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<nettime> Asian Edition. Media piracy conference in the Philippines.


It might be a small conference, but it will be dynamite. Yes, it is in the 
Philippines, where most nettime subscribers will probably never go, but the 
conference is on a highly relevant topic (at least to nettimers), and it 
will be dynamite, and the web site is a useful tool, even if people cannot 
attend. There arent so many postings from South East Asia on this list 

So, like, please, give me a break. We had more irrelevant posts on nettime 




A Conference on Media Piracy and Intellectual Property in South East Asia
Sponsored by the Goethe Institute, Manila, and the UP Film Institute

Date: November 24, 2006, 9:00 am ? 5:00 pm, UP Film Institute, University 
of  the Philippines, Diliman, Metro Manila, CMC Auditorium

Many Filipinos still remember the "Asian Edition" - a scheme during the 
Marcos years, when American textbooks were reprinted locally and without 
paying royalties to the original publishers. Now, ?Asian Edition? serves as 
title for a conference that will look at the phenomenon of media piracy in 
South East Asia today. Music, movie and software piracy is one of the most 
prominent media issues of the digital millennium. In the Philippines it has 
started a whole underground economy and currently seems to change the way 
movies and other media products are distributed and consumed products here 
and in other South East Asian countries.

The goal of the workshop is to contribute to an informed discussion of 
media piracy and issues of Intellectual Property in the age of digital 
reproduction. Instead of portraying piracy exclusively as a crime against 
artists and distributors, the proposed workshop will look at piracy as a 
social, cultural and economic phenomenon. And it will discuss new concepts 
of addressing ownership of Intellectual Property, such as Creative Commons 
and Open Source. Dr. Tilman Baumg?rtel, Visiting Professor at the 
University of the Philippines, organizes the conference.

German artist Cornelia Sollfrank, who will participate in the conference, 
will show her latest works at the Gallery Mag:net Katipunan (next to 
Rustans, opposite Miriam College). The opening of the show is on November 
25 at 6 pm, and will be on show until Nov 31.

Participants of the conference include:
Raymond Red, film director, Manila
Cornelia Sollfrank, artist, Hamburg
Raul Pertierra, sociologist, Manila
Rolando Tolentino, National University Singapore
Volker Grassmuck, writer, Berlin
Khavn de la Cruz, film director, Manila

More information at:

More information on the exhibiton of Cornelia Sollfrank at:

The conference is free and open to the public.

Dr. Tilman Baumg?rtel
Film Institute
College of Mass Communication, Plaridel Hall
University of the Philippines, Diliman
Quezon City 1101, Philippines
office hours: Mo, 12:00 nn - 2:00 pm
email: mail@tilmanbaumgaertel.net

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