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Ustvarjalna gmajna!
Festival of Creativity and Free Culture 2006

Ljudmila - Ljubljana Digital Media Lab invites you to participate at
the second Festival of Creativity and Free Culture, annual showcase
of the Slovenian Creative Commons community.

The event will take place on Tuesday, December 5th at the Cyberpipe
in Ljubljana and will combine an extraordinary mix of talks,
presentations and critical debates with screenings, readings and
audio performances.

Festival will present a selection of this year's production published
under the CC licence and other open content. This invitation is open
to all the authors, producers, curators, publishers, consumers and
other people supporting the idea of free culture. You may also send
in applications for works that provoked your interest and you know
very well, but were not created by you.

The only condition for all participating works is that they are
freely available on the web in digital form under an open licence -
CC or similar.

A reader with essays, interviews, critical notes and featured works
will be compiled for the occasion, hoping to generate further studies
and discussions on the topic of copyright in the digital realm and
its impact on the concept of free culture. The Reader will be
published online (pdf, CC).

Suggestions and applications can be sent to
Please include some basic data on the work: its title, URL, author
(s), medium, and the most important bit: your explanation of why you
think "this work is interesting". And, please hurry, because the
deadline for your application is on Sunday, November 26, 2006.

Festival is organized by Ljudmila - Ljubljana Digital Media Lab and
CyberPipe. Program will be prepared by the following group of
participants in the Slovenian CC community: Luka Frelih, Dejan
Habicht, =C5=A0pela Ku=C4=8Dan, Dunja Kukovec, Alenka Pirman, Luka =
Domen Savi=C4=8D, Igor =C5=A0panjol and Jaka =C5=BDeleznikar.

Creative Commons Slovenia is a joint project of Ljudmila and the
Institute for Intelectual Property.

Contact: Ljudmila, Rimska cesta 8, Ljubljana, t. +3861-4269530, f.

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