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<nettime> Blogging... from Athens (and beyond)... APC focuses on the Internet Governance Forum and

Environment as part of internet governance
By Frederic Dubois writing from ATHENS, Greece =95 30/10/2006 13:24 =95
[Environment & ICTs]
I just ran into Pavel Antonov from APC-member organisation BlueLink in
Bulgaria. He just flew into Athens from Riga where he was giving a
training to leading Latvian state-TV and national newspaper
journalists in how to report on sustainable energy. Pavel is the chair
of a workshop here at the IGF in Athens. It's called "Greening
Development through ICT and Civic Engagement" and includes a brochette
of five speakers. One them is Julian Casasbuenas, the director of
APC-member in Colombia, Colnodo.

The internet governance is a process
By Frederic Dubois writing from ATHENS, Greece =95 30/10/2006 11:33 =95
[Internet governance]
"IGF is a process," said Natasha Primo during her speech at the
opening ceremony of the first (of three) Internet Governance Forum.
What she means by this, is that "Athens will not be the a one-time
show. The discussions and debates around how the internet is to be
governed will continue way beyond and we don't want to have this huge
down-time in between the three IGFs," later explained Avri Doria of
the civil society internet governance caucus.

The IGF is on, does that mean we'll get an "internet as a free-zone"?
By Frederic Dubois writing from ATHENS, Greece =95 30/10/2006 10:36 =95
Here I am, sitting in a plenary room at the opening session of the
Internet Governance Forum in Athens. This forum was set a couple of
months back, in Tunisia, where the second summit on the information
society (WSIS) was drawing to a close. Some of you might have noted
back then that the two main issues discussed in that UN-organised
summit were internet governance and ICTs for development. Well just
about eleven months later, what appears to be the legitimate space for
continuing the debate on the future of the internet is called the
Internet Governance Forum.

IGF... who's saying what
By FN writing from GOA, India =95 28/10/2006 19:52 =95 [WSIS
implementation, Communication rights, Access, Internet governance]
Everyone talks, but no-one listens.... Spam, multilingualism,
cybercrime, cybersecurity, privacy and data protection, freedom of
expression, human rights, interconnection .... The Internet is one of
the most powerful inventions of the digital age.... Given the huge
impact of the Internet on our daily lives, states must remain the
ultimate guarantors of our Internet rights and freedoms,... Reporters
Without Borders will be at the Internet Governance Forum in Athens to
remind participants that free expression must be at the centre .... A
long-simmering dispute over whether the U.S. government has too much
control over the Internet's underpinnings .... Some voices emerging
prior to Athens.
Read more... @ Athens: Gender Peripheries of Internet Governance Forum
30 October 2006: IGF Opening - Setting the (Gender Disparate?) Scene
It's not a huge surprise but still a big disappointment: women are a
very small minority in today's opening of the first Internet
Governance Forum in Athens, Greece.

30 October 2006: Internet Governance Forum - What is it All About?
Quite a number of women --including those who have been following
gender and ICT discussions--are having a difficulty understanding
Internet Governance as a concept. Needless to say, we have encountered
quite a number of
questions on what the Internet Governance Forum is.
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