John Young on Fri, 13 Oct 2006 23:23:38 +0200 (CEST)

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Re: <nettime> Gender and You

Feminism is not the same as women, maybe not about most of
them either. It addresses a fairly small set of some women's
interests, and some of those women extrapolate their interests to
women in general. And a small number of men use this as a
means to presume to know what women are and, to be sure,
want, that is, they want to be a certain kind of men pretending 
to be women of a certain kind, most often brainy show-offs.

Similarly malism, or masculism, is not the same as men, and 
definitely is not about most men, but addresses the interests of
a few men who extrapolate their interests to men in general.
A small number of women use this as a means to presume to
know what men are and, to be sure, want, that is they want to
be kind of women pretending to be men of a certain kind, most
often brainy show-offs.

An even smaller number of women and men toy with becoming
faux men and women, pretending like mad, utilizing narrow interests 
and perceptions abstracted from real women and real men in general 
which cannot be known in their generality but only by selective 
abstract positings based on limited direct acquaintance -- customarily 
only familiarity with a few hundred actual experiences and maybe 
ten to a hundred times that amount by way of "study" of the 
gender topic (once lumped as the humanities, oh the humanities).

Queerism attempts to surpass all too easy feminism and
masculism -- which incorrectly identify feminism with women 
and masculism with men. The vagina and the phallus are
conjoined in the anus ashitting during penetration, abirthing
congealed philosophy, or art, aboriginal, pre-verbal, farting
precursing argument and song.

Yes, there is a cartesian incertainty, gratitude at being alive, 
upon delivering a pile or puddle of feces, contributing to the 
earth's refertilization, sui generizing triumphantly, autoerotic
coitus if comical to see in toilet mounted video.

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