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<nettime> Robert Anton Wilson Needs Our Help. (fwd)

Please note below - Alan

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Subject: Robert Anton Wilson Needs Our Help. (fwd)

I just received this email from James Koehnline and thought that people
here on the wryting list might want to know about this...

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Subject: Robert Anton Wilson Needs Our Help.

It has come to my attention that Robert Anton Wilson is dying of
post- polio syndrome and is broke. He can use any help he can get,
to enable him to die peacefully at home. See details here: http://

I read RAW's Cosmic Trigger and Illuminatus Trilogy in 1977, and they
launched me in a number of directions that have had a large effect on
my life. I saw him speak several times, corresponded with him in the
90's and once had lunch with him and Hakim Bey. I think he's a great
guy, and a wonderful writer, philosopher, guru and wit. It is hard to
think of him unable to pay his rent.

As usual, I'm broke, too, but I'll dig up some collectible ephemera or
some artwork to auction on his behalf, and spread the word as best I
can. If his work has touched you, consider doing what you can. If you
don't know his work, find some and read it.

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