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Again -Re: <nettime> history lesson

Sorry for my language...

I want to say that I quite agree Keith's prospective hypothesis - that is
purely logical and an emergent observation of several facts yet

A FR translation could be cool for critically inform the electoral process
in FR which consists (equally from each part) in a big misinformation on
this context.

I think that the critical analysis from the struggle of class to expect
prospective hypothesis yet now is short as argument, but a relative argument
of fossil effects (the spectral) playing their feed-back that may counts
from a part. But what can be the other parts?

Actually Empiricism merging materialism in sciences obviously produce
interesting results (notoriously in medical and molecular biology). So I
think that at a term the only emergent solution included solution for the
global organizations will be to liberate the re-localisation. The mastering
deregulation of the activity having often be the very solution of empiricism
to get the people out of the largest economical catastrophes, by the way of
a stochastic adaptation of the economical activity and of the resources (I
evocate for example the economical "displanning" being suddenly adopted in
China as a social mean to front the suspension of the Soviet assistance:
that was the "one hundred flowers")... Probably nowadays this could
integrate the respect of the environment.

Surely this could appear after the largest effects of the announced extended
catastrophe till the hardest impact in the continental West. But at the view
of the prime effects before the general catastrophe may be a preventive
vaccine can obviously being the experimental re-localisation. There is a
first tentative from the new South American republics. But so hardest the
global orders are (trading and bank) with paramilitary means to convince the
insurgents, than the pressing can make turn perverse this republics by the
necessity of resisting (we know it since the consequences from the communist
wars) or break them, whatever being so much courageous and interesting to
tribute others through their proper local experiments. But EU could be
another topology of diverse experiments, which I am afraid that Angela
Merkel with her exigency of a global constitution for destroy the eventual
federate practices - increasing turpitude under the net of "oligarchist"
interests at the European power - will impeach (except the insubordination
but regrettably this possibility formerly written in the French law has been
taken out of the human rights adopted by the community in 1989)...

The only hard problem which remains being that there is not possible
deregulation without dislocation of the power which centred the plans;-) but
adapt by itself or get it disappear by another part.

At the proper moment of communist China the emerging consequence was the
greatest political question from which the cultural revolution was beginning
as a war between two powers inside the party as a national frame of the
decision of the State to the country for what then the cultural revolution
had to extend outside the party; it was both the question of the
intervention of the soviet part through its allies inside the party but the
major question was that one of the success of the economical reflation from
the step of the deregulation.

>From another part their is a second argument which tends to edify the
hypothesis of a general re-localisation: the question of the reheating of
the earth by greenhouse effect has probably and mostly a part of solutions
in the re-localisation (as well the question of the global production as
well the question of the global distribution being notoriously contributing
Contributing to the energetic reasons of the increasing and accelarating
greenhouse effect.

Thus maybe that all the learned indications and the dialectic tradition of
the struggle of class are out-of-date in the anointed that we go towards a
self realization of the libertarian conceptions of the world from its proper
stochastic consequences being integrated by the human thought, as tribute of
fact of the emergent solution of the life, without struggle for revolution.
Nevertheless it likely seems that this prospective world can come true by
saving the revolutionary violence ( we should not confuse the conditions and
the things as we know nowadays how the civil war is the strategy of dominion
not the proper revolutionary object what the dialectical device of pragmatic
Marxism had often carried to believe). But at least this new world not as
concept of "new" in modernity, but simple reality that globally had not
appear before as merging abstracted solution from the local uses rules or
traditions: as dislocating conception of material reality of the societies,
risks not to be able to protect from the realization of the disasters
announced beforehand, cause the obstinate tradition of reasoning in
reproductive ideas instead of repeating to approve their validity or

It would be openly a pity for the diverse societies of human even post human
being, because the third part of the population previously will be died one
way or another - either by fate, or by political commitment of bio
solutions.... Time being not the future or just to-morrow - as to-morrow
having begun since a moment.

Do we go towards a new cultural revolution without party and without
country, that is a cultural revolution emerging of the stochastic processes
of the life, helped by the cognitive memory of the history to tribute the
new conditions of the planet earth?

This way instead of enter the supra technical universe that had promised us
the past science fiction on our actual time (but great literature), and more
recently the movie "Star Wars" - but of course critical of its proper view -
or "AI" not so much critical:))) and more - that is more alarming - a part
of the actual techno sciences more technocrats as tech-bureaucrats wanting
absolutely reign with their failing and unsuitable business?

On 21/01/07 21:27, "keith@thememorybank.co.uk" <keith@thememorybank.co.uk>
probably wrote:

> Brian,
> I don't want to be a tease by holding out on the scenario I think is unfolding
> now. But equally I can't demonstrate the validaity of my arguments in this
> milieu or indeed ever. I sometimes think I would be better off writing a
> fictional blog to air some of this stuff as it breaks.

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