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<nettime> today: Migrants in Action, Streaming from Amsterdam [signed]

Commemoration of Schiphol Detention Centre Victims

Join the live stream on Thursday night, October 26, 2006 from 8 pm 
until Friday 27th 10 a.m
Go to: <>

Tonight a live web stream will be produced to commenorate the people 
that died at Amsterdam's Schiphol Airport (The Netherlands) during a 
fire at the temporary detention centre in the night of 26-27 October 
2005. Eleven irregular migrants were killed, and fifteen other people 
injured, as a result of the fire.

One year later, on the night of 26 to 27 October 2006, commemorations 
will be held all over the Netherlands in memory and respect of those 
who lost their lives in that terrible night one year ago.

Commemorative service in the Dominicus Church, Spuistraat 14, 
Amsterdam, 07:00 08:30 p.m.

Family, friends and survivors will gather before the gate of the 
detention centre at five minutes before mid night, the exact time the 
fire broke out.  An all-night vigil will be held at Schiphol East 
detention centre, Oude Meer, Ten Pol 64, from 09:00 p.m. 8 a.m. the 
next morning.

Turning point: Schiphol

A calamitous fire at Schiphol Airport deportation centre in the night 
of 25-26 October 2005, in which 11 defenseless migrants died, was the 
immediate and shocking cause for denouncing Dutch immigration 
policies and initiating the LEFT WITH NOTHING campaign (named 
"vertrokken gezichten" in Dutch). Its objective: immediate abolition 
of detention of migrants. All people should be equally free to cross 
borders as money, goods and services!

The catastrophic fire at Schiphol was a sad and all-time low in 20 
years of restrictive immigration policies in the Netherlands. Our 
objective is to make it a turning point. The campaign intends to 
demonstrate that there are better ways of approaching the realities 
of global migration issues: together with survivors and the next of 
kin of the victims we mark the occasion of this tragedy, while trying 
to turn over a new leaf.

Deportation and detention centre Schiphol-East was built as 
expeditiously and cheaply as possible, in answer to the need to 
construct a large number of low-cost holding cells at the earliest 
possible notice. Holding cells for detaining large numbers of people. 
Their safety was not an issue: efficiency was key. The fire at 
Schiphol thus shows the true face of Dutch immigration policies in 
all its horror.

We seek to highlight that the fire at Schiphol was by no means an 
isolated incident. Rather, it was a direct result of our national 
immigration policies, where parsimony is the operative word the core 
policy objective is to expel illegal aliens as cheaply and 
expeditiously as possible.

The Campaign

LEFT WITH NOTHING intends to translate the widespread feelings of 
unease and horror into real solidarity. We raise money in support of 
the victims and to help them rebuild their lives, for meeting the 
costs of legal redress and for active campaigning: Detention of 
innocent people must be stopped!

LEFT WITH NOTHING directly addresses the survivors immediate 
needs.The campaign runs a contact point for all those who are victims 
of the fire: including all those who have been branded illegal, those 
who have subsequently been deported (!) and those who have had the 
random good fortune of obtaining generally only temporary official 
status. The campaigns support team of professionals and volunteers 
provides them with much-needed opportunities to unburden, share 
experiences and receive assistance.

Solidarity means support for migrant self-organisations, cooperation 
with individuals and groups working on alternatives and researching 
human trafficking and chains of exploitation.

Excluding people, hunting them down, locking them up and deporting 
them these are the core elements that sum up Dutch immigration 
policies. Outrageous policies, which make many victims. In the 
Netherlands, some 22.000 migrants - people who have not committed any 
criminal offence - are put behind bars every year, with fewer rights 
than the average suspected criminal. Children, women, men: Anyone 
failing to produce the required documents, is mercilessly locked up.

For LEFT WITH NOTHING, solidarity also entails mutual support and 
cooperation, allowing people to contribute from their own 
(professional) backgrounds and perspectives. As such, we offer 
perspectives to act to all those who are burning with shame for the 
way newcomers - migrants as well as illegal aliens - are being 
treated in our society.

Eleven people died in the calamitous fire at Schiphol Airport 
detention centre. Their deaths are the immediate and tragic result of 
exceedingly restrictive Dutch immigration laws. Laws to exclude, hunt 
down, lock up and deport innocent people.

Some 298 people were being held at the Schiphol detention centre when 
the fire broke out: each and everyone a of them a victim of this 
terrible catastrophy.

We call for solidarity with all of the victims.

We demand that detention of aliens with the sole objective of 
expelling them from our country be ended forthwith!

Migrants are world citizens like you and me!


Support the victims of the Schiphol fire. All donations into the 
Postbank account. no. 609060, in the name of X-Y, Amsterdam (NL) with 
a reference to Victim Support (VS), will be gratefully received and 
put to good use.

Post your ideas and initiatives to LEFT WITH NOTHING at 

LEFT WITH NOTHING - an X-Y Solidarity Fund initiative is linked to 
the Amnesty Now!

  and No Imprisonment of Children


XminY Solidarity Fund
De Wittenstraat 43-45
NL-1052 AL Amsterdam
T ++ 31 20-6279661 F ++ 31 20-6228229


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