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<nettime> software art

me llamo untza otsaola aldsa el me gusta el me imagino que te gustan a
sofaa why we shouldlearn several languages? why not rather one big one
instead.. now with these different languages expressing more or less the
same is f?cking rendundant.. a global utopian language project would be
to oh i already abort the sentence but to express the same thing in
several languages doesn't add much to knowledge.. it's what we call
boring and tedious and to enjoy it you have to relate to the esthetic of
the language for immediate joy to keep you going.. because in the end
nothing new is learned except a language that expresses the same.. so
this aborted project could document every language in the world and
extract interesting structures to incorporate in a deep and complex
global language.. oh this is just a perspective because in reality we
only have one language and in a way that's what i'm saying.. and which
already has this complexity. on the same ground it's curious that we're
able to not communicate to each other.. that two languages not to
understand each other.. well i think it's on the surface.. as is
survival of the surfacest.. which also means interface.. two apples are
alike but don't know each other though we sort of think they're in
relation.. they're the same breed of course.. here there's a general
travesty.. a communication link would have to go down the root and up
again another trail.. the lateral is an illusion or a cut-up.. for
instance this long line where each word is different if you view them as
apples they are all different but all words and to connect them you have
to expand the trail.. not only to connect but to give meaning of course
as the nourishment comes from the root.. well there's the sun finally
and primerly as a root.. language might be the most prolific and
promiscuous thing.. everything seem to connect to each other.. so in a
way it reaches back.. the collapse isn't that great.. even more with
data though there are checksum which means that not everything can be
everything.. well in this new protocol everything can be everything.. a
text file can be played as music.. or viewed as movie.. it's inclusive
as html.. errors are just ignored.. nothing throws up.. everything is
allowed.. we'd name it an art protocol.. art://.. artificial rendered
text protocol maybe.. different applications.. text sound animation will
render the art://object differently.. maybe it's an extention.. file
type.. browser which means perception.. presentation layer.. well the
file type defines how it's to be read which is what we want to avoid..
let's say it would mean this file is to be rendered in any
application not creating an error or the error is part of the file..
which is the degenerate solution.. and then making .art applications for
rendering data.. ohwell much is noise.. perverse information.. it
shouldn't be difficult since the main feat is to ignore errors..
software art generally.. or art generally as accepting.. using..
ignoring errors where other domains threw them up.. here we have the
anarchy of data.. all protocol levels are alike.. it's all data..
rendered at your will.. if i knew more programming i'd do something like
this.. not a special purpose app.. it takes any data.. links to the
above.. of global language.. and then with same argument.. we already
have it.. which saves a lot of work.. the neurons don't care.. like the
sea.. throw anything in.. it will play with it with fluidity.. and
gravitation.. here then we see gravitation more clearly.. as in the big
tanks of proton decay finally.. the application is inert.. which means
everything is reflected.. very good.. now i'll go do my toilet and then
my back and neck exercises.. the back is broken in small bits which
makes it flexible but then these errors.. pain receptors within the
application.. without pain we wouldn't feedback and develop.. which
maybe means that what's without pain is also the most primordial.. and
at the same time.. pain goes all the way back to it, down the spine,
it's all broken up, which made us upright

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