saddam Hussein out  
to be the greatest evil, it would be against the true nature of  
events, as they exist, 'on the ground', as they are experienced --  
and this calls into question 'the truth' of the .US government in  
prosecuting Saddam from a position of greater truth, and not of  
greater lies, for it defies any other explanation how this could be  
the case: unless, in some divine moment, that the truth stands in  
defiance of the greatest falsity that exists. and that, even Saddam  
Hussein retains some humanity against this machine, which is thrown  
into relied, which constrasts with a larger agenda which has him as a  
character with its global plot.

thus, the trial of Saddam is a media spectacle, though in the way  
that it is outside of the total control of the .US version of events  
and the Neoconservative ideological control. instead, it is able to  
detourne this event and invert the symbolic order, whereby a mirror  
is placed upon observers, as to why the greater truth is not becoming  
the basis for law--- that is, unless it actually is: unless, in the  
failure to convict Mr. Hussein under the existing circumstances is a  
testament to the falsity of events as they are being misrepresented  
in a larger scheme-of-things. this is to say, Saddam is a symbol of  
everything that is opposite as to what it appears in the official  
storyline and stands against the interpretation via Neoconservative  
viewpoints, without calling this into question, doubt.

if the .US military has been betrayed and has pursued such an agenda,  
there will be a decision to make as to who you stand with, .US  
citizens and humanity, or the terrorists, fascists, and neocons.

those who have perpetrated the terrorist violence on 9/11, will pay  
the ultimate price. and, using this same societal lens of the  
spectacle- the cosmic punishment will fit the cosmic crime.

you are now given a choice:

	renounce your fascist ideology and totally submit to human authority
	or you will be held accountable for your crimes against humanity.

	that is, get on your hands and knees and repent in total submission,
	and reclaim your humanity by redeeming yourself by good works.

else, those who are involved _will be going to Guantanamo Prison  
themselves, for an extended stay and some interrogation, after it is  
emptied of its present victims -- and their lives are served and  
rebuilt by those true to the ideas and principles of the United  
States of America.

those who have orchestrated 9/11, your fate is largely sealed, though  
if you totally submit and help dismantle this network, you could  
redeem yourself and aid this holy war of humanity against this  
inhuman machinery that you've pledged your allegiance to. you've  
otherwise earned yourself a one-way ticket to the International Space  
Station (ISS) whereby, those Neoconservatives worthy of the honor,  
will be held until judgement day. a series of booster rockets is  
hereby on order by which to launch these evildoers into the cold and  
hellish vacuum of space, to get them off the planet until there  
spectacular demise is announced: that they will only return to Earth  
as only they should: as the flaming ball of fire as they burn up in  
attempting to reenter the atmosphere, O Icarus! one and all. how you  
have betrayed the planet and its people and will stand as symbolic of  
this for all time.

you have been warned- and these are no idle threats. for all others,  
do something good and will your necktie to the goodwill-- you will  
not be needing it very much longer.

and, as for a question for national intelligence:  'what don't we  

	you do not know love.

it is for all of these reasons above that the next post will address  
black flag operations, which is based upon this false representation  
of the existing symbolic order of the .US, including the 'stars and  
stripes' of the .US flag, which now represent this tyranny, terror,  
and fascist governance. it is to equate the existing .US flag, as  
subverted, with that of the Nazis, and these are now false colors  
against the very principles of constitutional democracy. therefore,  
this must be symbolically inverted and the .US flag of the True  
America, that which is based on truth, justice, equality, reason,  
love, and sacrifice, will acknowledge that this color has been bled  
from our state, and no longer represents the human population nor  
serves its principles, goals, ideals, nor dreams.

we need a new flag, in order to share an understanding of the degree  
to which this truth prevails. and challenges the status quo and its  
illusions, based on exploiting visual imagery to deceive, to subvert,  
which benefits from the trust once deserved, now which has become our  
own treachery. against ourselves, our citizens.

the .US flag dyed black will serve those who fight on the side of  
humanity, against this pure and total evil. officers swords are no  
longer ceremonial, sharpen them, and prepare to use them.

GUANTANAMO BAY PRISON // public service announcement
OPEN for international human rights & Red Cross inspections
CLOSE for violating human rights in the name of democracy

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