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<nettime> BLACKFLAG OPS (internal.US)


// inspired by Houdini i've managed to wrest one arm free from my
// straightjacket and am running from cybercaf? to cybercaf? to type
// this latest dispatch and send it out, all-the-while dodging Haldol darts
// shot from Marlin Perkins Junior hovering above this Wild Kingdom in
// his helicopter, while escaping butterfly nets of ambulance drivers, ETC.

it is impossible to know how to write the following, yet for me it is  
not an issue of free-will and what must be written is known, while  
the way it will arrive is anyone's guess...


    	Every normal man must be tempted at times to spit on his hands,
			hoist the black flag, and begin to slit throats.

     			-- H. L. Mencken, US editor (1880 - 1956)


 it is for this reason that such 'unknowns' create a predicament as  
to how to present the present moment as being one of a 'state of  
emergency' if, contrary to immediate sense experience, others may not  
yet 'see it this way'. yet, as previously stated: images lie. so, it  
is in such a situation one is required to convey the direness of what  
is now underway, both internationally and domestically for the .US,  
that is the 'state' which is shared by citizens in a constitutional  
democracy, at the hands of the .US government, which has been  
subverted both internally and externally by coordinated insurrection.

what this is to say is that while waking up into a beautiful Spring  
day, the sun rising just over the horizon, a burning orange and  
searing red opening into this day, that it is instead to convey this  
as a situation of darkness, where the chirping birds and happy  
smiling people are living in a world that is not actually grounded  
where they exist, in terms of issues such as global warming, poverty,  
war, and other actualities - because they are not represented in this  
state as it now exists. thus, citizens minds have become divorced  
from citizens bodies through the private manipulation of representing  
the state of affairs and the issues of the day, including their own  
governance. this is to say that if a tyrannical dictatorship were to  
exist, it would be considered crazy-talk and people may be medicated  
as a result.

this is the issue of 'short circuiting' of ideas in the mind and how  
they make their way into the realm of the body, or vice-versa, in  
times as difficult as these - where reasoning becomes all critical to  
making-sense of what options exist for decision-making, while  
obfuscation and censorship work to shore up the status-quo and keep  
things in the existing framework, which is heading into catastrophic  

it is an issue of what to do about this situation, this 'fall' if you  
will, of the .US and its role in the world. not as a superpower, as a  
state and its citizens and its governance, both internally and  

for in this place there is a burning orange sunrise into a day of  
clear blue cloudless sky, yet something is amiss. this is because the  
shadows have become transparent in this decades long night. 'all is  
not as it appears' and the environment is becoming thick with charge.  
under the feet, in the atmospheres of mind. a tingling sensation, so  
very strange and yet welcoming. as if the spark of life has returned...

thus, the sense is that even with 'clear skies' as far as the eye can  
see, lightning could strike at any moment. a 'divine charge' emerging  
from the realm of minds, making their way to the ground, in which the  
swords of many will be made manifest in shared voice, morality, and  
the cause of life. thus when -not if- such a storm erupts, these  
swords of lightning will strike at the heart of evil, en masse...


current events are thus suspended in such a charged and polarized  
context, where minds and bodies are in vast disagreement over the  
nature of reality. it is speculated that this is not confined to  
the .US 'homeland' alone, given the shared nature of the conflicts  
that have yet to find grounding in reason. in that, the Enlightenment  
tradition upon which Western democracy hinges is non-existent to the  
issues of the day: instead the reality of events 'on the ground' can  
be wished or will away, by the ignorant if not the arrogance of  
tyrants whose power becomes voided when it is totally separated from  
truth itself. thus, whatever 'virtual' storyline is said to represent  
the events in this late hour, they are nowhere near what actually  
exists in this hour. it could be said to be a situation that is  
basically and fundamentally inverted from one version of events to  
another- the 'difference' could not be farther. that makes for some  
high-voltage lightning, which turns the static into a dynamic and  
fluid charge, completing a circuit now short-circuiting via rogue  

the electromagnetic environment sparkles in suspension, any given  
spark could bridge the gap and ignite this cosmic storm of pent up  
energy, information, as it illuminates this darkness as it makes its  
way to common ground, at lightspeed and with devastating awaiting  
those who are not grounded...


this is to say that that while what may appear in mass media  
representations to be 1950s redux, with 'like father like son'  
regularity of some feel-good utopian delusion of how things exist  
(only virtually) that instead, these are the darkest hours of the  
darkest days of the United States of America, bar none. and for this  
reason it becomes a challenge if not a conflict as to how to  
accurately represent it as such if all the 'mass' representations are  
selling a utopic vision detached from the reality of events as they  
exist, outside of corporate control over the actual state of affairs-  
if only due to profits, yet it is possible it also has to do with  
complexity of the situation, decades of corruption, and a culture  
that exists beyond 'reason', and thus it becomes impossible to  
actually represent what is going on, in a clear manner, if very  
actually feel they know or have a way of communicating what is going  
on, as it exists, and not some fraction of this, which has yet to add  
up to a larger mosaic of current events. no wonder pharmaceutical  
drugs are sold on broadcast TV day and night, soma of the Brave New  

instead of relying on mass media to represent what is going on,  
existing in the straightjacket of .US culture as everyone else,  
though in its own way - it becomes necessary to engage this situation  
in the terms it exists within the representations as it portrays  
itself: this is to say while the .US government is able to exist  
beyond the law and the President has dictatorial powers, that the  
traditional symbols of of the legal state, such as the .US flag, have  
been subverted by the Insurrectionists. and thus the traditional  
meaning of these symbols are actually functioning against  
constitutional democracy in their use, and act as a type of  
camouflage by manipulating these public symbols and associated  
emotions (cue: patriotism/nationalism/jingoism) which became a 'false  
flag' and detourne the actual .US flag for another agenda, while  
trying to conflate this with unconstitutional and illegal and  
traitorous actions as if they are on behalf of the traditional state  
and in-line with its ideals, beliefs, values. in this way, what is an  
inhuman and automated mechanism for domination built upon lies and  
fascist brutalities could be hidden behind the bright and colorful  
Stars and Stripes of the .US flag- however unconscienable. fascists  
do not have consciences, it seems. nor hearts. thus the 'faith' that  
citizens place into these collective symbols of the public state, to  
which many millions have died in service to, hundreds of thousands in  
self-sacrifice in wars alone- that this sacred symbolism itself has  
become subverted from the public purpose of the state as a  
constitutional democracy, and the public meaning of these symbols has  
been put to use for another agenda, in which these symbols now exist  
in its service.

that is: the Red, White, and Blue star-spangled banner which is  
believed to represent liberty, equality, fraternity, now _actually  
represents tyranny, slavery, and fascism ::: that is, if what was  
once a constitutional democracy has indeed devolved a private  
dictatorship of the machinery of state...

it is for this reason that - if this were indeed the case - there are  
very few decisions left to make in regard to what to do if such a  
situation were to actually exist. as previously stated: this comes  
down to a military obligation to regain public control of the state,  
to preserve the 'Constitution' and thus the state itself, as an idea  
of constitutional democracy based on the rule-of-law, beyond the  
devastations that could be wrought by private corruption and  
misguided administration in a given .US government. this redundant  
security would be a fail-safe measure to protect public citizens and  
the public state from its total collapse at forces which could be  
allied to concerns outside of scope of this state and its citizenry,  
as subverted, in addition to viewing the state as a private business  
to be exploited, etc. etc.

so, assuming there is something to such a situation, that the  
concerns are real, and that a 'State of Emergency' is only a matter  
of naming it as such in the mass media, * in contrast * to the fairy- 
tale portrayal that is said to represent 'news' for 300 million  
Americans -- thus to invert the presentation of the existing  
situation from one of goodness and lightness to its opposite, -- that  
it would be equivalent to changing the basic storyline by which all  
events have been portrayed up to this point in spacetime, and that  
this brings along with it some traumatic scenarios which could be  
further exploited if it were not made clear that this is new version  
of events is actually a more accurate representation of events and  
would be in (public) service to the ideals of the state as it was  
once constituted and governed, and would be the only _legal action  
that could be taken to rectify a situation which is now in free fall.

this is to say that, by fait of the .US Constitution itself, the .US  
military's service to the state would be to take command of this  
situation, before its total collapse, and instead to command a  
controlled fall which could transform this situation by preserving  
the legal functioning of the state itself, including to establish a  
pathway for holding a Constitutional Convention by which to  
reconstitute the state itself, in terms which engage the present  
failures of governance in relation to the changed nature of reality,  
such as with corporate machinery, issues of citizenship, public  
governance, balanced policies, etc. this alone would not legitimate  
such an action, unless Constitutional governance and democracy itself  
have been undermined, to such a point that it is a catastrophic  
collapse and a system-wide failure, in which this is not about  
tweaking the system, and instead abolishing it so as to save the  
ideals, ideas, and principles of the state, an updated and upgraded  
context by which to publicly govern ourselves.

thus, to go in this general direction is dependent on basically the  
fact that this is the only option left by which to act to engage this  
situation, before an absolute and total collapse of the state of  
affairs, which would have not only the government falling - but the  
entirety of the state and its affairs falling, simultaneously, at  
home and all around the world, issue by issue, person by person,  
place by place. that is what is at stake in this decision-making, for  
if this situation gets too out of control, and gets moving too fast,  
it may not be possible to harness this momentum to try to salvage  
what is left-- for it would be to lose a last opportunity by which to  
pre-empt total collapse of constitutional government, at which point  
any 'legal actions' based on this constitution would be happening in  
total lawlessness. and maybe this is the point of a corporate  
dictatorship that exists beyond the rule of law, as then people would  
be totally helpless to change this situation, including those in the  
military who are its captives. in a sense, this scenario is very much  
like the actions of the .US government, yesterday and today...

and there is an important point about this situation that must be  
clarified - and it is that the conflicts that exist in .US policies  
both at home and abroad, have their origin in the agenda of  
Insurrectionists. so there is a common enemy, one might say. and  
while they may be various in their makeup, it is the same problem  
that exists at the WTC and New Orleans and in the Mideast, which  
belongs in a realm of private corporate machinery and automated  
decision-making which breeds human oppression...

at this point it is a question of free-will as to where each  
individual stands: with humanity, or with this inhuman machinery  
which oppresses citizens in its attempt to privately dominate the  
planet Earth.

that is, to stand with humanity and its warriors, or to stand with  
terrorists, neocons and fascists.

for the .US military who has sworn by oath to defend the .US  
Constitution this is _not an issue of free will. instead, it is a  
moral obligation to serve the human citizenry as represented in the  
human state. there is no ambiguity whatsoever as to the .US military  
serving the moral and legal ideals of the state. citizens did not die  
over centuries on behalf of the latest breed of vile and despicable  

they died for the rights of public and private citizens to co-exist  
in a state governed by rule of law, in which these citizens were  
represented and their government acted on their behalf. and this has  
now been subverted, not in one place- in all places throughout  
the .US government, and it now threatens the basic functioning and  
future of this state of affairs, from this moment onward,  
indefinitely, and it is only going to get worse and may be beyond a  
point of recovery, once it enters into very fast free fall.

this is to say that: either do something, (for the .US military this  
is to do what is necessary to defend the .US Constitution) or yours  
and your children's future is in the hands of those now at the helm.  
that is, their education, their healthcare, their very lives. for  
decades. and this is to choose to allow what is an undeniable decline  
in the state of affairs to be that which governs your daughter's  
future, let's say, or to regain public control by legal mandate, to  
manage this affair so that its imminent precipitous decline can be  
avoided and this momentum placed into directing this crisis into  
rewiring the circuitry of state, as it is constituted, by holding a  
Constitutional Convention by which to proceed in reclaiming this  
situation as an opportunity- as underdogs no less, to turn this  
around and serve our children and the planet we exist within and our  
fellow human citizens, instead of serving only The Bush Dynasty.

has it not irritated your ears to hear Barbara Bush telling you who  
can and cannot run in the elections, or whether or not someone will  
be winning an election and by what percentage before it is held by  
Dick Cheney, or having people pledge allegiance to such a political  
establishment over four decades during which the demise of the .US  
has been in parallel to, all the while things are getting worse and  
worse for the world and its citizens and their relations with  
eachother and in our state of the world? for it does not seem to be a  
constitutional democracy at work in such diktats, and is a curiosity  

for it is this power structure that has overseen if not designed the  
collapse of the .US as a public government and its total transfer  
into the private hands of the corporate dictatorship as it now  
exists, and thus the son of this father, has risen to his position by  
extending the worldview of his father, in what could only be  
described as an aristocratic worldview detached from the concerns of  
citizens, to one that is largely outside of the lives of ordinary .US  
citizens or their concerns. and, like a king from which this state  
was once constituted in defiance to its oppressive rule, history has  
closed this circle.

and, in such a state, exists a ruler who determines what is right and  
what is wrong- who becomes the rule of law themselves, surrounded by  
sycophants and unscrupulous servants, who is oblivious to anything  
outside of his own private view of events- to which 'public  
democratic government' was the answer: and this has now became  
privatized, and overseen by what amounts to the CEO of state, or the  
private dictator of corporate democracy. and there, next to him in  
the Oval Office, in the White House, with the .US Flag, are all the  
symbolic trappings of what was once 'constitutional democracy' yet  
now are placed in service to this rogue and criminal regime - who  
exploit these symbols for their own ends, in ways beyond nefarious  
and what will be beyond belief for most .US citizens to learn...

such as involvement in the controlled demolition of the World Trade  
Center towers on 9/11/2001, as if a made-for-TV movie, among many  
other script/plot elements, including the invasion of Iraq, ETC.

do you feel any safer now in trusting these people to govern your  
daughters future? or your own? and at what price - liberty? equality?  
fraternity?  the choice becomes if one stands up to this and fights,  
with their life, for their life and others, or gives up without a  
fight, and accepts this as their fate and turns their back on their  
own humanity, and serves people and principles that do not serve  
humanity and as such act as if only monkeys or machinery in their  
relation to the responsibilities of governance.

this is the hour to decide. their fate and our own. individual by  
individual. each vote counts.

in such a state of affairs, words will not protect those who oppress  
human citizens. laws will not protect those who have exploited laws  
for their own protection regardless of the truth in this state. you  
are the enemy, and as insurrectionists you are traitors to the cause  
and have betrayed humanity. not only are you outnumbered, you are  
surrounded, at home and abroad. it is advisable to surrender.  
renounce your evil ideology or face the consequences: such as a trip  
to Guantanamo Prison and for the very special, a one-way ticket on  
the Space Shuttle for your unique 'out of this world' vacation...


 the biggest issue in this pending transformation, upon the  
crackling of those first surges of lightning into the total field, is  
how to also transform the nature of reality from one that is based on  
lies and falsity to one that is grounded in facts, truth, and reason.  
that is, from misrepresentation to accurate representation, by which  
to switch systems of operation (of individuals/states) and so to save  
the state and its people from the inevitable catastrophe that awaits  
by which the Neocons can further their agenda, into nuclear  
armageddon in this fictitious 'war of terror' - in which they are  
fighting both sides of this war, so to drive the region and world in  
a certain direction to equate their particular worldview and its  
priorities with a universal worldview, against reality and against  
democracy itself.

this is say, what is being dealt with is a fundamental BETRAYAL of  
principles by which to govern the state, and their corruption and  
subversion is an act of treason that is shared by Insurrections both  
internal and external to the .US, which has been misled, misguided,  
and betrayed by its leaders who have served their basest desires and  
instincts on their way to achieving total power over the state, its  
citizens, and its future, against the state as it was constituted,  
and that this is laid bare in this hour.

that is, in using the symbols of the original principles such as  
the .US Flag and Whitehouse, that these are portraying a false  
reality of events, in which these are props on a political stageset  
which is totally managed by private interests and for private ends,  
including .US government, its policies, and wars.

and thus, the failures of the .US are not the failure of the .US  
troops to uphold a certain prominence to this state of affairs, and  
instead that this state of affairs has been betrayed for another  
agenda to which .US troops have been held hostage, have been  
'sacrificed' for, families grieving the loss of their children who  
gave their lives for their greater ideals- which has been exploited  
by subversives who are against the .US as a constitutional democracy,  
where and when it does not fit their interests. those who have faith  
in these symbols of traditions, that which represents the .US as a  
democracy, have thus been exploited by the lies and deceit in a night  
consisting of transparent shadow games.

this is thus a situation where human citizens have been sacrificed  
for this inhuman machinery of state that exists beyond rule of law  
and acts as a private dictatorship which does not even serve its  
citizens. and this is what has become of the state of affairs. and  
thus it is a large 'difference' between what is being portrayed in  
the mass media and in the 'representatives' of this private 'reality,  
inc' of these insurrectionists, and what actually exists, as it  
exists, in these terms. there is a very large gap that is now short  
circuiting between what is said to be real (say in Iraq) and what is  
actually going on (there).

and the question becomes, how to 'ground' this situation locally and  
globally, between the millions of minds and bodies existing in this  
shared situation, to bring the most real reality into this given  
situation  and to reclaim it as our own, and to reshape it according  
to higher principles, ideals, and coordinated actions. and it is for  
this reason all the above has been written to say that it is in  
implementing the 'blackflag' as a symbol of this other version of  
events, that such a false reality could be overturned and an  
explanation given for the legal takeover of the state of affairs and  
the prosecution by the laws of war, for the lethal engagement with  
these Insurrectionists who threaten the planet and its people.


this is to say that by juxtaposing the 'stars and stripes' with a  
new .US flag which represents the constitutional democracy in the  
darkest nights of its existence, it will be to reclaim the symbolism  
by recontextualizing the situation in which this symbolism is being  
defined. and to then debate this symbolism, its merit by logical  
reasoning, en masse, in the mass media, and between citizens.

the .US flag thus dyed black, would be only a texture of the  
structure of the stars and stripes, yet they are now without the  
color of 'light' which once illuminated them, and instead this is a  
false-daylight (Virilio) which is instead void of light, and the  
symbolism of the BLACKFLAG exists to realize this in its symbolism  
and to own it, as a situation around which to rally support for  
transforming this situation.

thus, it would be to purge the false flag and its colors as an  
illusion and to stand in contrast to it and to nullify all the  
symbolism it inherits and exploits to pursue an evil agenda against  
the public state itself.

as such, .US BLACKFLAG OPERATIONS would center around this symbol as  
the definer of the cause and the effect of which will be to place  
into motion a sequence of events by which to retake the state for its  
public citizenry, by rule of law, in a state of civil war, in which  
there is a choice as to what side citizens choose to represent and  
ally themselves with: humanity, or terrorists, neocons, and fascists.

with respect to this being the pivotal action which would unite a  
mass movement under a common symbolism, both at home and abroad, a  
sketch of what these operations would entail to successfully navigate  
such a situation would be described- and it is by legal merit that  
this case is being made, to pursue such action is on behalf of  
constitutional democracy and rule of law, and human reason, by which  
to engage this situation so as to manage to avoid the further total  
collapse of the state and by military command and control, lead to  
its reconstitution by way of a public Constitutional Convention.

the key to doing so is the simple BLACKFLAG: the stars and stripes  
dyed until totally blackened.

this is because every instance in which these different realities,  
representations and potrayals of current events and interpretations  
will rest on the symbolism of the traditional flag aligned with the  
utterly immoral and despicable agenda of the Insurrectionists,  
equivalent to turning the .US flag into a symbol of oppression equal  
to that of the Nazi flag, versus that of a BLACKFLAG which stands up  
to and against this takeover of the state by hostile forces and thus,  
creates a league of citizen aligned to this alternate representation  
of events, and the reality it symbolism and the .US principles it  
upholds. there could be nothing more truly American than revolting  
against that which created the state itself. and thus the BLACKFLAG  
represents this true America - that while it may exist in this  
darkened night that to know where we exist is the first step to  
finding our way to a better place, via a shared direction. and if we  
exist in darkness, the bright colors of the flag are only an  
illusion, a shadow-play, which only confuses our sense of what is  
going on, because its power exists in the subconscious and emotional  
manipulation of symbols to present the path into armageddon as if the  
best of all possible worlds...

instead, this 'war of terror' by Insurrectionists will only lead to  
more war, never to a peaceful world. it is based upon lies and  
destruction and unwarranted violence as a way of shaping events to  
its liking. it is against the very idea of architecture, in service  
to humanity. and only exists in service to inhuman machinery, and in  
this its private ownership and control over the direction of the  
planet and its resources, including human beings which become another  
natural resource to be exploited for profit.

therefore, both domestically and internationally, the .US would exist  
under the current guidance of this evil ideology that automatically  
decides the fate of the people and our planet in secret, without  
regard for human life, morality, or truth beyond themselves,   
unless .US citizens, including those in the .US military and our  
friends and allies around the globe, undertook concerted BLACKFLAG  
OPERATIONS to retake this state of affairs and put us back on the  
path to peace and prosperity in our lifetimes.

this would be foundational for establishing a 'long-term truce' with  
the Muslim nation by which to transform what can now only exist as  
the Neoconservative "War of Terror' into a Mideast Peace plan by  
which to use infrastructure to rebuild and rewire the way machinery  
of states and citizens relate, in an ecological, organic, and dynamic  
relationship - by which one person's rights do not void another's,  
and to base this on a sharing of human rights that is now absent in  
international governance today.


.US BLACKFLAG OPERATIONS would need to occur simultaneously in terms  
of hoisting the new symbol in synchronous alliance, both inside  
the .US and outside the .US, including friends and allies of  
governments -- whether they choose to ally themselves with legal .US  
constitutional democracy and its human citizens, or place their  
states in league with the terrorists, Neocons, and fascists. those  
states who hold allegiance to Insurrectionists will be enemies of .US  
BLACKFLAG OPERATIONS. all countries which recognize .US BLACKFLAG  
OPERATIONS should acknowledge this as the official .US flag of  
democratic government by constitutional law to retake the state from  


all major .US states and cities will have to decide their allegiance  
to the BLACKFLAG OPERATIONS in terms of their own governance. when  
State Capitals hoist the BLACKFLAG, it is to represent official  
recognition of sharing allegiance to BLACKFLAG OPERATIONS by which to  
retake military command and control of the federal government, and to  
abolish its further functioning in a State of Emergency, by which to  
circumvent further catastrophic collapse (including pending terrorist  
attacks from internal and external Insurrectionists) -- by legal  
mandate which would became a temporary state of martial law, at the  
level of federal (not state) government, until a Constitutional  
Convention can be realized, by which to reestablish democratic  
constitutional governance of the state by its human citizenry.

this is to say that every City Hall, State Capital, individual  
citizen and business will placed in relation to this issue of the  
BLACKFLAG and its symbolism- and will have to decide who they are  
standing with.

the colored .US flag of the 'stars and stripes' should be removed  
from all public buildings and all public citizens houses and placed  
in storage, as a relic of an era that has now since passed. it is to  
recognize the death of the ideals, and thus, this .US BLACKFLAG  
represents the death of the state and a new flag will be introduced  
after the state is reconstituted at the federal level, when light  
returns to interactions between citizens and their government, based  
on ideals pursued in a shared reality.

as such, upon abolishing the federal government by legal mandate to  
protect the Constitution and its ability to reconstitute itself as a  
democracy under protected conditions provided by the .US military,  
those of the 50 states of the .US who BLACKFLAG their state  
governments should form a mesh network which could evolve into a  
nascent federal governance structure during this emergency, in that  
this network could naturally self-organize into an optimum relation  
based on shared dynamics, issues, necessitates, priorities, etc. it  
is possible that critical infrastructure and security programs are  
already providing much of this spinal cord, which along with media  
and computing connections, can sustain and even innovate in a legal  
environment by which to better address vital issues of this day.


an important dimension of hoisting the BLACKFLAG locally will be for  
public understanding and awareness and not total chaos and confusion,  
which would benefit fascist elements to exploit. all .US BLACKFLAG  
would be legal actions, within the local laws, and peaceful  
transformation is possible between citizens, as long as they stand  
with citizens and those who protect them. this is a Civil War, albeit  
a rather abstract one, and complex to the degree the reality of  
events is not being portrayed. so information and accurate and  
responsible actions are paramount, as is self-restraint and rule-of- 
law, even while the conflict may play itself out between these  
opposing forces: there is a war now going on, and it is against .US  
citizens and humans and human governance, worldwide. and thus this is  
to enter into this war and to fight for our humanity - the war has  
been going on for years and will go on for years more if it is not  
entered into, and these Insurrectionists must be defeated at their  
own game: which is essentially a business plan for world domination  
by route of armageddon, nothing less. if you consider that 9/11 may  
have been part of this business plan, that United 93, the Iraq war,  
Enron, and 2,500+ .US soldiers and tens of thousands of others lives  
destroyed for an agenda of Insurrectionists, including Anthrax  
mailings to the mass media, Avian Flu, and other evildoing, including  
the political assassination of the .US Senator of Minnesota, Paul  
Wellstone, for the Neoconservatives to advance their global agenda at  
the expense of .US citizens and their constitutional democracy, --  
that this then gets into even stranger territory as the Valerie Plame  
scandal and the outing of the CIA officer brings the internal  
corruption to the point of sacrificing the host (government) to save  
the parasite (Neocons) in .US government, mass media, business,  
industry, military, and even in the United Nations itself.

the .US BLACKFLAG stands against this total and devastating  
corruption including the open treason of Ambassador John Bolton to  
represent an external power before the interest of the United States  
of America. the hubris involved is indeed imperial in representing  
the needs of the Insurrectionists, in defiance of any allegiance to  
the original principles:  the price for this mockery must be  
absolute. this is symbolic of the total corruption of .US government  
on behalf of subversive forces that have both undermined and robbed  
the people of their power over government, by hijacking democracy  


BLACKFLAG OPERATIONS will thus signal and symbolize the entering into  
this conflict by forces which fight on behalf of human citizens and  
seek to reclaim public control in a State of Emergency. the local  
infrastructures of churches, auditoriums, schools, and parks can  
become a place to share information and ideas and the model of  
electronic townhalls using local mass media as a way to share various  
perspective both locally, in situ, and on broadcast television can  
help in the cross-pollination of information and ideas in which to  
enact more direct democracy of citizens over their local affairs, so  
to engage this situation through active participation and as a  
cybernetic organism which gains intelligence through adaptation to  
the new circumstance and evolving better options by which to navigate  
existing and future issues- in relation to the State of Emergency  
soon to exist. the radio stations and television stations and  
newspapers thus have a vital role to play in allying with BLACKFLAG  
OPERATIONS and performing their duties as servants of the shared  
human state, by placing their lot with their constituency and  
serving .US democracy and constitutional governance.

church bells can be considered a potential signaling system, so too,  
all mass media, and likewise if and when BLACKFLAG OPERATIONS are  
underway, .mil birdcalls over major cities via sonicbooms will help  
register the situation to hundreds of thousands immediately, as to  
events about to unfold.

LIGHTNING STRIKES will be of every form imaginable and self- 
organizing networks and decentralized command and control will seek  
to secure basic objectives in the .US, including the defeat and  
arrest and countermeasures against known Insurrectionists, including  
pre-emption of threats to the .US citizenry posed by any of these  
enemies of the public United States of America, and data-mining  
should begin on the Bush Dynasty to uncover the local shadow networks  
operating under their guidance, including politicians,  
businesspersons, organizations, and others who threaten the .US and  
its constitutional democracy. those responsible for 9/11 will be held  
for War Crimes trials, including those in business and industry, and  
the choice is up to those as to whether they want a one-way ticket to  
the ISS or are going to turn-against this corruption of human soul  
and defeat this evil, and as such to repent and redeem your place by  
taking down as much of this system as you can.

this is a basic sketch of .US BLACKFLAG OPERATIONS in the .US with  
regard to Insurrectionists and also a federal State of Emergency that  
would be enacted under which the .US military would take control of  
the deteriorating situation to save the state, and our children's  
fate, from unbridled evil.

the next post will present .US BLACKFLAG OPERATIONS for the mideast  
as it now exists, in which the situation will be inverted so as to  
address all major issues not being addressed by the .US governance  
today, which puts the fate of the region and the world in the minds  
of the 'nuclear salami theory' which circumscribes the unending  
torment and death of so many, to the feeble minds of the  
unconscionably ignorant who supposedly represent .US government on  
behalf of Neoconservatives. this situation is indeed about to burst  
at the seams, and those in the .US military have a clear choice:  
stand with .US citizens and .US constitutional democracy, or stand  
with the Insurrectionists, traitors, fascists, and Neoconservatives  
who have used your faithful service to betray the country you serve.

BLACKFLAG OPERATIONS will be on notice, mideast map will follow with  
legal mandate - freedom of speech to question government is not an  
act of sedition: it is the lawful duty of every citizen to retake  
their state from Insurrectionists, including conducting actions in  
wartime equivalent to neutralize the threats, both existing and  
pending, until citizens are safe, and our children's future is made  

[black flag image] 

    	Every normal man must be tempted at times to spit on his hands,
			hoist the black flag, and begin to slit throats.

     			-- H. L. Mencken, US editor (1880 - 1956)

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GUANTANAMO BAY PRISON // public service announcement
OPEN for international human rights & Red Cross inspections
CLOSE for violating human rights in the name of democracy

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