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<nettime> New articles on www.manovich.net


Since the early days of Rhizome and Nettime I have been periodically posting
many of my new texts to these lists. This was a great way to reach potential
readers without waiting for slow academic publishing process, and receive
feedback from them.

In the last few years I have stopped doing this - the reason is that I am
preparing two new books and I hope that the readers of these books will be
surprised by some new material they will find. However, as I am editing some
parts of the manuscripts into articles, I place these articles on my web
site. (Most of them are too long to post on a mailing list anyway.)

www.manovich.net now has 6 new articles completed in 2006, and 5 articles
completed in 2005.

Please note that some of these articles are are already forthcoming in
different publications. Therefore in case you want to reprint any of these
articles, please get in touch with me first.


NEW TEXTS FROM 2006: <www.manovich.net>

The direct links to these texts with the count of their length in words and
brief summaries of their content:

"Understanding Metamedia" series (I am not sure yet if these will go into
Info-aesthetics book or the second book I am also working on):

"Alan Kay's Universal Media Machine"
length: 9,772 words
topic: software theory

"After Effects, or Velvet Revolution - part 1"
length: 6,337 words
topic: motion graphics and "deep remixability"

³After Effects, or Velvet Revolution - part 2²
length: 3,889 words
topic: motion graphics and "deep remixability"

length: 2,474 words
topic: design workflow and contemporary aesthetics

"Image Future"
length: 9,052 words
topic: special effects ­ complimentary to ³After Effects² articles
(a substantial revision of the 2003 article)

The following articles are based on the INFO-AESTHETICS  book manuscript
currently in preparation:

"Social Data Browser"
length: 1,357 words
topic: discussion of how digital media can represent social groups and the
analysis of The Dumpster by Golan Levin

"Friendly Alien: Object and Interface"
length: 1,829 words
topic: the relationship between the screen and product design in
contemporary information devices

"Remixability and Modularity"
length: 3,902 words
topic: remixability and WEB 2.0
(this text was posted to Nettime and Rhizome ­  the web site contains the
edited version)

"The Shape of Information"
length:  1,074 words
topic: summary of the main themes of INFO-AESTHETICS book

"Scale Effects"
length: 3,067 words
topic: review of IGRID 2005 conference - thinking about the effects of scale
in IT

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