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<nettime> after a war?

the first videoworks from afghanistan in Germany. we try to investigate on 
public spheres. I will report our experience and send the links to the list 
about the works, if that is ok? If you are interested?
on www.fehe.org are some radiointerviews and videos as well.

best regards


On June 18, Leonhardi Cultureproject is pleased to announce the opening of 
the exhibition ?Young Kabul Art?, which is covered under the title 
?vulnerable societies?. By culture exchange of the arts, we expect to 
experience in Germany and in Afghanistan more than just a view of another 
society. New forms of communication have been developed through artistic 
experience. Artists are in this context the protagonists of a new democratic 
society. Current artistic work from the surrounding field of the CCAA has 
initiated processes for socialization and opened new fields for the artistic 
experience for Afghani society.

Rahraw Omarzad born in Kabul 1964, is on of the protagonists of the young 
Kabul art-scene. He is the founder of the Center for Contemporary Art in 
Afghanistan and investigates with his students new artistic styles in 
current photo and video works. In films like ?Circle?, ?Reopening?, 
?Two-dimensional?, ?Close Door?, ?From the world of Darkness?, ?Yesterday 
and today? and ?Sympathy? the students are dealing with current problems of 
their society. The photoworks from Omarzad circles around the sade wakening 
of the city, or about children who become the father of their own family. 
>From a formalistic standpoint he revails himself of contemporary artistic 
technics. But his subject matters remains of local motives and themes. These 
photoworks and videoworks will be shown here for the first time out of 

With Rahraw Omarzad who is also the publisher of the only country-wide art 
magazine in Kabul, Gahnama e Hunar are workshops and discussions planned  to 
be documented in their art magazine. We are planning one special issue of 
Gahnama e Hunar about public spheres and we will prepare it with works from 
the students and the photoworks.

Zpugmai Zadran was born 1978 in Kabul in an Afghan Family and moved to 
Germany, where she grew up. She attended the Städelschool of Art in 
Frankfurt and studied with Wolfgang Tillmans. The body of her work exhibited 
here consists of photographs she produced when she travelled to Afghanistan 
in the summer of 2005. In her intimate pictures of her homeland she explores 
a cultural contrast which has become foreign to her and develops a unique 
perspective in both portraits and snapshots of a vulnerable and wounded 

The project is also under the patronage of the Goethe-Institute, Kabul.

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