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<nettime> preface to Part 3 (on policy)

[several world-scale changes since writing Part 2, thus necessary to  
further understand the situation before continuing. a post on logic  
will follow which will be to consider the present situation as  
existing in two different worldviews/paradigms/realities/etc...]


to continue with strategic planning for .US BLACKFLAG OPERATIONS it  
is important to once again clarify its reason and purpose. in the  
present situation in which there is an endless 'War of Terror' which  
has become a business-model for certain interests whom happen to  
profit from such a mode of global warfaring, the problems being  
'fought' are not even being addressed and instead are being  
exacerbated so as to continue with the extension of this warfaring.  
to resolve issues of the 'War of Terror' would require a fair and  
just resolution of the mideast conflict between Israel and Palestine,  
for instance, in addition to another approach to diplomacy. none of  
this has been possible within 'War of Terror' modeling, because it is  
biased for making war, and doing so in a biased way that looks at  
only one-side of the situation. this 'governance' is happening  
outside of the 'public' checks-and-balances of representative  
government in the .US and instead the decision-making guiding the  
collective state of some 300 million citizens is being led by special- 
interests, which if taking account of these actions make .US citizens  
* less safe * and promotes further TERRORISM against .US citizens and  
interests, because of such contrarian policy. what has occurred,  
instead, is that through INSURRECTIONISTS both internal and external  
to the .US government, the policy of an ally has been out outsourced  
to the .US and subsidized by .US taxpayers which does not benefit .US  
citizens or the .US state, and has killed tens of thousands of  
innocent citizens in its pursuit, and some 2,600 .US soldiers  
fighting for a cause that exists outside of the domain of the .US  
constitution yet this INSURRECTIONIST POLICY is equated as being a  
natural extension of the constitution: that is, to put the .US  
government and .US voluntary military in service to another country  
to pursue its foreign policy objectives via fighting and dying on its  
behalf and for its strategic interests. any .US leader who advocates  
such strategic actions is doing so against the very interests of the  
state and its peoples and is incompetent in protecting and defending  
its public interests in a hostile and chaotic world. there is no law  
which can justify treason as patriotism.

and yet, given a complex world, it may be possible that whatever  
the .US interests are in such a foolish policy as it was undertaken,  
that the good can still be salvaged from this misguided affair of  
state, if there is a wholesale change in leadership and direction  
from this point onward. that is, to rebuild what has been lost, and  
to take command and control of this situation so as to turn it around  
and secure the situation, begin .US troop withdrawals, while also  
engaging and addressing issues of nuclear peace, mideast peace, and a  
2-state solution between .PS and .IL by which to resolve the 'War of  
Terror' and start the new millennium by building, not destroying it.

in other words: what will be worth all the bloodshed and treasure?  
securing mideast peace. it will save the mission and put the  
sacrifices in the proper context in which they belong-- the ultimate  
goal is to secure a world at peace and allow it to work together for  
mutual goals and shared prosperity- this is what is required to begin  
on that path, which will both differentiate the 21st century from all  
preceding centuries while connecting it with the greatest events of  
the past, and define world civilization anew, at world-scale, and to  
govern in this realm.

it is in this way that even though .US policy may have been wrong,  
that given the way things work with machineries of state, it may also  
have been 'necessary' in terms of how state automatically function in  
pursuit of their goals, as behavioral mechanisms, and in this paradox  
that there may still exist a human dimension whereby - it is true and  
believed - that there is some saving grace from all of this, and that  
should this current situation be turned around, that in the end, some  
centuries later, it may have allowed changes to occur that otherwise  
possibly would not have been able to, even if wrong and immoral. this  
is to say that, given the givens, and how politics work, that  
President Bush banked his presidency on this decision, as being the  
right one, for its transcendent aspects of being able to resolve the  
problems of mideast peace. at this point the only way that is going  
to happen is by taking another strategy which actually can and does  
resolve the ongoing and new problems, yet this requires the wholesale  
jettisoning of Neoconservative and status-quo policies in the mideast  
so as to secure a region-wide and worldwide resolution of these  
issues-- thus to save this situation and to enable resolution of the  
dimensions it has opened up, requires a total transformation of  
approach which can and will secure a mideast peace and vindicate the  
human dimension - of greater freedom, representation, respect, and  
cultural development - in the mideast, yet in a way other than  
planned by INSURRECTIONISTS who have become the biggest problem in  
the existing scenario. therefore, the sooner they stand down, the  
sooner the proper approach to moving forward with this situation will  
be able to occur, and if they truly want to live to see their  
ultimate goals accomplished, of mideast peace, they should support  
those willing to work in the middle and the gray-areas who can see  
this through to the next stage, and work together with others * on  
the same-side *, the human side of this world coin, instead of  
pursuing machined solutions that only dehumanize and work against  
peaceful and just resolutions.

this is not about politics - this is about governance. local,  
national, and world governance and in whose name and interest it is  
pursued. if it is pursued in the shared 'human' interest, if it is  
in .IQ or between .PS and .IL, it is different than if it is pursued  
in the name of religion or nationalism or ideology or culture. as  
humans everyone has a stake in seeing humanity triumph over the out- 
of-control machineries of state which can automatically launch  
nuclear weapons strikes or counterattacks by default of programming  
in intensities as they exist today. thus, there is a moral obligation  
to not forget the humanity involved, in stoking nuclear rhetoric, as  
this situation can become dangerous to the point where it is a  
competition only between machines. which is the entire problem with  
the 'War of Terror' rhetoric: the dehumanization of the enemy as  
'terrorists' has turned people, humans who are defending their homes  
and their children and families in Iraq, into 'terrorists' -- which  
is disingenuous and even strategically blasphemous as to accurately  
depicting the situation as it exists, and not as it is ideologically  
believed to be in a distorted model of reality as it is wished to be,  
so as to justify the current approach which is unjust and immoral,  
because it is based on lies, deceits, and deception in pursuit of  
goals which are contrary to the ideas (.US Constitution) which are  
placed in their service, to pursue, as if it is all based on divine  
action. that is, torture, collective punishment, arbitrary  
destruction, -- based on a stategy and ideas not only incoherent,  
they are without truth.

the .US military needs to stop its pursuit of machine-based decision- 
making whose programming has been hacked by the NEOCONS and start to  
serve the human cause in its policies. this is the _only way to turn  
this situation around: to realign with the fundamental and original  
principles of the .US constitution, to uphold these principles, as  
they will protect the .US military and its citizens and will allow  
the horrendous relationships that now exist to be re-established once  
changes take place with .US BLACKFLAG OPERATIONS. that is, the .US  
military needs to regain respect and honor that has been lost to the  
lies and abuses of being misled on this misguided and illegal  
international action, and doing so will secure their return and also  
place them in service to the overriding goals of the .US state which  
is the human cause, which can be found in all situations now  
underway, and whose basis for strategy will help secure the end of  
this 'War of Terror' by resolving the core issues which underly all  
of these ongoing conflicts-- thus, there is not only hope and reason  
to believe this can be turned around-- there is the opportunity to  
take where things exist today, with the .US military where it now  
exists, and to strategically transform this situation through their  
actions in largely non-combat policy missions, GOODWILL missions,  
which will achieve the ultimate goals by which these actions were  
undertaken: only a route different than the NEOCONS intended. and by  
pursuing such a course, in cooperation and along with the help from  
others both regionally and at world-scale, will be able to transform  
and rebalance the basic geostrategic relationship from a world at war  
to one that established a world at peace.

this is not an overstatement if considering the existing context is  
of endless war, generated by the mideast conflict at world-scale,  
while to resolve this in a mideast peace settlement with regional  
development via infrastructural projects would be to transform the  
existing destruction into one of peaceful building, which nullifies  
the need for an endless 'War of Terror' through its achievements.

needless to say, everyone can find a place in working toward this  
shared goal, no matter where on the spectrum they may exist, if  
warriors or neoconservatives even. that is, to refrain from working  
against such a peaceful and innovative resolution of the existing  
situation, to give it a chance to succeed, and allow those willing to  
take the necessary risks to take them, and to support them in the  
ways possible, so as to improve the odds that doing the impossible  
may not only be necessary, it becomes the only way through this. and  
there will be war and death and terror until this basic fact is  
realized, that only human beings can resolve this situation in a way  
that works for everyone, where all gain 2/3rds of what they need,  
while not getting everything (3/3) - this requires compromising or  
letting go of 1/3rd of ideological views where one gets all they can  
demand, which allows a grey-area to exist, to enable coexistence.

this is to say, 'work with us' as human beings, else in working  
against humanity one is to place themselves in league with machines  
and their automated and dehumanized development which is, it has been  
proposed, the underlying reason for these conflicts, and which can  
and will be addressed in terms of modes of governance, by  
reconfiguring these (constitutional) relationships between citizens  
and their states, and issues of constitutional representation (human  
citizens/corporate machines) as soon as this situation can be brought  
under the command and control of .US BLACKFLAG OPERATIONS and  
navigated in such a way as to serve the .US populace and its human  
interests, and contribute to resolving world conflicts as a human  
state in relation to other human states, and not as it now exists, as  
dehumanized corporate machines seeking to dominate the planet via out- 
of-control hegemonic policies. this is the choice, both internally  
and externally, as to questions of present development (via machines  
which govern humanity versus humans which govern machinery) and the  
reconfiguring of world order in these terms will help bring about  
transformation at world-scale which ultimately will enable the (new)  
reality at this scale to be accurately modeled and accounted for in  
decision-making which enables engaging the problems we share as  
humans living on the planet (poverty, climate change, illiteracy,  
disease, etc). this world ecosystem and the organic development of  
its circuitry, in defense of our shared human interests, gives reason  
to hope versus only despair the terms by which are present is now  
being mediated, in 20th century ideologies that are limited by the  
20th c. ideologues who can only serve this binary worldview and its  
limited and distorted and 'backward' modeling of things: which is  
unreality itself.

thus, to continue with .US BLACKFLAG OPERATIONS [outside.US] is  
necessary to secure this new option in a sea of despair and to use  
the shared vision and constellation of ideas by which to navigate  
together towards these new shores on the horizon. to keep in mind the  
purpose of government, to steer in the best direction, whether it is  
for individuals or larger collective states, and to make a choice as  
to whether this guide will be sentient, feeling, loving human beings  
who strive for greater good, or the inhumanity of our machinery,  
which has become like a beast, enslaving us as it grows into a  
monster which seeks to destroy our very own existence. to those in  
the daydream utopia of the .US, this may only seem like fiction, yet  
to those who suffer the consequences of decision-making which has no  
actual human interest in its core operations, it should be rather  
clear when human morality has given way to machines, and their  
immorality, which becomes fascism -- and those who support it are in  
no uncertain terms themselves also FASCISTS. and, if the existing  
situation is such that the STATUS-QUO in its day-to-day existence,  
actually _breeds FASCISM -- then there is also a culpability of the  
average citizen, who is enslaved to such a state of affairs that  
oppresses humanity itself-- that the little decisions to go along  
with things as they are has a terrible and exacting price: humans are  
being killed to grow this machine, and sooner or later you will be  
next. until things are changed, transformed, this malfunctioning  
mechanism itself abolished and then reconstituted within a different  
arrangement that balances the human and machine interests, and  
governs according to higher ideals, not base materialism where humans  
are equated with machines, and policies pursued in the name of  
religion by politicians actually serve an evil agenda.

with this in mind, the following seeks to outline further steps to  
take to secure this new arrangement. none of which is arbitrary in  
its pursuit as to the goals described, all of which becomes necessary  
and a first step towards taking back our destiny from machines...

the situation that exists both inside and outside the .US with regard  
to the pursuit of "War of Terror" policies are based on a BIASED  
decision-making process which exists outside of public checks and  
balances -- and go's about declaring people 'TERRORISTS' in a way  
that places any such actions in a context of illegality and  
immorality, and worthy of lethal engagement by .US military force, as  
if this warmaking is necessary to the collective defense and  
protection of the .US constitution and democratic governance, no less.

every thesis needs to be able to be disproved, else it exists beyond  
the realm of shared reasoning and exists only in terms of faith or  
belief in ideas which may themselves run counter to reality. as such,  
the 'War of Terror' stands in disregard of uncomfortable *facts*  
which disprove its assertions about the nature of reality and the  
ineffectiveness of its own modeling to engage issues it is espoused  
to  be doing. instead, this "War of Terror" instead exists in the  
realm of THEORY, and not scientific theory in which peer review  
places the ideas in some context of checks and balances, and  
experiments are needed to justify the theory, and instead in the  
theorization of language games in which one can declare a model of  
reality to be the truth, as one sees it, and can meander along such a  
path, reliant only upon their power to dictate such a path, no matter  
if the half-life of its relation to facts outside itself and its own  
hall of mirrors become an infinitely small slice of relativistic  
thinking and perception which is equated with a universal vantage  
point. and no matter what anyone says or does, this 'personal  
subjective truth', contingent upon only those things as seen from a  
given perspective, is somehow equated with representing an accurate  
and balanced view of the infinitely more complex situation which is  
based on collective reasoning, not privatized reasoning which becomes  
a fixed-marketplace of ideas in which to exchange views which are  
self-similar, in an empire of ideas, a private empiricism, said and  
believed to represent the state of affairs as they exist, as these  
are their representations, within such a methodology which is  
detached from the basic requirements for public considerations.

in other words, this is to say the 'War of Terror' is all very  
postmodern, in the sense of critically failure of ideological  
proportions, which exists in terms of loopholes of big ideas, and  
then taking any given particular exploit and suddenly calling it all  
that exists, and the new standard by which things should be weighted,  
judged, explained, etc. all the while, exempt from peer-review  
because of the babbling din of 'intellectual' discourse has everyone  
speaking without saying anything of substance with regard to the  
actual underlying issues. it is the triumph of relativism and amoral  
if not immoralism, to weigh and juggle options and decision-making as  
if its exists on these very terms- and not something fundamentally  
else, other, underneath which is much more sinister, known, and  
undermined by the acceptance of this as the status quo approach to  
issues of war or peace. academism has been militarized in that, by  
appropriating its own hypocritical bureaucracy which accepts this  
industrial ideologism -- it justifies policies which utilizes  
language games which are ultimately 'head games' in pursuit of  
policies, a complex camouflage by which to enact a FASCIST agenda via  
this very status quo.

with regard to this issue of 'theory-based' warfare, devoid of  
reliance on facts or evidence or even truth itself, and the policies  
which autogenerate it, as if a set of programmers were set about to  
making such a task for the machinery of state, by which to  
function... it is this same dynamic which is seen in the .US  
GOVERNMENT in which this very same aspect of communication via  
DISCOURSE has become an issue and seemingly only an issue of language  
games, by which to mediate and influence events, as they are  
designed... this is to say that the .US Congress, those in the House  
and Senate who 'legislate' ideas (making laws) are held in a unique  
position with regard to this aspect of THEORY: because if it exists  
in the realm of the sciences, this theorization would mean one thing  
while if it exists in the realm of the humanities, it would mean  
something else entirely. that is, it may be that a LAW could be the  
outcome of a theory which has proven itself to accurately model the  
nature of reality as it exists, via peer review and observation and  
experiments, and through its accurate representation of a situation,  
and its not being 'disproven' in its own claims, may be considered in  
some way to exist as a known standard of how things operate and  
exist. and thus can be incorporated in the basic modeling of events  
and their dynamics, functioning, etc.  this usually being based on  
mathematical modeling and physical experiments which place the  
reality of the ideas in relation to the material realm, in which the  
validity and veracity of ideas is brought under intense and complete  
scrutiny to achieve a high-quality and refined knowledge of what is  
claimed to be true versus what actually exists, as truth, of what is  

on the other side of this culture (ref. CP SNOW) there is the use of  
'THEORY' that equates with non-mathematical approach to ideas which  
enable that which can exist _in language_ to become its own type of  
system of representation of the nature of things, ideas, in which  
this process of peer review and verification happens within language  
itself, as its own system of peer review -- which is detached from  
material or physical nature in the sense that experiments are self- 
contained within language itself, within ideas, and are not necessary  
to map into the empirical realm by which others can validate or  
disprove any assertions being made, for their claims of universality  
of representing a situation as it is perceived to exist. what instead  
may *only* function as HYPOTHESES in language, unproven speculations,  
can take on the mantel of existing as if defining a universe of  
THEORETICAL LAW - merely by thinking something is true, which thus  
allows it to exist as truth, in one's own subjective relativist point  
of view of any given events, which, if embedded in a hierarchy of  
power or consensus-based marketplaces of ideas, can automatically  
validate the worth or value of such information as if it has more  
universal value, theoretically, than it may actually have, with  
regard to modeling a given reality. in other words, THEORY in this  
sense is detached from a modeling of reality which is based on checks- 
and-balances of outsiders who may disprove the ideas or claims being  
made, in terms of their universality, and this has become the status  
quo in academics today. that is, if you say it is true, it is, if you  
believe it and just keep writing. when things get trapped in  
'discourse' this does not invalidate the point of view, this  
validates it by extending it as a viewpoint which can sustain  
existence through reasoning that is equally or relativistically as  
valid as any other viewpoint, yet moreso if it is taken on as the  
overriding point of view by which things are reasoned. in this way,  
what is STATUS QUO may in itself validate the championing of a given  
chosen relativism for a greater universality around which ideas are  
supposed to gravitate, by mere consensus that cannot be disproven by  
facts -- because it is assumed to carry some quality of legislating a  
given reality, by declaring its perspective as paramount, by which to  
empirically order and relate to events. in this sense it may be more  
fictional than anything else, reliant upon a given context or  
particular set of facts by which to perceive an issue or idea, yet  
able to edit out anything that may seek to challenge this view, for  
the priority of having such a point of view based on individualist  
and demographic legitimacy. that is, some right to represent a point  
of view, however it may be conceived to exist, by a given subject, on  
any other given subject, as one sees fit.

the situation in day-to-day affairs may exist in-between these views,  
where this personal subjectivism and impersonal objectivism are found  
to overlap between the realms of mathematics and language, in that  
the reality exists in a muddled middle ground in which logic and  
psychological identity of the observer navigates this realm and how  
ideas and observations and observers exist within it.

and in this way, the ideas of THEORY overlap between one view which  
is based in physical law of sciences and another view which is based  
on mental law of language and communication and representation. it is  
in such a way that when the .US Congress or .US Mass Media mediates  
ideas, it is to happen in such a complex realm where 'truth' exists  
in a spectrum of interpretations which range from 'what can be  
thought' to 'what can be proven'. and that the modeling of events,  
based on the accurate representations of reality, as it exists and  
not merely as it is believed or hoped to exist, relies upon the  
integrity of the thinking and those doing this thinking...

for, if thinking is ultimately a game, by which one can compete over  
which version of the truth 'wins' - regardless of the actual truth of  
the nature of reality, and instead of a truth which exists simply  
because it is the consensus -- it is 'created' or legislated to  
exist, far beyond the realm of facts on the ground, where this truth  
becomes law, because it is willed as such, -- that this relativist's  
reality can thus claim a universal perspective by which to mediate  
and empiricize (as Empire, if you will) events, by declarations of  
truth as one see's it, and which is verified and built and  
strengthened by all others who can, likewise, see it the same way, --  
that in 'mass' media and a mass culture that at this SCALE of ideas,  
that a view or representation of events which finds its justification  
by a status quo approval of its modeling as if an accurate or best  
representation of the reality, regardless of the actual facts and  
instead, as a given option or choice by which to choose between  
views-- that the choice of *these given facts* over another set of  
relativistic facts can enable an arbitrary and ungrounded reality to  
be represented and pursued, as if defining a collective situation  
that exists only in fantasy and is largely based on fictitious  
accounting that is never squared with outside viewpoints and can be  
progressed until the very threshold where the unreality of this  
modeling is faced by its antithesis, in reality. in other words: the  
fiction that is the War of Terror finds its antithesis in events  
which contradict its version of events, and invert what is being  
claimed as being unreality itself. (9/11 and Iraq, or .PS democracy  
as terrorism, torture as democracy, etc.).

the purpose for delving into this is because .US policy and .US  
decision-making is based upon such a scenario by which, thinking  
people pursue ideas in ways that can be totally detached from reality  
itself, and beyond any checks and balances, in terms of the basic  
philosophy of ideas and their interaction-- by the biases inherent in  
the nature of thinking today, language, communication, etc.

and, thus, whether a citizen or a representative in government or the  
leadership of the collective state itself, all exist within this  
given context in which ideas are mediated, 'resolved' through some  
decision-making in governance, by which to take actions on behalf of  
the many interests, somehow charting a course that is supposed to get  
from A -> B, in a way that accurately models events so as to actually  
go from point A -> B and not from point A -> Z, where things exist  
today. for instance, pursuit of the 'War of Terror' was supposed to  
secure certain objectives and a worldview which verifies its approach  
as effective in representing what is going on, and in securing this  
reality via a mode of interaction which has proven itself disastrous.  
such NEOCONSERVATIVE policy could only be further pursued, regardless  
of facts, truth, or reality, if it were happening beyond any of  
these, in the realm of postmodern THEORY in which physical and  
material facts do not matter as to the hypothesis, as it has become  
pure IDEOLOGY, and cannot be disproven to the true believers, who  
have faith in their own constructions no matter evidence to the  
contrary. thus, while WAR may be the most material of events, what  
drives this warmaking may itself be detached from material checks-and- 
balances altogether, in that material truth is unnecessary in holding  
accountable the ideas in which tens of thousands have died on behalf  
of bad, if not unfit ideas, not to speak of evil agendas, etc. this  
is to say that the 'truth' of a given perspective such as the 'War of  
Terror' can become separated out from the 'reality' of this very same  
'War of Terror' -- and the two can proceed apace to such a degree  
that the 'thesis' of the idea is ultimately only able to be disproven  
by the reality of these ideas as they exist opposed to a given  
modeling of events, -- this is to say that the 'reality' ultimately  
becomes the antithesis to the THEORY, which is not based on facts or  
truth or representing reality itself, and as such the THESIS ('War of  
Terror') finds its antithesis in reality outside of its controlled  
interpretation and private modeling of events, and it is at this  
point that its hollowness and vacancy of truthfulness is seen for  
what it is, by outside observations that readily prove it is not  
capable of accurately modeling what it claims to model, and instead  
may be an absolute failure as an idea, to model what it claims to, in  
terms of ideas, in that it is based on subjective and relativistic  
and even falsity and lies which distort the true situation as it  
exists, in the experimental evidence -- and that to somehow be  
obliged to the further pursuit of this set of ideas would be to  
pursue them based on 'faith' and 'hope' and 'belief' in ideas proven  
to be wrong, inaccurate, and unfit for representing the situation,  
and to continue on such a path, _as ideas- in terms of truth,  
thinking, reasoning-- which is not based on any of these.

in this way it could be said that this 'War of Terror' is an ideology  
that is based on a HYPOTHESIS which does not model the actual  
situation being encountered, yet it is pursued as if it is a THEORY  
of what exists, yet not in terms of physical sciences and what this  
entails and instead of in terms of the use of language and  
communication by which to secure a view in a hierarchical system by  
which to exploit this private subjective relativistic viewpoint into  
a mass mediated environment that is supposed to represent world  
reality of all citizens in a fight of good against evil, as if it is  
actually in the best interests of the human public, existing in  
objective terms, and somehow definitive of a universal battle by  
which all souls will be weighed at the end of this long and  
extenuating armageddon...

instead of engaging this situation as it exists, it is this very  
BABBLE that has become the generator of the policies which themselves  
are TERRORIZING human citizens worldwide in the name of the automated  
and inhuman development of machineries of state, as they are scaled  
from automaton individuals by the millions, who accept this as a  
model of engagement, as it is the status quo and the default in the  
mediating of events, via philosophy-- and therefore, at the level of  
ideas and their role in this programming of TERROR, and the need for  
the state of machinery whether individual or national or global to  
exist in this paradigm of the 'War of Terror', it is up to this  
thinking to also be conquered and transformed -- so as to align  
itself with the option of Mideast Peace by which to provide the  
legislators of ideas, ourselves and our own governance and self- 
representations which scale up to the world of affairs as they exist,  
to  most accurately model and represent what is known to be true, by  
way of reasoning and debate, with public checks and balances, by  
which to navigate in such realms -- when instead today no one can  
share common communication based on shared facts because the basic  
philosophy of relativist ideologies of the 20th century holds onto  
human minds, privatizing them and obliterating the shared  
intelligence that could exist, for a lesser reality of what can be  
accomplished by holding onto the formatted egos of institutions (i.e.  
machines) which seek to represent the nature of reality as if it were  
simply a matter of manufacturing what one believes to be true.

ultimately it is a question of the theology if not theocracy of  
ideas, in a democratic, versus their secular philosophical appraisal  
by which to accurately represent what exists as it exists, without  
the supernatural agendas one may claim their ideas entail, yet which  
exists beyond peer review or critique or even the ability to disprove  
a THESIS, which itself exists to be disproven so as to evolve and  
adapt and refine itself: and instead policies and people and ideas  
exist in this muddled realm of non-scientific THEORY, which is only  
HYPOTHESIS and not self-declaring law-making of the mind, which is  
ignorant to the degree one believes themselves omnipotent to another  
perspective of events, and winds down their own internal clock of  
integrity until the total hypocrisy is laid bare for all to see...  
say, like the 'War of Terror' having almost no merit whatsoever in  
the ideas it espouses to expertly pursue as geostrategic policy,  
having been a total failure which has sunk the .US state yet which  
still seeks to govern regardless of any facts standing in the way.

to say that the current leadership in the .US is unfit to govern is  
the understatement of the past few millennia, to say that furthering  
of any decision-making by these 'representatives' be allowed to  
continue, as if it is to uphold any reasonable oath of office, is  
beyond reason, and too kind for what has occurred under their  
direction. this is sheer incompetence and disregard for truth and  
reality and people are dying every hour due to these decisions which  
cannot and will not be transformed by those who created this  
situation to begin with. they have zero legitimacy in terms of ideas,  
and are incapable of continuing on in their positions of leadership  
as this is to serve them, at their limits, while the state suffers  
under their guidance. the current administration should not be  
supported any further in policies and they should immediately step  
down and resign their positions of leadership and allow a new  
government to be formed, via constitutional convention as previously  

so too, legislators who are in the .US Congress who support ideas and  
create policies in this realm are likewise totally incompetent to  
pursue the interests of public .US citizens, as human beings, in the  
existing mechanism and should themselves disavow themselves of  
continuing on in this charade of democratic governance-- by publicly  
recognizing this .US system of governance is totally broken and that  
a constitutional convention should be called, and the elections of  
2006 postponed by each party in search of fixing what is now unable  
to work until it is abolished and reconstituted under new rules of  
engagement. someone has to speak reality to the existing  
misrepresented truth, that the the nature of governance today is  
incapable of effectively sustaining its own core functioning, in  
terms of constitutional democracy and not in terms of a corporate  
dictatorship that now exists, indefinitely, and will be extended by  
whatever next politician steps in to take over representing this  
state of perpetual TERROR. (1) this is not good enough, and this is  
surely not democracy as it is based on the .US constitution, and the  
rule of law and not the arbitrary interpretations of private men.

as said, this can thesis can be proven, and the existing modeling  
disproven, in public debate, via reasoning which can be checked and  
balanced by other views, and in such a democratic forum it would be  
arguable as to what the actual legal constitutional actions would be  
necessary to resolve this situation, if it is accurately representing  
the situation as it exists. this has been argued to be that the .US  
military takes COMMAND and CONTROL over the .US Government so as to  
stop this wrong-headed and wrong-minded pursuit of policy which is  
actually MADNESS which automatically is developing the TERRORISM that  
it seeks to destroy, which is the business model of INSURRECTIONISTS  
who are in the process of destroying the democratic state as it was  
once constituted. and as such, this is a state of emergency which  
until it engaged, threatens every citizen and the world itself, with  
hidden consequences of waiting indefinitely to change the course of  
events as they are unfolding, so as to pursue another and better  
course for humanity. versus the private dictates and aberrations and  
beliefs of a given man and his kind and his self-interests and  
business objectives.

in such a way it is in this realm of ideas, which is based in a  
context of 20th century philosophy and thinking, that those who are  
doing the thinking and representing and decision-making are  
themselves components which are creating (necessitating) this 'War of  
Terror' by default of the status-quo functioning of the state, as it  
works against the spirit of its original constitution and human  
constituency. this is not debatable if in the realm of facts, yet can  
be avoided by language games and the one-way short-circuiting of mass  
media. as such this is to take a stand against the illusion of  
continuing along this charted course, as if it is going to end up any  
other place than where it has been going for 5+ years, and into the  
future with each new ideological component added to its inner  
workings. it must be stopped, annihilated in terms of its automated  
functioning, and this situation brought under human command and  
control, by which to rebalance what is not working and what is  
working against human interests, so as to bring an end to this  
ongoing madness.

including the generation and pursuit of bad ideas in the form of  
policies and law-making that run counter to reality, as it exists,  
and instead is a realm of fantastic fiction in which what is claimed  
to be dealt with through expertise of representatives, is instead  
only a charade and a caricature which serves no one except the  
automated machinery of inhuman development and those who serve and  
represent it, as part of this cybernetic organism, choosing to  
represent the interests of this machinery over those of human  
citizens. if domestically or in foreign policy. in this way, the  
continuation of BLACKFLAG OPERATIONS must take into account this  
inner working of .US policy making as being critical to the failures  
now underway, in that it automatically creates more problems than it  
is solving and must be brought under .US COMMAND and CONTROL so as to  
have a chance at establishing MIDEAST PEACE via .US policy. it is not  
possible given the existing configuration because the legislatures  
exist outside of constitutional law in their own functioning, and are  
beyond public checks and balances as they represent special  
interests, in particular those of the Neoconservative machine.  
therefore, .US BLACKFLAG OPERATIONS would short-circuit this and  
place .US policy in the hands of public citizens once again, so as to  
secure the policy maneuvers and public agenda necessary to transform  
this endless global war into a sharing of global peace.

[cont. Part 3]

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// if not a dictatorship of corporate democracy now, when?

[1] Bush challenges hundreds of laws: President cites powers of his  
By Charlie Savage, Globe Staff  |  April 30, 2006 

	"'President Bush has quietly claimed the authority to disobey more  
than 750 laws enacted since he took office, asserting that he has the  
power to set aside any statute passed by Congress when it conflicts  
with his interpretation of the Constitution.' ... "Bruce Fein, a  
deputy attorney general in the Reagan administration, said the  
American system of government relies upon the leaders of each branch  
''to exercise some self-restraint." But Bush has declared himself the  
sole judge of his own powers, he said, and then ruled for himself  
every time"

[2] Rice, Rumsfeld block access to secret detainees: ICRC 

	'Kellenberger said: "No matter how legitimate the grounds for  
detention, there exists no right to conceal a person's whereabouts or  
to deny that he or she is being detained."' .. 'The former senior  
Swiss diplomat said that the ICRC (International Committee of the Red  
Cross) would continue to seek access to such people as a matter of  
priority.' .. 'The main objective of his annual visit this week was  
for the ICRC to be granted access to "all persons held by the U.S. in  
the context of the fight against terrorism, an issue he first raised  
with the U.S. government over two years ago," the agency said.'

GUANTANAMO BAY PRISON // public service announcement
OPEN for international human rights & Red Cross inspections
CLOSE for violating human rights in the name of democracy

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