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<nettime> [rough cut] Okupa! Autonomy and Autogestion in Social Centers in

This is an early, rough cut of this film. I'm not sure what direction I
want to go with this and am looking for feedback.

Okupa investigates Deleuze's figure of the urban nomad, engaging in war
with the state through the creation of smooth spaces. The video shows the
activities and struggles of 4 occupied social centers or squats: Dezguace,
Seco and Labo 03 all in Madrid and Casa de Iniciativas 1.5 in Málaga. The
film shows the hacklabs, theater productions and workshops that are the
daily activity of the social centers as well as the struggles against

The video is a rough cut, and as such has small editing glitches. Also, it
is partially subtitled, but not contiguously subtited, so if you don't
speak spanish and the subtitles stop, skip ahead to the next section of
the film.

(can anyone help me translate this email into español?)

Watch the video here:

DJ lotu5, http://deletetheborder.org/lotu5
The Platform, http://the-platform.org

DJ Lotu5
DJ No Face

Editing by: DJ lotu5

Dezguace, Seco, Labo 03 Social Center sequences - The Platform
Deleuze intro - Nortec Collective
Málaga sequence - The Postal Service

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